Hello lovely readers! I was in a bad mood, and I thought 'Why not make the best of this and write a fanfic?' And, lo and behold, this story was born. it's set between Twilight and New Moon. I hope you enjoy it!

I woke up and yawned drowsily. I wriggled around a bit, finally realizing why the bed seemed so different. Edward wasn't in it with me. I rolled over to see a note next to me.


I've gone hunting. I'll be back tonight, before you even have a chance to miss me. I love you so much.


I sighed unhappily. I had known Edward had to go hunting soon, but that didn't mean I had to like it. For some reason, I just felt a mix of emotions. Part of me wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, but the other part wanted to get angry and scream and hit somebody.


What was with my weird moods today? I tried to force my brain to think from the sleep-induced haze I was in.

Oh yeah, it probably had to do with the fact that I was PMSing. I heaved a sigh. Great. I was going to be snappy and moody all day, and Edward wasn't here to cheer me up.

Just per-fricking-fect.

I knew the day was going to be even worse when I forced my way out of the warmth of the bed and tripped, face first, onto the hard cold floor.

I say it again: Just per-fricking-fect.

I was thankful that Charlie had already left – it wasn't fair if I acted all moody around him. I grabbed a pop tart and stomped out the door.

I registered that it was sunny outside, and that fact lightened my mood a tiny bit. In fact, by the time I got to school, I had a tiny smile on my face, courtesy of the sun and the fact that Mr. Varner wasn't going to be here today.

I got out of my truck and gathered my books, heading for class.

Along the way, I came across Mike Newton. I groaned internally. Just when my mood was getting a little better.

I tried to skirt around him, but he saw me and called my name. I tried ignoring him, hoping he would get the hint and go away. No such luck.

He jogged over to me, and I could practically see a tail wagging behind him.

"Hey Bella!"

"Hello," I replied frostily.

He glanced around. "Cullen's not here," he observed.

I rolled my eyes, but stayed silent.

"You finally come to your senses and dump him?" Or did he come to his and dump you?

It was no secret that the people at Forks High did not think I was good enough for Edward; I could practically hear his unspoken question.

My eyes narrowed in response. He was saying Edward was too good for me? Well, maybe I thought so myself, but what gave him the right to even insinuate that?

"No, Mike, I did not dump him, nor did he dump me. You have no right to even ask me that. Stop sticking your nose in other people's business."

He seemed taken aback by my harsh tone. Usually, I was polite to him no matter how annoying he got. But, today, I was not going to put up with this moron's idiocies.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a class to go to."

I walked away briskly, my mood even worse than this morning. It was going to be a long day.


Mike, being as stupid and persistent as he was, did not take the not-subtle-at-all hint. He asked me out at least five more times throughout the day.

Each time, I grew more and more angry. Just because Edward wasn't here one day, he thinks it's a free invitation to shamelessly hit on me?

Finally the final bell rang. Yes! Home sweet Mike-free home, here I come!

I rushed to my truck, only to see He-who-must-not-be-named-because-of-his-annoyingness leaning against the driver's side.

"Bella!" he waved.

This was so it. I had had it up to here with this boy.

"What?" I snarled.

He continued, as if he didn't hear my tone. I was dumbfounded. How oblivious could you get?

"I have tickets to a cool concert in Seattle on Friday night. Wanna come?"

"No, I do not want to come."

"Well, if you don't like concerts, we could head to my place."

"Mike, are you an idiot? I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!"

"Oh, is that what it is? Oh, Bella, you're sweet. Just dump him, then we can get together."

"WHAT THE HELL?" I screamed at him. "Let's get this clear, once and for all. One: I am completely in love with Edward. I am NEVER dumping him. Two: I will NEVER date you. You could be the last guy in the entire universe and I wouldn't even consider it. Not for a nanosecond! GET THAT THROUGH THAT THICK SKULL OF YOURS!"

Mike was shocked. He just stood there, and I used that to make my escape. I climbed into the truck and drove away, seething.

At home, I stomped in angrily. I needed something to calm me down.

My eyes landed on my old discarded journal. I rarely, if ever, wrote in it, but this was the perfect time. I wrenched it open and began scribbling away.

