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Warnings: OCs, OOC, rape (mentioned), some language, possible lemon, Femnaru, some slight Sakura bashing, perverted Sasuke, good/perverted Kyuubi, anything else that the authoress may come up with.

Summary: After the Valley of The End everything became clear, for Naruko, so as her secrets are revealed to the one she cares most for what will happen? After all a mask can only last so long. Friendships are put to the test, romances will bloom, and hard pasts will come to light; and just who is this guy that seems to know so much about the real blonde?

(A/N: I suck at summarizing T-T… don't let it scare you off, I'm a better writer.)

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Prologue: Almost Dead

It was dark and slightly cold, yet it was mid-afternoon. The rain poured down on Konoha, as the new chunnin, Nara Shikamaru, awaited for news on his squad members/friends' condition. This mission had gone from bad to worse, and there still wasn't any news of Naruto or Sasuke; their sensei, Hatake Kakashi, had left to look for them at the same time the medical team had been sent out. That was over half an hour ago. Chouji and Neji had been retrieved and immediately transported to the hospital; they were now both in surgery, on the brink of death. Kiba had returned with Kankuro's help; he had a deep stab wound and suffered of severe blood-loss. Neither he nor Akamaru would be fighting anytime soon.

"I shouldn't have let things get like this! I was supposed to lead them; instead all I did was just trust everyone. Now Chouji and Neji are fighting for their lives, Kiba and Akamaru are looking at a long and painful recovery, and there's no news of either Naruto or Sasuke" thought Shikamaru as he mentally beat himself up, something he'd never done before.

Lee arrived at that moment and sat next to Shikamaru, Gaara following suit on the opposite side where Temari was sitting. "Naruto's still not back?" asked the green-spandex wearing ninja.

Shikamaru shook his head "His sensei left to retrieve him half an hour ago, but there's still no word" he said. "That troublesome baka, he'd probably fight Orochimaru himself if he got in his way."

"When I caught up with Naruto, Sasuke was gone and he was fighting that weird bone guy" said Lee. "I've never seen Naruto so pissed, he was very intimidating."

"That guy?" said Temari, earning a glare from the red-haired shinobi sitting next to her. "He's insanely strong, but in appearance…I just can't see him being intimidating at all." she explained nervously. Shikamaru was stuck on 'insanely strong'.

Gaara let out something between a snort and a scoff. "I thought the same when I first saw him, but…at the end of our fight he looked really intimidating. I thought I was a goner when I looked him in the eyes" he said, leaving the other 3 shocked. Shikamaru and Lee because they didn't know Naruto fought him, much less that he won, and all 3 of them because of Gaara talking so much at once and what he said.

At that moment Lady Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, walked out of the operation room. "Choji's stable; he'll make a full recovery if he just takes it easy for a while" she said once she had sat down on the same bench as Shikamaru and Lee.

"That's good" said a lazy voice to their left. They looked the way the voice came from and there stood Sharingan Kakashi, the Copy Ninja, with an unconscious Uchiha Sasuke on his back. Next to him stood a beat up and, surprisingly, silent Naruto; his jacket was zipped up all the way, and he held a Konoha headband with a scratch through the engraved leaf symbol in his left hand, while his was in place on his forehead.

Tsunade looked at the blonde gennin and, being the medical specialist she was, immediately noticed he was in extreme pain. She attempted to examine his condition, but he stopped her with a look and motioned to his unconscious teammate. She scowled and glared at him for his stubbornness, and he responded with a determined and defiant glare.

"Fine" she growled at Naruto, making everyone else feel out of the loop. She quickly examined the Uchiha.

"Is he…" Naruto began worriedly.

"He's fine" Tsunade interrupted him. "He's got a few minor injuries and is suffering from chakra exhaustion, but he'll make a full recovery."

Naruto let out a sigh of relief. "I thought I'd overpowered that last jutsu" he thought "The seal…" "Baa-chan is Ero-sennin in the village?" he asked with urgency.

