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Full Summary-

Bella lives with her parents and her little sister. Renee (mom) plays favorites with lily (bellas sister) Every since her little sister was born Bella felt alone. Charlie always tried to spend time with her so make up from her mother. Finally Charlie has had enough of favorites and gets a divorce with her. He takes Bella and they move to New York. Whats happens when Bella makes new friends and meets Edward.


I never thought that things would turn out like they did. Everything went wrong and turned out bad.


I always had my dad. We had eachother. He never chose favorites although it seemed as such because I was always with him. He felt I needed attention too.

He never left me in the dust alone with nobody to talk to.

Every girl needs a mom but I didnt have an actual mom she was gone after she had my sister. I needed my dad. With him I needed no more.

Though I met new friends and fell in love with one of them.

This is my story


Well to start out, my name is Isabella Swan. Although I am called Bella.

I live with my parents and sister in Pheonix, Arizona.

My moms name in Renee. She is a florist. She has short curly brown hair and really light brown eyes.

My dad's name is Charlie. He is a hard working lawyer. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache.

Lily, she is my sister. She is six and in first grade. She has brown eyes and light brown hair.

I am not very fond of my sister. Yeah a big sister should be happy to have a younger sister but not me. She knows she's a favorite and uses it to her advantage.

Yes, Favorite. When she was born all the attention was turned to her. My mom completely adores her and leaves me in the dust. She has the biggest room in the house (which was mine). While I have a small attic room. She gets all my moms attention.

My dad. He was always with me. He knew my mom played favorites and tried to talk to her. I havent spent time with my mom since I was ten.

I grew up by myself.

My alarm clock rung and I got out of bed. I grabbed my clothes and headed to the hall bathroom. I took a fast shower and got out.

I put on dark wash burmuda shorts with small chains hanging on them. I put on a black racerback shirt and a pair of converse that went three inches below my knee.

At school I was known as a goth. I wasnt a cheerleader. I was made fun of.

I had dark mahogony hair that was curly and fell to the middle of my back and deep brown eyes. I was about five foot four inches tall.

I walked back to my room and went to my dresser. I opened it and grabbed my thin silver tie. I tied it around my neck then grabbed my red backpack. I slung it over my shoulder. I walked down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen. I saw my dad in a suit at the table reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

" Good morning dad." I said.

" Morning Bells." He said.

I looked at the clock


" I have to get going. I'll see you later." I said.

He stood up and gave me a hug. "I love you have a good day." He said. I said the same and started to walk out when he said my name

" Yeah dad?" I asked.

" You need money sweetheart for new clothes. There ripping." He said.

" That would be nice. Maybe next week alright." I said. He nodded.

I walked out of the kitchen and to the front door. I saw my mom playing with Lily. I watched as they played.

Silent tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt a hand rub up and down my back.

" I'll try talking to her again. I'm sorry honey." My dad said. I nodded and wiped my tears.

I walked out of the front door and went to my Vanquish my dad gave me and headed to school.

CPOV (Charlie)

I knew that I needed to try and talk to Renee again. When I saw Bella cry it broke my heart

She always spent time with Lily, my youngest daughter. I loved her but Bella lost her mother. When Lily was born Bella was being neglected by Renee. I spent as much time with Bella as I could because she never got the attention. She lives in the attic and I have tried to push Renee to let her have one of our guest rooms but she wouldnt budge.

I't was 2:50 so I was going to talk to her before Bella got home.

" Renee can you come in the kitchen please?" I asked

She came into the kitchen " Yes"

" Renee I need to talk to you about Bella." I said

" Dont you start" She said'

" Who's gonna stop me. Renee I dont know how many times I have to tell you. Bella needs you." I said

" Well Lily needs me more." She stated

" Bella was crying this morning." I said

" So."

" So. Thats all you have to say you dont care about her?" I asked

" Well Charlie you are to blame your so busy with Bella you dont spend time with Lily." She argued

" You dont spend time with Bella. We need to even out the attention. She grew up on her own. Hell she lives in a attic and you dont have to decency to give her a nice room without clawing me out when I ask of you." I said

" Who cares." She yelled

" I do. It breaks my heart to see my daughter so sad. I dont want her to feel that way." I yelled back.

" BELLA WAS A MISTAKE." She screamed.

I gasped. She thought my little angel was a mistake.

" Bella is not a mistake. SHe is the best thing that has ever happened to me and how you dare even say that." I said

" I hate you." I heard a angry voice say. I turned around and saw Bella with tears in her eyes staring at her mother with hate filled eyes.


School went by fast. I drove back home.

I got out of my car and heard yelling. I locked my car adn got my keys out for the front door. I opened it and heard the words that broke my heart into two

" BELLA WAS A MISTAKE." I heard my mother yell. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

I walked to the kitchen

" I hate you." I told her.

Charlie turned around and looked at me wide eyed

" I am your mother you dont talk to me like that." She yelled

" I will talked to you any damned way I want. You havent been my mother since the day you gave birth to Lily. You only love her. You said yourself I was a mistake." I said

" I am too your mother now go to your room." SHe demanded

" You call that a room. I hate you, you are the worst mother anyone could have." I screamed.

She walked up to me and brought her hand up to slap me. I grabbed it and gripped it tight. She struggled to get free. I gripped tighter and twisted her arm. She let out a yelp and I let go

I was never one to get violent but she needed to feel the pain she caused me.

" You bitch who do you think you are?" She yelled.

" Renee I have had enough. I cant take this. You hurt my daughter and neglect her. You know...This cant go on any longer. I want a divorce." My dad said.

" But Charlie..." She started

" I cant let you do this anymore I will not stand by and let you hurt her. I'm leaving. Bella I am guessing you are with me. Get your things ready. We'll leave tonight." Charlie said.

Renee stomped out of the room. Tears still fell.

" Bella. We'll go somewhere far. Just get away a fresh start." He said.

" Thanks dad."

He gave me a hug and kissed my forehead

" Bella. I want you to know. You were never a mistake to me. You were my first daughter and hold a special place in my heart." With that he walked out of the kitchen to the stairs. I followed suit.

I packed up all my things. Which was not much.

I was excited for a fresh start. I was going to change myself. Be different.

With my father everything was going to be alright.

Hey maybe I would make some friends.

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