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He didn't understand it at first. What all the commotion was about, that is. He couldn't figure out why all the servants in the manor were dashing around so frantically. As servants went, Guy wasn't exactly high in the ranking, so no one bothered letting him know about the current events. However, it wasn't too hard to figure out that everyone was headed toward the west garden. Avoiding the crowds, specifically the maids, Guy made his way outdoors. When he arrived there, there was a large mob of maids, butlers, gardeners, and countless other workers clustered under the tall ash tree by the side of the house. It seemed like every person in the manor was there.

Scanning over the excited crowd, Guy noticed Pere standing a little ways away, staring up at something through the branches. At least there was one person around here who wouldn't keep secrets from him.

"Pere, what's going on?" asked the swordsman, trotting up to his friend.

"It's Master Luke," replied the elderly gardener, not tearing his eyes away from the tree, "It seems something the doctor said upset him."

Ah, Luke. That explains it. It had only been two months since the boy's kidnapping and severe memory loss, but he had come a long way. He had gone from barely being able to walk on his own to being able to climb furniture and trees with amazing agility. Learning to speak again, however, was a different story entirely. Luke showed little to no interest in learning how to communicate verbally, and seemed perfectly fine with remaining silent. Consequentially, no one ever had any idea what he was thinking.

Guy moved closer to the edge of the crowd and peered up through the branches. Sure enough, he could glimpse pieces of the ten-year-old's white outfit, as well as a splash of red hair. The boy was pretty high up, seated on one of the top branches and seemingly ignoring the commotion below him. Guy couldn't help admiring how high he'd managed to get. Many of the servants below were calling up to him at this point, trying to persuade him to descend.

"How come nobody's tried to climb up and get him?" Guy asked Pere.

"No one is light enough to climb up without shaking the tree, which would endanger Master Luke's safely, of course."

Guy was about to say something in return when a commanding voice boomed across the garden, "What's going on here?!"

Duke Fabre, master of the household, was standing near the door to the manor with his arms crossed. He was wearing a very expensive-looking royal gown, which reminded Guy that he had planned for an audience with the king today. Obviously, that was being delayed.

"Would someone care to tell me why half the people in my household are not at their posts?" he asked quietly, as if trying to disguise his fury.

One of the butlers walked up to him shamefully and explained the situation. Duke Fabre's expression did not change, except for becoming slightly more irritated. He walked up to the base of the tree, the crowd parting before him.

"Luke!" he barked, "Come down here this instant!" The figure in the tree made no response.

"Luke, did you hear me?!" Still no acknowledgment. The Duke fumed silently for a moment. Then he turned on his heel and began leaving.

"Sir?" the same butler from earlier questioned.

"We will just have to wait for him to come down on his own. He'll get hungry eventually," said the Duke. My, what a caring father, thought Guy bitterly, but his face remained stoic.

Then the second thing that Guy didn't understand happened that day. He, Guy Cecil, stepped forward in front of that large crowd and said, "Master Fabre, I can stay here until Master Luke comes down. That way everyone else can get back to their normal jobs."

The Duke turned and looked at him, as if scanning him for some hidden intention, but gave in. "Very well. Everyone, continue with your regular duties until I return," he ordered before finally leaving.

The servants muttered to one another about the order and the young master, but began leaving one by one until only Guy and Pere were still standing in the garden. Pere gave the swordsman a questioning look, but said nothing and returned to his gardening. Guy couldn't really blame him. He himself wasn't sure why he'd volunteered.

Guy had never been particularly fond of the Duke's son. He hadn't held anything against him really, except maybe the fact that, before the kidnapping, he had been so eager to please his father. It was almost annoying. The old Luke would never have ignored his father's orders like that.

Shrugging off his inner musings, Guy focused on the task at hand. He peered up through the branches again, searching for that little splash of red. Luke hadn't moved and, as far as he could tell, was staring up at the sky, completely ignoring anything that might be going on below. The empty garden was actually quite pleasant, Pere being barely noticeable as he worked.

"Hey!" called up Guy, "You can come down now if you want! The peanut gallery's gone!" Nothing but the cold shoulder once again. Guy sighed and put his hands on his hips. So it seems this would be a test of endurance. Well, he for one wasn't going to lose. Guy walked over and sat down, leaning back against the sun-baked bricks of the manor where he could clearly see Luke through the leaves.

With an air of boredom and indifference, Guy reached into his pocket and tugged out a roll of wax paper. He carefully unwrapped it, revealing three strips of dried meat. He nonchalantly picked one up and began chewing on it. He munched on them, taking the liberty of making smacking noises and the occasional "mmm".

When he was finished, he glanced up into the tree, only to be met with a pair of defiant emerald eyes. Luke was glaring down at him as if to say "You think that will get me down?" The corners of Guy's mouth nearly betrayed a smile at the child's stubbornness. Instead, he just shifted his position, placing his hands behind his head, and called to Pere on the other side of the garden.

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