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Monday afternoon, my boss, Gina, slapped a folder on my desk. "I want you to take this one on. Don't bother working on anything else but this one."

"Okay, but I already have three that I'm working on." Three cases are a lot to take on. In your mind, you have to keep each one separate, remembering what each client wants. Throw in paint colors and carpet choices, and it can get messy. But if you want to work at one of the highest interior design companies in California, you have to be on top of your game. You never know what celebrity, or other crazy wealthy family will want your business next. I reached for the manila folder, but she stopped me by holding it down.

"I'll get Erika to take those. You are doing this house. They are a very prestigious family, and you will be doing their entire house so choose someone to go with you. I only want the highest quality on this job." She then removed her hand. I opened the folder. Inside were several pictures of what the rooms looked like and how they were decorated as of now. Then I noticed the address and name. The client was Alice Hale in upstate New York.

"New York? No offense, but don't they have interior decorators there?" I looked up from the pieces of paper before me.

"They had a house in Washington that we did some years ago, and now, they only want our company to do their house again. They are taking care of the flight and amenities. You and Cassie leave on Wednesday." Of course she knew I would pick my best friend and co-worker to come with me.

"Wow. Thank you Gina. I will keep you updated." My mouth started dropping, so I snapped it shut. I know I'm good at what I do, but I don't think I'm that good. Wow.

"Yes you will," and with that, she left. Alice Hale. Could it be? No. That's stupid, Elle. There are more people with the name Hale than that particular family. Like Swan. Or Cullen. So, no, it's not them. It can't be.


Our flight got in around five o'clock in the evening on Wednesday. Cassie called the client to thank them, and made an appointment for tomorrow at 9:00 am. So tonight, we have the night to ourselves. We walked around time square, gazing at all the twinkling lights.

"This is incredible, Cass. Look at that! It's MTV!" I pointed to the building to my left.

"I know! I can't believe we're actually here," she gushed. Neither one of us had ever been to New York. After all, we lived in sunny California.

"Oh my God! It's Edward!"

I froze. This can't be happening.

"Elle look! It's Edward Reynolds! Oh my God, I love his movies!" Cassie was star-struck.

My heart started beating again. I sighed. Cassie and her celebrities. We eventually made it back to our hotel, where we had our own rooms.

"Meet me at my room at 8:30. That should give us plenty of time to find our way to the house," I told her, as I slid my key in the door.

"Okay. Goodnight!" Cassie smiled, walking into her room.

I changed into my pajamas and sat on the bed. I am losing it. And yet, I've come so far. When he left, my whole world changed. I was this zombie for months on end. When I graduated from Forks High School, I went to college and left that little podunk of a town. I left a lot of things behind when I moved on. I left Bella behind. I decided when I went to the University of California, that I would start new. I cut my hair. Right now, it's shoulder length with blonde highlights. I learned to walk in heels. I'm not as clumsy anymore. Although, I do have my moments. I threw everything away that reminded me of them. I got rid of my truck. I now drive a charcoal gray Mustang. I got rid of everything blue in my wardrobe because that was his favorite color on me, except for jeans. I stopped using strawberry scented shampoo. My new favorite? Green apple. I wear perfume everyday to (hopefully) screw up my scent. I wear make-up now. Not a lot, just some eyeliner and mascara. Maybe some lip gloss if I want to feel pretty. And most importantly, I changed my name. When I moved, I dropped Isabella Marie Swan. And became Elle Carlie Swan. I kept my last name for Charlie's sake. Otherwise that would've been dropped too.