50 Ways to Express Love and Affection Without Having Sex

#1 Say "thank you", even if it's something minor.

Almost every day, the little things went unnoticed. The small things he would do for his brother, the things he would gladly give up felt like they were all for nothing. Kaoru knew that wasn't true, but on those very rare occasions, it just simply felt like that. Especially on the things he knew he just couldn't let his brother know about. The very small things he did, that always went unnoticed. That's what he believed, as he fixed a few translation errors on Hikaru's French homework.

Once that was done, and the rest of Hikaru's paperwork was stacked neatly, he placed it near his brother on the table the two were working at, noting that he seemed too absorbed in his Chemistry homework to notice what exactly Kaoru had done. The younger had a small smile of contentment on his face as he went onto his English.

Hikaru noticed the slight movement near him and just quietly glanced at the small pile next to him, neatly sorted by class period. He picked them up and placed them by his bag to put into later.

"Thanks," Hikaru said absent-mindedly, out of habit. This was nothing new, and nothing out of the ordinary; as far as the older of the two knew, or was concerned. It was only a few minutes later that Hikaru finished the worksheet and went though the pile Kaoru had organized for him to put the sheet where it should go. He double taked on the finished French, noticing the eraser marks and the familiar handwriting that was not his. He quickly dug though his pocket, glancing at Kaoru for a brief moment to see if he was watching. His younger brother was focused on an English assignment.

"Kaoru." The boy quickly looked up from the essay, a light blush to his cheeks, almost worried that his brother might have found out about what he had been doing to his homework for the past few weeks, and be a little sore about it. Kaoru was caught off guard when Hikaru just smiled warmly, and said softly, "Thank you."

Kaoru just stared for a moment, unsure of what to do exactly. He just stuttered for a moment. "D-Don't mention it…" then quickly went back to work on the essay, which he found surprisingly harder to do than before. It was a little hard to focus since it was quite odd for Hikaru to thank him like that. He knew he was grateful when he did know about the things he did, but he didn't really show it in that kind of way. It felt… really nice.

When Kaoru went back to work, somewhat flustered, Hikaru smirked to himself, dragging a line over the number one on a strip of paper with what looked like a long list, and going to put everything together for school the next day.