If you've never been flying, it's impossible to describe what I was going through. It's not as easy as my mom makes it look. She glides through the air on her broom like an ice skater on ice. I looked more like a fish out of water.

"Aina!" Uni complained as she dug her claws into the wood of my broom. "Could you straighten it out a little?! That last flip almost knocked my off!"

"Sorry, Uni. But you know how much I hate flying over the ocean. It always makes me so nervous. That's why I'm going west. I'm hoping to find a small town out there."

"Hey!" Someone called. I looked down. How could someone possibly see me all the way up here in the dark? "There's one! Shoot it down! Shoot that blasted plane down!"

"Aina! Faster! They think you're an enemy plane!"

My heart was pounding against my ribs as I flew as fast as I could. There was a machine gun fired and on shot his my tip of my broom, shattering it and sending me spiraling down to the sea below.

"Hold on, Uni!" I screamed, holding my cat tight.

"Oh my god! That's not a plane! It's a girl!" And that was the last thing I heard before I was engulfed by water and everything went black.


"Hey! Hey, Captain! I think she's coming to." A voice called.

"Alright, get that idiot Blanhof, in here, right now!"


I felt something warm and soft rubbing against my face and I leaned into it, instantly realizing it was my cat. "Ummmmm," I mumbled sleepily. "Hello Uni. Is Mom taking me flying today?"

There was a chuckle. "I don't think you're going flying with your mum, dear."

My eyes snapped open and I sat up straight, regretting it afterwards when I started coughing up water.

"Oh dear," Said another, more female, voice. "I thought I got all the water out of her lungs."

I looked around and saw a big burly red head and a smaller gray haired woman sitting beside the bed I was laying in. "Hello," I said hoarsely.

The woman smiled. "Hello, deary. I'm Kita. It's a pleasure to meet another witch. What's your name?"

"Aina. It's nice to meet you too mam."

She gave me a toothless grin. "Just heading home form training are ye?"

"No, actually I just left last night."

She raised an eyebrow. "A little late, aren't ye?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I'm fifteen. I tried to delay my leaving as much as possible. I just don't have much talent as a witch."

The captain joined in the conversation. "Well, little lady, we're sorry about shooting you down. Our cabin boy thought he spotted a plane come to bomb us."

"It's all right. I just need a new broom I guess."

Kita smiled. "I have an extra, if you'd like it. The least I could do for not being able to full heal your cut. It's gonna scar pretty badly."

"Cut?" I asked. "I have a cut?"

She nodded. "There's a full length mirror over there if you want to try to see it."

I got to my feet, taking notice that I was only wearing my under shorts and a tee-shirt, and ran over to the mirror. I gasped and put my hand on my ankle, running my fingers up my scar from the bottom of my calves all the way past the bottom of my shorts. "My whole left leg was cut open? Shouldn't I have bled to death or something?"

"You almost did. I managed to stop the bleeding in time. We don't know what you cut yourself on though."

"Shouldn't I be like really weak and not able to stand up?"

"You should, but staying in a bed for a month usually helps."

My jaw dropped. "A month? I've been out for a month?"

Kita nodded. "Don't worry, I took care of your washing and things, and you woke up a few times, just never long enough to remember it, I guess."

Then the door opened and in walked a boy who looked about seventeen. He had his hands in his pockets and was staring at the floor.

"Look up boy!" The captain roared. "At least look at the girl that you almost has killed!"

He looked up at me with hard, golden eyes, but he looked apologetic if you looked past the edge. "Hey," He said quietly.

"Hello. I'm Aina."

His eyes narrowed slightly. "I'm Kitt."

The captain grinned at me. "We were wondering if you had a place to stay, my dear." When I shook my head, he grinned wider. "Then, if you'd like, Kitt has offered to take you to his home town. It's a little town in need of witch. There's an older witch living there who could help train you as well."

"What kind of own is it?"

"Just a little old farming town."

I grinned at Uni. "That's great Uni! Isn't it? Just the kind of town we were looking for!"

Uni sniffed. "It sounds alright, I guess. I just hope there are other cats there. There wasn't anyone but my sisters at home and I was always so bored!"

I rolled my eyes. "You always find something to complain about don't you?" I turned to Kitt who was looking at me like I was crazy for talking to a cat. "That sounds wonderful. "Thank you, Kitt."

He grumbled at he walked away. "Whatever. We'll be making port in an hour and then you and I are getting off. Make sure you're ready to go."

I glared at him while he left. "Well, he wasn't very nice, was he, Uni?"

She paused in licked her paw. "You lived in a big city. You should be used to unkindness by now."

"Oh shut up. So… we're a month behind schedule. Mom's not gonna be happy when I come home a month late from training. Maybe I shouldn't mention this to her in my letters." Uni jumped up on my shoulder.

"I vote to not telling her! You know how she can get. 'Uni you need to watch out for her more!' and 'Uni you're her witch cat! Make sure she doesn't hurt herself', and blah, blah, blah."