"He should be back tomorrow or the day after." Tsunade answered without looking up. She tried to examine Naruto, but he again refused to be treated until Sasuke was healed; so she had Kakashi put him on the bench and began healing his internal wounds, which were more severe than she had said but not life-threatening. "Why?"

"The seal" Naruto said, Tsunade and Kakashi visibly paled. "They're thinking Kyuubi." "The seal that Hebi-yarou put on Sasuke; I think it's messing with his head!"

"What seal?" Thought Temari and Lee, while Shikamaru was pondering on the reaction the Hokage and one of Konoha's strongest jounin had when Naruto said just 'the seal'.

"I see, you think that caused him to do what he did… Kakashi you are to stay in the village for now; also, when Jiraya and Anko come back you three will work on this." The Hokage ordered as she finished healing Sasuke; Kakashi nodded.

"Tsunade-sama! Neji Hyuuga is out of danger; the procedure was a success" Shizune informed. Shikamaru and Naruto sighed in relief simultaneously.

"Good work Shizune; have the staff prepare a single room for Sasuke Uchiha, and…have another room ready for Naruto" Tsunade said and everyone looked at the aforementioned blonde, who was now very pale.

Shizune's eyes widened "Naruto…" she said with awe, after looking at the blonde.

"Shizune, GO!" the Godaime barked, and her apprentice snapped out of her trance and did as she was told. "Now…" Before she could say anything else, Naruto collapsed. Tsunade was next to him in the blink of an eye and unzipped his jacket. Everyone gasped; a hole larger than a grown man's outstretched hand, in the middle of his chest, was what the blonde gennin had somehow managed to hide from everyone. His orange jacket was now red on the inside due to the blood that came from the large wound.

"What the…?" (Temari)… "How did he…?" (Shikamaru)… Gaara kept silent and Lee was two shocked for words.

Tsunade was desperately trying to close up the wound. She'd so far managed to stop the bleeding, but the wound was lethal and the tissue around it was burnt and badly damaged. "Kakashi this looks like the work of your Chidori…" she said with venom dripping off her voice; Naruto coughed up blood. "Damn it, you stubborn brat! You can't be doing this to me again!" she was frantic.

Shizune came back and gasped at the sight, along with a team of medical ninjas that followed her. When she recovered, she quickly bent down and began helping her sensei heal the gennin they both had grown fond of. The wound slowly started to close.

"Kuso! It's not fast enough, we're losing him!" Tsunade exclaimed, she was on the brink of tears, but kept healing the dying blonde.

Suddenly, a hooded figure appeared next to Tsunade, bent down and placed both hands in-between hers and Shizune's; a blood drop and some chakra later the wound was completely closed, and Naruto was breathing normally. Tsunade looked up at the stranger stunned. He was wearing a black, ANBU-like cloak with fire designs in metallic yellow at the bottom and sleeve-ends (think of Yondaime's cloak); the hood was up so it covered his hair, and he was wearing a mask, also in black and yellow, with a wolf design that created an artificial snout from his noses, and covered only the top half of his face. (You can only see what Kakashi's mask covers).

The masked stranger stood up; he was about Kakashi's height. "Who are you?" asked the Godaime without standing up. He didn't answer; he just turned around, showing that his cloak also had the Kanji for "Wolf" in yellow, right in the middle of his back. "Answer me!" she demanded.

"Please take care of Naruto, Nade-chan" the stranger asked in a sad and hurt voice, and then disappeared in a column of fire.

To say Tsunade was shocked was like saying Kakashi was only a little late to meet his team, or that Sasuke disliked Itachi. Never in her wildest dreams, did she imagine she would see him under these circumstances, and the sorrow and hurt in his voice were eating away at her heart; stabbing it and shattering it into a million pieces. At that moment, the medical team that Shizune had brought—who had taken Sasuke in a stretcher to his room—had come back with the empty stretcher to carry Naruto where need be; not that they cared if he lived but they feared the Hokage's wrath.

Tsunade snapped back to reality and with her eyes warned the 6 witnesses not to say a word in front of the medics. "Take Naruto to his room… Shizune go with them" she commanded and shot a threatening glare at the medics (not counting her assistant/apprentice); the message was clear: 'If anything happens to Naruto, you're dead!'

