Bella POV

I really did like being a vampire. Besides having that annoying burn every now and then, everything was perfect. I had Edward for eternity, I could shield myself from offensive mental attacks, and I was beautiful. Everything was… wonderful. As I sat on the sofa in our new home in Seattle, I wondered if anyone would recognize us. We hadn't been living in Washington in a couple of years, but some people from Forks High School could have stayed in the area, getting jobs and starting families close to home. But I had a feeling that no one would recognize me.

First off, as a human, I was pretty quiet. I never really socialized with that many people. Also, now being a vampire, I was beyond gorgeous. My once messy hair that was almost always in a ponytail was now a beautiful waterfall of luscious brown curls, tumbling gently down my back. My slightly uneven lips were now plump and the perfect shade of pink. As a human, I was clumsy and thin. Now… agile as a cat and perfectly proportioned as a super model. I had snake-like reflexes, and extremely sharpened senses. But the one thing I missed about my physical features were my deep, chocolate colored eyes; now replaced with an amber color, my eyes appealed to almost everyone. Except for me. But one sacrifice in turn for a life with Edward; I think I could manage.

"Bella, love?" Edward called from the spacious hallway. I turned to face him and caught myself in awe. I could never get over how perfect he was.

"Yes darling? Do you need help unpacking? I'm sure Rose does; I told her not to bring so much-"

"Bella," Edward cut me off with a smile. "I just wanted to tell you that Alice and I are going hunting in about an hour, if you would like to come. Oh and don't worry about Rosalie, Emmet was going to help her." He was still smiling. "It looks like it's going to be a thunder storm tonight, so we can play baseball later on. Also, I wanted to say that you look beautiful, love." He kissed me on the forehead and I smiled up at him in return.
"Thank you for offering, but I went hunting with Esme yesterday." I said, remembering our short trip to the woods. It had been a little awkward, but it soon became fun as we made conversation.

"Bella, I love you. You look beautiful." He smiled and ran upstairs to get Alice. I looked down at the simple white cotton V-neck shirt I was wearing with jeans. It still amazed me how he could find me beautiful in the simplest of cloths. I loved him so much. I heard footsteps and turned just to catch Edward and Alice run out the front. "Alice! Wait up!" I called after her. She raced back.

"Yes Bella?" She asked with her usual perkiness.

"Do you think it'll thunder tonight?" I asked.

"Yes! I saw it earlier and was going to keep it a secret but… you got to me first." She smiled then ran to catch up with Edward.

I smiled and looked to my right out the giant window to see a perfect skyline of Seattle. It was one of the rare evenings when one could see the sun set. A gorgeous end to a gorgeous day for most. But for the Cullen family… wait. For my family. I loved saying that. I loved being a part of the Cullen family. I loved this life.