Firstly, I am truly truly sorry to have kept you waiting this long, and to bring the horrible news that this is not an update. Sadly, I have gone through the worst writer's block ever! (seriously haven't written anything worthwhile in like over a year!) and it has not improved quite yet...

I do, however, have part of CH6 now typed, but I'm stuck. Due to the previously mentioned over-developed backstory AU that my mind created it has become increasingly difficult to continue this story. I do NOT wish to abandon it however (MINE!) since I am rather attached to all my stories, so I'm just going to give it my best shot. I would greatly appreciate ideas for what you want to see in the Chunnin Exams (since that's where I'm planing to time-skip to next from what I've typed so far)... Also I was wondering if you guys want me to post what I do have of CH6, even if it's mainly filler with a lil plot-builder... let me know.

I also want to thank everyone who still reviews, Fav/Follows Story/Author to this day. Your support greatly warms my heart!

Your input is crucial at this point, since I'm not sure how long it will take me to move on with the story without it now that I've lost track of where it was originally headed...

Once again, I am really sorry and I hope I won't disappoint more once I do manage to overcome my writer's block.