The medics gulped and very carefully placed the blonde on the stretcher and carried him away to his room as fast as possible.

"Follow me" Tsunade said once the medic team was out of sight. "There's only one person in the entire world who has ever called me Nade-chan." She thought as she led the chunnin, jounin and 3 gennin to her office in the hospital. Once they were all in the room she locked the door and performed a powerful privacy jutsu.

"Hokage-sama, how did Naruto's wound heal so fast?" asked Shikamaru as soon as the jutsu was in place.

"I'm not sure, but it wasn't my jutsu that did it" she stated truthfully. "I know it has to do with his blood, but I don't have a clue as to what it does, how it works, or even why it's needed" she thought.

"Tsunade-sama" the Copy Ninja spoke up. "Was that who I think it was?" he asked with shock evident in his voice and face (what little you could see).

"Without a doubt" she answered; "he's the only one who has ever called me that."

Kakashi gulped "To heal something Lady Tsunade couldn't; how powerful has he become? His appearance seems familiar too." "If the council finds out he entered…" he began.

"They won't!" Tsunade snapped at him "I've studied the case and he had every right to kill those bastards, yet he merely left them unconscious… Getting exiled for something like that! I swear sometimes I wonder how great the stupidity of the council really is."

"So that masked guy was an exiled Konoha ninja?" Lee asked, finally recovered from the shock of seeing Naruto's wound.

"Yes, he was sentenced to a temporary 8 year exile, 7 & a half years ago; but no one must know he entered the village" the Godaime stated.

"Why?" the green-spandex wearing ninja asked.

"Because in Konoha, breaking an exile, even if it's temporary, is punishable by lifelong imprisonment or death" Shikamaru answered.

"What did he do?" asked Gaara, much to everyone's surprise.

"He 'attacked' a few members of the Uchiha Clan" the silver haired jounin answered. "To protect our favorite blonde" he added in a whisper.

Tsunade picked it up and glared daggers at him; but she didn't know a certain red-haired Suna-nin and Konoha's laziest genius also heard him. "Anyway I didn't bring you here to discuss that; he was never here" she said with authority. "Shizune and I managed to close up Naruto's wound just in time and we gave him a blood-replenishment pill… that's the official version of these events; however, you are not to discuss this encounter with anyone, nor will you talk of the condition Naruto was in. If he's right about Sasuke, it'll be better for the Uchiha if he not know fully what happened."

"I get it; so how is this ranked?" Shikamaru asked.

"It's an S-class secret" she answered him, and turned to the Suna-siblings. "I appreciate your help and ask that you keep this secret from even the future Kazekage since it is a Konoha affair; you may, however, tell your brother."

They nodded; they owed Naruto a lot, and this seemed more of a favor to him than to the village. Tsunade gave them a grateful and understanding look.

"Shikamaru, your mission was a success and no one died. I understand your opponents were far beyond your experience, just next time try not to cut it so close. Nevertheless, good job under the circumstances; dealing with a determined Naruto is not easy." The Hokage said to the new chunnin, while attempting to lighten the mood somewhat; it worked. "Now go rest; it's been a long day." They all exited the room, except Kakashi. "What is it Kakashi?"

"It's about him" he answered. Tsunade nodded for him to continue. "The wolf-like, black and yellow half-mask; the same colored, fire designed cloak with the kanji for 'Wolf' on the back… It looked familiar and I just remembered why; that's the description of the infamous Wolf Assassin." The silver-haired jounin, said with a serious tone.

Those words felt like a bucket of cold water to the Slug-Sannin. "The Wolf Assassin!" she said in horror. "He is the Wolf Assassin?... Top bounty in all Bingo Books, biggest head count, Wolf Assassin?" she freaked.

"It makes sense if you consider the fact that the Wolf Assassin has never done anything against Konoha, and that he appeared only a few years after he left" Kakashi reasoned. "Besides the yellow flames and wolf theme are big giveaways."

"I hope he remains loyal to Konoha, otherwise we are all doomed" the Godaime said, the Copy Ninja nodded his agreement.

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