I am a witch. You know flying on brooms (which I am admittedly not very good at), brewing potions (ditto), and telling fortunes (can't even seeing into tomorrow). Basically, I'm a talent-less witch. Not like my mother and grandmother. My mother, Kiki, is an expert flyer. My father, Tombo, is too but when he flies it's in a plane. My grandmother is an expert with potions. I guess I spent too much time with my godmother, Ursula, growing up. Instead of actually being a real witch, I was an artist. Sure I could fly when need be and I knew how to brew a cure for headaches, but other than that I was more of a normal girl tan a witch.

I'd delayed my leaving as long as I could, but my mother wasn't having anymore of it.

"Aina!" My mother exclaimed as she burst into my room. "Tonight's a full moon! Pack up your bags, you're out of here!"

"Mom!" I whined. "Why can't I wait a month, or a year?"

"You're already fifteen, Aina. You're starting your training tonight, no buts."

I couldn't help but sigh. "Fine."

She bent down beside me and smiled gently. "I know you're not that ambitious about being a witch, but at least give it a chance. Maybe this year of training will change your mind. I'll go tell Uni the news!"

Uni was my cat. Her father was my mom's witch cat, Gigi, and her mother was my neighbor's cat, Lily. She was black like Gigi, while her sisters were white. Because of that, only she could be a witch's cat.

My father grinned as he walked into my room and sat beside me. "Hey, Aina. Don't worry so much. You're going to find a nice town, meet wonderful people, and someday, you'll be an amazing witch. Whether you want to believe it or not, you take after your mother more than you know. Just try not to run into as many trees, and always remember your inspiration."

I nodded and leaned against him before standing up to start packing my bag. "Alright dad. I'll keep that in mind."

"Tombo!" My mother called from downstairs. "Could you come here for a minute? Your mother's on the phone!"

My father sighed and rolled his eyes. "God, that old woman always calling as if I can't take care of myself. Coming Kiki! I'll see you for dinner, dear." Then he left my room and Uni took his place on my bed.

"Afternoon, Aina," She said with one of her little kitty grins. "I hear that you're finally going on your journey."

I nodded. "I am. Will you go ask my mom if I can have her old radio? It always comes through so clear on that little thing."

She nodded and jumped down quickly before trotting out of the room like a horse. "Don't forget your locket!" She called.

And it was a good thing she did, or I would have forgotten it. I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed onto my neck. I quickly pulled my old locket out from under my pillow and fastened it around my neck. I was really superstitious and I liked to think of the locket as a good luck charm. I sighed and looked in the mirror before pulling my brown hair up into a ponytail and straightening out my shorts. I usually liked to where blue jean shorts, but that'd be uncomfortable on a broom fro days.

I still had no clue where I was going. I guess I'll just wing it.


That night was a little cloudy but the full moon shone brightly through the misty clouds. Asono gave me a quick hug and I hugged her daughter, Yuki, before turning to Ursula and hugging her tightly as well. I saved my mother and father for last and I hugged them the longest.

Without a word, I mounted my mother's old broom and let the magic flow through me so that I was hovering over the concrete. I kicked off the ground and went soaring high into the air. I flew over the top of buildings, waving at everyone who'd decided to stand outside their houses to bid me farewell, and flew over the ocean.

I just flew towards the horizon, not knowing what to expect, and not expecting what I found.