"I'm telling you Jasper, I can beat you!" Emmet said. It was after school and Emmet and Jasper were arguing about who could win an arm wrestling match. The obvious choice was Emmet, but we knew not to underestimate Jasper.

"I don't think so, Emmet." Alice chimed in. "I have a…feeling," she giggled, "that Jasper will win."

"Oh come one!" Emmet half whined, "That is NOT fair!!"

"I just call it like I see it!" said Alice with a smile. I had noticed that she was a little more peppy than usual. Something was up…but I didn't care. I loved Alice, and if she was happy, than so was I.

"Dude, look at that table over there…" I heard someone saying. I didn't really like listening in on other's conversations, but today, I couldn't resist. (;

"Yeah, I saw them earlier…heard they moved here from Florida…" said a second voice said. But there was more than awe in that sentence…suspicion, maybe?

"Really? I've been wanting to talk to that brunette one with the long hair but…" said the first person.

"…because you have this gut feeling that you shouldn't?" asked the second person. But before the first person could answer, the bell rang.

"Goodbye, Dan!" called the first person. I turned so I could see the person responding to the name; the person who seemed to know…too much.

"See you after school." Dan said. He was a tall, well-built boy. He had shaggy brown hair that hid his eye brows, and deep, crystal blue eyes. He was the one who had sounded suspicious earlier. I would keep my eye on that one.

I walked into P.E class, my last class, expecting to see everyone's heads turn. And they did. I still wasn't tired of this, and it made me smile. I hated to be conceited, but I was enjoying all of this attention. But by now, I was tired of listening to people talk about me (negatively or positively) and could predict what they would say. I found my new locker and turned the lock in half a second. Too fast maybe; I should slow it down to prevent being suspicious. Girls all around me watched as I gracefully played tennis, hitting every ball with such precision that many of the girls were intimidated by me. I was lucky to get a partner at all. I wasn't really upset that no one came near me. After all, it was their natural instinct. But I did need a partner, and after a few seconds of quick scanning, I saw a girl without a partner as well. She was tubby with stringy brown hair and glasses, but I didn't mind. I couldn't mind.

"Hi I'm Brittany." She had said. She looked intimidated; I was ready for this day to be "over".

"Hello Brittany." I said. I loomed over her; she was about 4'0, and I was 5'3. "I guess we're partners, eh?" I smiled at her and heard her heart beat speed up. Like everyone else.

"Ha ha, yeah I guess" she laughed nervously. "Soo, I heard you moved here from Florida." She said. Like other people, she was buying into the Florida story. Except for that Dan kid…I wondered if he knew about us. If he did then we would have to move again and we just moved back…I would hate to do that to the family. I mean, where would we even-

"Why did you move to Forks?" she practically spat the word out.

"Why not?" I challenged. Oops.

She took a slight, timid step backwards. "I-I umm…just wanted to know why move from sunny Florida to rainy Forks?" and that was the end of our conversation. The bell rang indicating the end of class and I said bye to Brittany. I quickly dressed, to quickly?, and ran to my car, where I waited in the rain for everyone else. It took them about 5 minutes in total to get to me. I studied each of their faces and they seemed…concerned? Did I do anything wrong? I scanned through the day, hoping to find anything that could put a story to the look of seriousness on their faces, but I came up with nothing. Nothing except for that nagging boy Dan at the back of my head.

"Is something wrong?" I said to them.

"Get in the car, you might want to be sitting down." said Alice. "You don't want to get soaked, either, I'm sure."

"Don't get her all worried Alice!" said Emmet, "it's really not as bad as it sounds, Bella" Emmet explained, now talking to me.

"Well it's not bad news or good news, but it is something we need to tell you." Said Edward, and with we got in the car.

alright, so i am aware that it has been a while but i have been rally bussy and, quite frankly, lazy(: sorry yall'. there's more to come, so keep reading!!(;