Okay, so this is my first time writing a fanfict series (Yes, it will be a series if the pilot takes off!). I'm SUPER excited! I just had to do this paring! BTW: I DO NOT OWN THE SUITE LIFE! IF I DID, I WOULDN'T WASTE MY LIFE ON HERE! Okay, here goes:

It was late in the evening when Bailey Pickett looked out her dorm window. She enjoyed the motion of the boat coasting through the gentle waters and it helped her clear her mind before bed. Just letting herself go, staring out at the navy blue, even waves. A sudden splash from the water below sends a salty mist upward, and Bailey opens her mouth for a second to taste the sea. It was times like this when Bailey wished she could jump out and go swimming and escape London, Zack, Mr. Moseby... mainly everyone. Except Cody...

"BAIIILEEY!" London shrieked, almost causing Bailey to fall out the window she was leaning out of.

"Ugh, London, is this really necessary?" Bailey could put up with London most of the time, but at times like this, when the world finally seemed at peace, it seemed impossible to pay attention.

"Yes, of course! Here!" London threw her coach purse on the floor and picked up two dresses, one blue that dragged on the floor, covered with what looked like tiny sequins across the V-neck with a large diamond broach in the middle, the other one coral pink that came up just an inch above the knee, covered in white hearts with a large ruby butterfly pin on the right shoulder. "Which one would look prettier on me?"

"UGH!" Bailey slammed her face onto her bunk and groaned. Bailey had been asked this question about fifty million times, and to London, it never seemed to get old. London came over to Bailey and picked her head up.

"COME ON! I'm going to the Deep Sea Dance tomorrow, and my date, Ryan, is SOOO HOT! I have to impress him!"

"You know, London, life's not all about clothes!"

"Since when?"

"Since FOREVER! Gosh, girls these days just think about three things: Boys, Bratz, and bras!" Bailey sunk her head down again, this time into a pillow. London laid down and looked over at her.

"You hill-billies never have fun!" Bailey lifted her head, insulted by London's remark.

"We so DO! I'll have you know, I was always the party animal at our town's annual rodeo!" London giggled at the thought of uptight Bailey staying up all night dancing. Especially with boys! They were silent a moment and then London asked, "You don't have a date, do you?" Bailey was shocked. She sat up, her nightgown refilling her body figure.

"W- Why would you say that?" Bailey asked, trying to ignore the question.

"You just haven't talked about it much. I mean, all the girls are talking about it, even the nerds!" Bailey snuck a smile, at the thought of the nerds in dresses. London asked again, "So, do you have one?" Bailey looked around for a moment, and then closed the window. She turned to London, who had just placed the dresses out on her bed.

"No, I honestly don't." London looked around, and she almost cried. She hugged Bailey, who was extremely confused.

"I'm not sad, London! I'm not afraid to say I don't have a date to the dance. I think dances are degrading. A bunch of teenagers, bumpin' and grindin' to the sound of the music, and then, when they begin to slow dance, they start making out. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, you're knocked up! Besides, I can't think about boys now. Good grades and all!" London just stood there with her mouth hanging open.

"Huh?" Bailey smacked her head on her hand. Sometimes London just couldn't keep up with the rest of the human race...

"Let me explain again: Dances plus teenagers equals bad stuff! Get it?"

"OHHHH! That doesn't happen ALL the time! Come here!" London motioned for Bailey to get up and she followed London over to her mirror (non- talking). London held up the dresses and pretend modeled them on herself.

"Whichever one you pick, you can wear to the dance." London said with a smile. Bailey just looked up at London, on the verge of tears.

"R-Really, London? But, nobody's gonna take me! What's the point?" London laughed at Bailey's comment.

"The point is you get to go and look FAB! Who knows, maybe some dateless boy will be there to dance with you!"

"I already told you, I can't think about boys now!"

"Well, maybe there will be a... dateless girl!" Bailey laughed and fiddled around with her pjamas. They were decorated with flying pigs. They were a birthday gift last year and Bailey just couldn't pass up leaving them at home.