Mischievously Marvelous Methods to Make Mike Miserable

1. Hit him with a rolling pin

2. Hit him with a waffle iron

3. Hit him with a dead fish

4. Have alien friends abduct him

5. Drop a boulder on him from a great height

6. Shrink him, then step on him

7. Throw him to the giant evil albino alligators that live in the New York sewers

8. Release him into a never ending jungle filled with man-eating snakes

9. Throw into a lake filled with crocodiles

10. Get a vampire friend to bite him

11. Force him to clean a public restroom

12. Build a coliseum, fill with hungry lions, and invite the public to come watch him get torn apart and listen to his screams of pain.

13. Get him to steal candy from a baby, then watch as the baby gets EXTREMELY angry at him

14. Make him go shopping with Alice

15. Make him go shopping with Alice with heels on

16. Make him say NO to go shopping with Alice (and watch him get his head ripped off!)

17. Make him watch educational television

18. Run him through a giant cheese graters

19. Release him into shark infested waters

20. Make it look like he was hitting on Rosalie, then watch as Emmett rips him apart.

21. Train a vicious bird to rip his eyes out

22. Get a really embarrassing picture of him, then post it on the internet

23. Give his number to every hobo in town

24. Have Jasper manipulate his emotions and make him declare his undying love forever everyone in sight.

25. Have Jasper manipulate his emotions and make him say he loves pink fluffy bunnies (while a camera is running!)

26. Have Jasper manipulate his emotions and make him kiss a monkey.

27. Have him sucked into a huge vacuum

28. Send him a fake love note from me telling him to meet me in a closet, then lock him in the closet

29. Sneak into his house and put glue on the toilet seat

30. Sneak into his house and take all of his furniture, then lock it in the basement

31. Sneak into his house and replace his shampoo with hair removal cream

32. Sneak into his house and replace his shampoo with glue

33. Sneak into his house and pour hot sauce into his ketchup bottle

34. Sneak into his house and pour hot sauce into his juice

35. Sneak into his house and grind laxatives into his food

36. Sneak into his house and tape the sink prayer so when he turns on the sink, he will get soaked

37. Run him over with a tractor

38. Steal his clothes from the gym locker room and replace them with a pink dress

39. Give his number to every homo in town

40. Force him to babysit a house full of screaming toddlers

41. Banish him to Pluto for eternity

42. Tell him vampires exist, then let the Volturi kill him

43. Force-feed him baby food

44. Throw him into Jurassic Park

45. Transport him into an alternate universe where annoying golden-retriever-like boys are slowly roasted alive, then eaten

46. Force him to read The Hobbit over and over (and over!)

47. Force him to read the dictionary over and over (and over!)

48. Force him to do Geometry against his will

49. Use this list to drive him insane. He'll go to a psychiatrist, then tell everyone he sees a shrink

50. Show this list to Edward and ask him to do everything on it

I stopped my list and read over it. Surprisingly, that had helped a lot. I laughed a bit as I read some of the things I had written down, then closed the journal and threw it on my desk.

I turned toward the window and looked at the setting sun, surrounded by a halo of gold, pink and orange clouds. It was beautiful.

I felt an unnatural breeze, and suddenly, Edward was standing in front of me, his lips at my neck.

"Hello, love."

"Hi. How was your day?"

He lifted his eyes up to meet mine. "Terrible. I missed you too much to focus on hunting."

"Mhm, it's nice to hear you were thinking of me."

"Bella, I'm always thinking of you."

I smiled at him.

"So, how was your day, beautiful?"

I giggled a bit as I thought of my over-the-top reaction to Mike, and the list I wrote in my journal. My overreaction seemed silly now that I had Edward with me. "Interesting," I answered.

His eyes looked sad. "So you didn't miss me at all?" he asked in a quiet, disappointed tone.

I smiled at him softly. "Of course I did. I got in trouble multiple times throughout class because I wasn't focusing on the lesson. All I could think about was you."

His face lit up. "Really?"

"Really. I was so distracted by the thought of doing this."

I leaned forward and clasped my arms around his neck. He lifted me gently and kissed me passionately. I completely forgot everything. Mike, the list, my name…all I could think about was Edward.

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