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"Master Luke, please wait!"

Guy looked up from the newly delivered plants he was helping Pere with. What was it this time? he wondered. On cue, the young boy dashed into the main hall, long red hair streaming behind him. He made a sharp right turn and began heading towards the two of them. Guy expected him to pass them and head for the other doorway, but to his surprise, Luke grabbed his jacket and hid behind him, like a child clinging to its parent.

"Luke," breathed Guy, at a loss about what to do.

"That's 'Master Luke', Guy," Pere corrected as Luke's current doctor skidded into the room.

"We…haven't finished…your tests," gasped the doctor, clearly not used to chasing young nobles around large manors.

Guy felt a tugging at his shirt and glanced down. Luke was looking up at him intently, trying to convey some sort of message.

"Um, Sir?" Guy addressed the doctor, not entirely certain how to do this. "Ah, perhaps you and the, ah, young master could stop for today and finish up tomorrow," he suggested hopefully. The doctor looked at him, still gasping from the chase, but agreed. He seemed to be happy with any excuse not to have to deal with the Duke's son anymore.

When the doctor had left, Pere looked at Guy with a knowing smile. "It looks like someone has an admirer."

Guy looked at him skeptically, then heard footsteps on the hard marble behind him. He whirled around to see Luke almost at the other doorway. The boy stopped, then turned around, a huge grin evident on his face.

"Thanks, Guy!"

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Luke: ...

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