"And, if worse comes to worse and there isn't a dateless girl or boy, you can always hang out with Ryan and me. Just as long as you stay about fifteen inches away from us at all times!" London hugged Bailey and they modeled the dresses all the rest of the night.

The next day came by quickly, which was good for the girls, horror for the boys. All the girls were applying makeup, dabbing perfume, hair-spraying their hair, accessorizing, and modeling their clothes with friends. The boys, on the other hand, were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find matching socks and clean pairs of pants and shirts. Not all the boys had time for cologne or even brushing their teeth, so some popped in mints and rubbed lemons under their arms, hoping for the best. Bailey and London were sitting on London's bed and discussing what they were looking forward to.

"I can't wait!" said Bailey, brushing out her hair with one of London's $1000 UltraFine combs. "This is my first dance, so I don't know what to expect! Help me London!" London came over to Bailey, both of them still dressed in their pjamas, and she took the comb out of her hand. She went over a couple knots Bailey missed on the back of her head while she filled her in.

"Okay, steer clear from duds like Woody, but go for guys like Ryan. If ANYONE starts to act flirty with you, come to me and I will tell you if they're okay go out with."

"I'M NOT LOOKING FOR BOYS! Ouch!" London hit a large knot in Bailey's hair, causing Bailey to jump. London let go of the comb for a moment, and then grabbed it and started combing out her hair again.

"Okay... then... don't rub your face, no matter how tired you are. You DON'T want your makeup to get ruined! Also, if you start to cry, fan your eyes."

"What about my dress?" Bailey asked, tugging the bottom of her nightgown.

"Never scrunch your dress up. DON'T WIPE YOUR HANDS ON YOUR DRESS! Umm... I think that's it. Oh! Also, if the dress sags at the bust, put a shawl around it. Trust me, honey, you don't want your girls showing at a dance!" London laughed and finished the last knot in Bailey's hair.

"Stay here, Bailey. I'm going to go get some makeup." When London was gone, Bailey began to fiddle around with the buttons on her nightgown. She usually did this when she was nervous or uncomfortable. Right now, she was both.

Man, there's SOOO much to learn in less than one day! Bailey thought. Keeping your hair perfect, accessorizing, who and who not to steer clear of, and keeping your dress tidy. By the time the dance rolls around, I probably won't remember any of this! Bailey looked around for a moment to make sure nobody was gone. London was still in the bathroom, probably looking at herself in the mirror or something. She quickly undid the three buttons on her nightgown and looked down her pjamas. Bailey was shocked at herself for looking right at her chest, but she wanted her own opinion of how big she was. I'd say I'm... really not big at all. Just a small bud. So I don't have to worry about showing off to the boys! Just then, London came out of the bathroom with about five bags of makeup in her hands. Bailey turned sharply on her heels and buttoned up her gown. She turned back around, and London was standing next to her.

"Sorry London. I'm just..."

"A little nervous?" London finished Bailey's sentence. Bailey looked up at London, crossed her arms, and nodded. London gave Bailey another unneeded hug, but Bailey hugged her back this time. London motioned for Bailey to sit down in front of the mirror so that she could do her makeup.

It was seven-thirty. Just when the dance started. London and Bailey were still perfecting themselves in their room. London was applying her third shade of eyeshadow, while Bailey was putting her wavy hair into an updo with Bobby pins. They looked perfect, London in her pink dress, Bailey in the blue. They had also accessorized with diamond necklaces, beaded bracelets, silver and gold rings, whatever London had on hand! Bailey even added a special touch: A small sapphire blue dragonfly hair pin that twinkled under the moonlight (or really, any kind of light!) that her great great grandmother passed down. She was only allowed to wear it out on special occasions, like dances, dinner parties, or visits back home. London finished up with her makeup and helped Bailey with the last of her Bobby pins. When it came to fashion, London was always to the rescue, but Bailey knew that it would all end tomorrow, and they'd go back to a love/hate friendship.

As London and Bailey opened the door, they realized they forgot about shoes!

