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It was Parker that finally got to him, in the end. Eliot had gone to his apartment (not home, because home had gotten blown up months ago) after playing a double set down at the old 'Bull-rider's Tavern'. He was tired and dirty from baking beneath the stage lights, and the dust that he'd kicked up from the walk to his truck had stuck to his drying sweat making him feel even grimier. All he wanted was a long shower, a beer, and a semi-violent sports game to help him unwind, which was probably why when he noticed that his door was unlocked (when he knew he had locked it) that he called out more aggressively than usual "You have ten seconds to get the hell out of my apartment before I break your damned neck!"

Parker appeared suddenly, and his stormy blue eyes softened just a bit when he saw her, fidgeting awkwardly, and looking every where but at him. "I know Nate said it's rude to break into people's homes," she began, and his fingers twitched a bit at the use of the word 'home', "but I wanted to talk to you, so I did it anyway."

He nodded slowly. "Alright. What did you wanna talk t'me about?"

She fidgeted a bit more, pulling at the hem of her shirt, and scuffing her converse-covered feet against the hardwood floor, before crossing her arms and finally locking her eyes onto his face. "Hardison keeps saying that we're a family."

He opened his mouth to protest, but she rushed on.

"I didn't think he was right, at first, because we're all so different and we argue all the time and stuff, but even though we're always getting on each other's nerves, we still care. We help each other and we trust each other, and I think that's why you won't come back. Sophie conned us, and I think it bothers you so much because you trusted her, you trusted us, and she betrayed us and you care. I think you're not used to trusting people. I think that maybe you're a little bit like me, and you're not used to caring. But you do, and that bothers you. It used to bother me too." She took a step towards him, and suddenly he was the one avoiding her eyes. "But I don't think it's gonna go away. I don't think you're gonna just stop caring just because you're avoiding us." She took a few steps towards the door, so that he had to turn to face her, and he noted the little wrinkle that appeared between her scrunched brows as she apparently thought out what words to say. "That's why I think that maybe Hardison's right. Because no matter what family does, no matter what mistakes they make, you have to forgive them. Because you still care, no matter what."

Silence permeated the room for a moment, before a smile spread slowly across Parker's face. "Nate found us a new place. I'll even buy you a plant if you want."

He opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to find the words, trying to find any words.

But then he blinked, and she was gone.

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