50 Ways to Express Love and Affection Without Having Sex

#22 Phone call just to say you care or "I love you".

The morning was a total blur. They don't remember waking up. They don't remember getting dragged out of bed by their maids. Or getting dressed, eating, or getting into the car, heading for an airport. The morning was frantic, rushed and the twins simply don't recall much of it. They should have gotten more sleep last night, but after Takashi finally left both were having trouble staying asleep. Almost every half an hour, both would wake up periodically throughout the night most likely from the anxiousness coming back.

They still were unsure on how long it took for them to get into the vehicle, or just how they did in general. They had only been in the car for about half an hour and Kaoru already was out cold while Hikaru couldn't seem to find that luxury. He spent the whole time, just about, staring out the window counting the minutes out of boredom until the sun would come up. It would still be a while until then, though. He still stared, but only for about three minutes before he grew bored of that and looked over at his brother, hoping he would wake up soon. This routine repeated a good number of times. Every time he would glance at his brother, he would constantly wonder how he could do that, how he could sleep in that position comfortably; half of Kaoru's face was pressed against the glass while he had pulled his legs up to lay them on the seat of the car. Earlier, Hikaru had thrown a thin blanket over him. He figured his brother needed it more.

A sudden buzzing coming from his pocket had startled him, only for Hikaru to realize it was simply his cell phone going off. Digging around in his pocket in a haphazard manner, he pulled it out wondering why it had gone off. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; no missed calls, no voice mails, no text messages. The battery probably lost a bar, he figured, tossing it to the side of the seat with no more use to him. He couldn't call or messages anyone—it only being a little after half past five in the freaking morning, as Hikaru so simply put it.

That's when an idea hit him.

Hikaru's eyes quickly glanced toward his twin, finding him still asleep and in the same position he had been in for the last half hour. He grabbed his cell phone again and, flipping it open, went to compose a message. It was all well and good that Kaoru wanted to get some sleep—Hikaru would love to do that himself—but it was at his expense and he would have to suffer the consequences of leaving his dear twin lonely and bored, needing sleep. Kaoru can only blame himself, Hikaru thought, pressing "Send" with a grin on his face.

There were a few moments of silence—as silent as a car ride can get—as Hikaru waited, counting the moments as he eyed where his twin's pocket was. It would go off any moment, and as he waited he started another message knowing he would need to be persistent. A soft, but drawn out buzzing sounded to the side of him, and he was relieved that Kaoru had put his phone in his pocket before they left. There wasn't much of a reaction, but Hikaru knew that would only last so long. He would keep hitting send until his battery died, if needed. Thankfully, that wasn't the case; after about the fifth message, Kaoru was finally making more of a reaction than just groaning in protest. Still basically asleep, Kaoru seemed to be trying to grab his phone from under the blanket. Hikaru couldn't help but let his smile grow just a tad bigger—at this early in the morning, anything was pretty funny.

After the seventh buzz, Kaoru finally threw the blanket off and pulled his phone out, still oblivious to his brother's grin. When Kaoru finally figured out how to open the offending technology and saw brightly flashing on the screen that there were seven new unread text messages, it didn't take him long—even if his half-asleep state—to realize what was going on. He snapped the phone shut, not bothering with anything else on it, and glared at his brother despite his horribly sleepy eyes, his bottom lip sticking out a little in quite the displeased pout. Hikaru thought it was rather adorable.

The phone was soon tossed toward the other, Kaoru none too happy to have been woken up in such a way. Hikaru only laughed a little as Kaoru laid down on the seat, pulling the blanket over his head, hoping to get back to sleep. He honestly should have thought that out better.

Still laughing to himself lightly, Hikaru picked up the phone that had hit him in the arm and—composing yet another message on his phone—tossed Kaoru's back on him. A moment after it landed on him and the younger groaning, ticked off, it went off yet again.

"Hikaru, stop it," Kaoru muttered, sounding too small and sleepy for the tone to sound effectively angered. He held the blanket over him, glaring one again at his brother. Hikaru blew a raspberry. Kaoru attempted to kick his twin; if Hikaru wanted to play that way, fine. But before he could actually make any contact, Hikaru had grabbed his brother's foot and pulled him a bit, dragging him a short distance across the leather seating. Before Kaoru could retaliate to this move, Hikaru had yanked the blanket away and, with a playful smirk on his lips, plopped down to lay next to him, the blanket falling over both.

"You're a jerk; waking me up like that…" The younger twin muttered, his eyes falling closed again, his brow furrowed. Hikaru lightly laughed.

"And you're cruel; leaving me all alone like that…" His tone was mocking yet playful as he scooted just a little closer to his brother, "You know I can't sleep well unless you're right next to me." Hearing this, Kaoru brought his arms up and wrapped them around Hikaru's neck as he habitually began to snuggle up to his "jerk" of a brother. He didn't bother putting much thought in his actions versus his words. He rarely meant any insult he gave his twin. Right now, Kaoru just wanted more sleep. Having Hikaru right there would make it that much easier; if he would sleep too, of course.

"I'm sorry…" It felt more automatic than heart-felt, but neither could care at the moment. Hikaru could start to feel his brother's fingers absent-mindedly play with his hair, and with a softer smile, he pulled out his phone one more time. The bright light from the screen caused Kaoru to groan a little, not wanting a repeat of a minute ago. Unfortunately, it seemed fate was against him when his phone went off once again.

"Hikaru, seriously, stop it."

"Just read it, then I'll stop. Promise."

With a heavy sigh, Kaoru muttered a "Fine…" and his hand started searching for where the buzzing was coming from. Getting a hold of the phone, he flipped it open and started going though his messages, oldest to newest. He figured he might as well see what else his brother sent him.



"wake up"


"wake up kaoru"




"ignoring me like this"


"wake up!!"


"you look silly"


"i love you"


Kaoru sighed softly, not feeling as annoyed anymore. He really should have expected something like this from his brother this early. For a while, there was only the sound of faint clicking and soft beeping as Kaoru quickly typed up a message, trying not to smile too big at his brother's confused face. He probably thought he would simply ignore it like all the other messages. One more click from Kaoru's phone sent the message, and he snapped the phone shut, hoping that it would be the last time he would need to use it for a while. The younger twin's eyes fell shut again as he returned to his earlier position, cuddling up to his brother. A moment later, Hikaru's phone went off, and when he flipped it open, reading what his little brother had quickly typed, he smiled and laughed a little.

"i love you too
now leave me alone and go to sleep"

Hikaru gently shut his phone, after saving the message, and tossed it somewhere on the floor of the car for the time being. With a soft smile finally feeling tired enough to get some sleep, he wrapped his arms around his brother, feeling him respond by tightening his. He knew they were both rather uncomfortable trying to sleep on the car seat, but it wouldn't be too much of a problem. Not after he felt his twin lightly press his lips to his cheek for a moment, a little surprised. A small boost of confidence had hit him and he returned the favor as both boys fell asleep in the back of the car.

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