"Here, London! These match your outfit!" Bailey threw a pair of white Guess stiletto heels. London looked pleased and she threw Bailey a pair of blue Promiscuous high heel pumps.

"I must say, Bailey, I'm impressed!" said London as she opened the door. "You knew exactly what I needed!"

"Thanks! And thank you again for allowing me to wear your clothes." Bailey walked out the door and together, London and Bailey ran to the Port Lounge to join everyone else. They arrived just in time, and they weren't the last ones to the dance, so they had nothing to worry about.

"Wow!" said Bailey, looking around the room. "It's amazing! It's as if we're REALLY under the sea! I mean, green banners, glitter, an aquarium built into the wall! I can't believe they did all this for the students!"

"I can't believe you almost didn't come." said London, smiling and trying to find Ryan. "Oh, there's Ryan! I have to go, Bailey! If you need anything, just call out!" Bailey waved goodbye and yelled out, "Good luck!" Bailey walked around as Ms. Tutweiler and Mr. Moseby made the announcement about how close you can be together when you dance, proper dance manners, and when it ends. She yawned and waved over at Woody. She remembered London's words of advice, so she looked back down at the ground and turned to her left. It wasn't long until the music began to play. The song that was playing was Disturbia.

"Ugh, I hate this song!" said Bailey. All of a sudden, someone was shoved into Bailey and knocked her to the ground. A handful of Bobby pins came out and rolled all over the floor. "Hey, what in the Sam heck..."

"Oh, god, I'm sorry Bailey! Here let me help!" It was Cody, and he looked like he had just gotten beaten up. His hair was slightly sticking up, his red tie was on tight but it was turned around, and his shirt wasn't tucked into his pants and you could see it was wrinkled at the bottom.

"C-Cody? What happened?"

"What ever happened to thank you?" Cody laughed, but Bailey was still serious.

"Okay, thank you, Cody! Now will you tell me what happened?" Cody stopped laughing and cleared his throat.

"See those guys over there?" Cody asked, pointing to a pack of jocks. Bailey nodded, and they stood up. "They followed me all the way here, and then they shoved me into the broom closet."

"Oh my god! Are you injured?"

"Not really. Just a little sore." Cody rubbed his left arm as Bailey walked him near the snack table so he could rest his sore arm.

"What are you doing, Bales? I wanna dance!" Bailey giggled and led him towards the glowing blue dance floor.

"Well, I'll let you and your date dance now. Bye, Cody!" Bailey headed back towards the ladies room to put back in her Bobby pins when Cody said, "Wait!"

"What?" Bailey asked as she spun back around.

"I can't dance without my best friend." Bailey smiled and put her Bobby pins into her Gucci purse. They hit the dance floor, and Cody started flailing around. Everyone knew Cody couldn't dance, but Bailey realized that this was better than standing in the back, scarfing down snacks. Bailey laughed when Cody began to do the robot, and she tried to keep up with him. They danced and danced all night, giggling, stepping on each others feet, singing to songs. Once, Bailey and London bumped into each other and they had a laughing fit. Finally, it was the last dance of the night. At exactly 10:25. Cody and Bailey looked up as a disco ball popped out and began to shine. The lights dimmed, and the song Thank You by The Redwalls came on. They just stood there a moment, looking up at the disco ball, then to each other, then the floor, and each other again. They each sneaked a smile that turned into a noticeable chuckle. Cody was thinking, Is this the night? Bailey was thinking, Maybe I do have time for boys...

"May I have this dance?" Cody asked, reaching out his hand. Bailey giggled and answered, "Hell yes!" Bailey and Cody begin to move around lazily across the floor. Bailey lifts her head up for a moment to match Cody's. They stare longingly into each other's eyes, and then Cody asks, "Why're we doing this?" Bailey smiles and looks at the ground for a moment, then she answers, "I don't know, we're best friends, right?" Cody's eyes got glossy and he smirked. She has no idea how much I like her. he thought. Maybe this is my chance...

"Yeah, listen, Bailey. Umm... uh.." Crap! I'm losing my train of thought! Think Cody, think!

