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Chapter 14

Emmett…. Remembered! He remembered! I jumped up and down in excitement and ran to give my big brother a hug. "Oh, Emmett! I thought we were going to lose you forever! I'm so happy you can remember."

He hugged me back, "That was some weird shit there Bella! I don't even know how to explain it…"

I laughed at his choice of words, then let out a sigh of relief that I had my big brother back.

I let go of his hug and turned to Edward, "You are a genius. You know that?" I asked him wrapping my arms around his neck.

He smiled taking me into his arms. "I do know that."

We laughed. After that no one said anything for a while. We were too overjoyed to do anything but think about what had just happened. Then something hit me. Rose!

"Oh, my gosh, Edward! We have to go tell Rose!"

"Oh, yeah. Let's go." He took my hand and we started to walk out the door down the hall.

"WAIT!" Emmett wailed in the room we had left him. "I WANT TO COME TOO!"

We turned right around and watched Emmett swing his legs around and off the bed then stumble to us. He was only 3 feet away from his bed when his arm shot out from his side.

"OW!" He screeched. He had forgotten he had a IV in his arm. Carlisle came up to him and quickly pulled off the tape and took the needle out.

"Wow, Carlisle, that didn't even hurt." Emmett said amazed.

Carlisle simply laughed.

"Okay, guys. I'm coming!" Emmett ran… well it wasn't running it was more like skipping.

'Don't even think about how I'm walking right now, my leg fell asleep while I was laying down all that time.' (Emmet thought)

Edward and I laughed. Finally Emmett got to us and we walked, unbelievably slow, to Rose's room.

We were about to enter the room when Emmett stopped at the door. "Do you really think she's going to remember everything?" Emmett seemed actually scared.

"Emmett, it's going to be fine. She'll remember everything I promise." I said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Alright." He said taking a deep breath.

"Here we go." Edward said creaking the door open.

"Hi!" Rose cheered when she saw all of us.

"Hey, babe." Emmett said taking her side.

She smiled. Then looked down confused. "Why are you wearing a dress?"

"Oh…" He started, his face turning red. "I, was, um, never mind that, I have something really important to tell you."

"Oh, okay. So… what is it?" She asked her eyebrow raised still.

"Okay, do you believe in vampires?" He asked.

Her face went blank.

"Rose?! ROSE?!! ROSE?!??!?" Emmett screamed.

"Relax Emmett!" Edward and I both screeched trying to get him to shut up.

He didn't stop talking, "ROSE ARE YOU OKAY?"

Her eyes opened, "Emmett?" She whispered in a perfect super model voice.

"Yes, its me! Do you remember? Do you remember me?" He asked with nothing but hope and fear in his eyes.

"Yes, I- I do! Oh Emmett!" She jumped out of the bed and wrapped her arms around him then Emmett smashed his lips on hers.

It was a beautiful moment, to some people, I suppose. But what I saw was my brother and sister kissing, which was NOT anything I wanted to see.

"Ewww…" I muttered.

Edward and Alice laughed totally agreeing.

"Wow. Things are working out." I said. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Yeah, it's all a happy ending." He said.

For now…

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