"Cody, you want to stop dancing?" Bailey asked, noticing Cody sweating and breathing harder. "You look sick."

"No, I-I'm fine. I just have to tell you something."

"O-Okay?" Bailey and Cody kept dancing, this time Bailey let her head drop to Cody's shoulder. She didn't know why she had placed her head there, it just felt comfortable. And right.

"Bailey, ever since I set foot on the S.S. Tipton and found out you were a girl, I've been... secretly admiring you." Bailey slowly lifted her head off of Cody's shoulder. She looked at him as if he had just insulted her.

"Cody... what?"

"I knew it was a bad idea to tell you! You just wouldn't understand!" Cody let go of her hands so that he could wipe his eyes before his tears made stains on his shirt. Bailey put her arm around Cody and tried to sweet talk him. It wasn't working that well.

"Cody! I didn't mean to offend you! I just... I never knew." Cody lifted his head and propped it up so he could look her in the eyes. Anyone could tell he was crying. Bailey continued, "Nobody ever really liked me back on the farm. Kettlecorn is a small town, yes, but over half its population is men. I mean, sure, there probably were a few boys in my classes while back that thought I had nice hair, or pretty eyes, or a cute smile, but no one ever had 'feelings' for me. To tell you the truth, I never had 'feelings' for anyone in Kettlecorn, either." Cody was shocked. By now, his tears were gone, but he was still in a bad-ish mood.

"What are you trying to say, Bales?"

'What I'm trying to say is that, I'm new at this... this whole 'love' thing! I've never been officially 'okayed' by my parents to date boys, let alone fall in 'love' with them. It would've taken me FOREVER to figure out that you liked me, in fact, I'm still trying to work things out now." Cody grinned and held Bailey's hands again. They stood in silence as the song played on. It wasn't until about a minute before Cody broke the silence.

"... I know that you never had feelings for anyone in Kettlecorn, but do you have feelings for anyone on the S.S. Tipton?" Bailey giggled and started to cry.

"Yeah! And I'm standing right in front of him!" Cody held out his arms and she jumped into them. They stood there, in the back of the lounge, hugging and crying on each other for another couple of minutes. Students were already gone, and the clean-up committee had started to sweep the floors and clean the dirty dishes. All of a sudden, Bailey leaned into Cody and whispered in his ear, "Let's have sex." Cody jumped back still holding onto Bailey's hands.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! ... SEX? Why do you want to have... SEX?!" Bailey let go of one of Cody's hands and covered his mouth.

"Shut up! Do you want the whole gosh darn ship to hear us?" Cody shook his head, and Bailey said, "Good. Come to my room, London told me Ryan was going to take her to the club upstairs. All the teachers should be there, so we'll be all alone for at least five hours."

"But school in tomo...."

"Cody, it's Saturday tomorrow. And the next day is Sunday. Don't worry! Even if Ryan cancels his plans, London will probably STILL party all night." Cody didn't look so sure, so Bailey knew she had to swoop down even lower than asking for sex. She had to seduce him. She threw him against a wall and started to blow in his ear. Cody sighed and Bailey started to kiss him, first on the neck, then traveling up to his right cheek, across his nose, then finally down to mouth. She started to nibble on his lip when he said, "Okay, Bales... oh! Oh, Bailey! I'm ready now! Oh...!" Bailey lifted her head up and smiled, biting her lip. She was so... unlike herself. She let her worries pass and Cody and her snuck into her room. Bailey looked around the hall as Cody strode into her room. Nobody was around. She locked the door behind her and dimmed the lights.

"You better not scream or fall asleep. We can't afford being found. Not on my roommate's father's boat. I locked the door, and if we both fall asleep, London's going to notice that the door is locked. You don't want to have to hide in the closet or under the bed. Especially when you're bare naked." Bailey giggled and she fell onto her bed. She fluffed up some pillows and laid down on one of them. Cody was a bit nervous, but he shook it off at the sight of Bailey laying on the bed, waiting for him to 'do' her. He said, "Okay, whatever my Bales wants."

Bailey giggled as Cody got in position on top of her. They started with a simple kiss that led to a make-out session, and not long after, Cody took the wheel. He started with the rest of Bailey's Bobby pins and shoes, then her tights. Bailey kissed Cody harder and began to add tongue. This made Cody want to go faster, so he started from the bottom and slipped off her dress. There lay Bailey, half naked in her bra and panties. Cody leaned over to Bailey's ear and whispered, "Your turn." Cody and Bailey switched places, Bailey on top of Cody. She started with his coat, then his tie. Cody started to tongue her back, and Bailey knew he wanted her to make getting him undressed faster. She reached down and unzipped the zipper to his pants. She slipped them off of him a few moments later, and began to unbutton his shirt and slipped it off, too. There were Cody and Bailey's clothes, laying on the floor.

Cody and Bailey switched places again, and Cody began to undo the clasp to her bra. I never thought taking off a bra would be this easy. he thought as he slipped it off of her body. Then, he reached down to slip off her panties. He smiled as he saw the label on her underwear, VS. Bailey stayed in her place this time and she reached down to remove her boxers. She gave his butt cheek a little squeeze for fun. He jumped, and she smiled as they kissed, sliding his boxers off him and throwing them to the ground. They just sat there, making out for a few moments, as if they didn't think they would get this far. Finally, Bailey whispered to Cody, "Come on, do me!" Cody smiled and began his guilty pleasure.

As Cody entered her for the first time, it was slow and steady. Bailey almost let out a loud moan, but she remembered that a teacher could walk by any moment, so she kept it quiet. Cody pushed in farther, and Bailey couldn't help but moan. She caught herself the third time Cody entered her, and Cody began to kick it up a notch. He entered faster and harder, and Bailey was moaning silently, but crazily. It hurt like hell, but she knew it would all be over soon. Besides, this was her special night, and she didn't want to waste it being uptight and sulking about not having a date for the Deep Sea Dance and going to bed early.

Ten minutes later, Cody and Bailey had stopped and begun to wind down. Bailey looked tired, but pleased. For his first time, he seemed pretty good. thought Bailey. But this is my first time, too, so I actually don't know how well he did. Or how well I did. Oh, well, it sure was thrilling! Bailey lay on top of Cody's bare chest, wrapping her arm around the back of his neck, and rubbing his chest with her other hand. She looked up at him for a brief moment and smiled. Cody looked back down at her and smiled, but then he went back to staring at the door. Bailey could tell he was eager to put his clothes back on and leave before anyone tried to open the door. He was begging that Woody would be asleep when he got back so that he could go to bed without anyone asking him questions.

"Do you want to go?" asked Bailey, still looking into Cody's eyes. Cody looked back down at her and rubbed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you forever, Bailey. But I have to leave before London comes back and Woody comes to find me." Bailey nodded and unwrapped her arms.

"Let's change." Cody and Bailey helped each other get their clothes back on and Bailey unlocked the door. Cody and Bailey shared one last kiss before Cody left.

"I love you, Cody." said Bailey as she walked Cody back to his room down the hall.

"I love you too, Bailey." Cody let go of Bailey's hand and opened the door to his room. He looked around, and Woody was asleep in his bed. PHEW! Cody thought as he snuck into his room and got into his bed. Bailey made her way back to her room and she climbed in her bed. The lights were still dimmed, so she figured her way back to her side of the room. She looked out the window in her room and sighed. She wished Cody and her would always be together, and that he would always think about her, the way she did with him. She blew a kiss out the window and closed it. She tucked herself in and closed her eyes. And even if she didn't know it, she still had the same smile on her face that she did when she was laying there with Cody next to her...


Okay, I know I had to cram in a lot of stuff, but hey! That's what Pilots are for! Episode 1 will be coming up soon, too, so be ready for all kinds of excitement like taking the pregnancy test, talking to Cody about it, and even putting in a call to her parents about it, plus a little more comedy from London and Zack's part!