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Another school year has finally ended and I can really get to spend some quality time with Bella. As if I didn't do that already. I still find it hard to believe that I finally found the one person who loves me for me. She even accepts me as a person or should I say a man even though I am really almost a hundred year old vampire. I find myself thinking about her often as I make my way home from her house. This morning is no exception; I didn't quite hear my pixie sister as she jumped at me.

"Edward, stop thinking about Bella. She'll be here in exactly 1 hour and 3minutes" responded my evil annoying sister. She just laughed at my thought and sighed. She was also thinking about Bella, only her thoughts were more centered on how she was going to wrangle her into a shopping spree later this week.

"Allie, she's not going to go shopping with you. You know how much she hates it when you play Bella Barbie with her. Anyways I want to spend some serious quality time with her" I exclaimed as she pounced at me missing and landing on a tree stop 15 feet away.

"Edward" she whined, "You spend all of her waking time with her. You need to share her with the rest of us. We love her just as much as you do" she was saying as Rosalie popped into the clearing we were lounging in.

"Speak for your self about the human. I still think it's a bad idea for her to be alive after all the trouble we had with James and his coven" she said looking out into a open space where two trees were being uprooted by Jasper and Emmett playing a game of tackle.

"Jasper, Emmett you two better not be destroying the forest playing one of your stupid games" Esme called as she was opening the windows in our home. Emmett and Jasper stopped dead in their tracks and began punching the trees they had ripped up back into the ground. It was funny to watch those two, afraid of tiny old Esme. I gave out a quiet laugh.

"I'm going to tell her you said that" replied my annoying sister as Rosalie turned to look at us.

"What did I say, you little demon" I replied as I stood up and began to walk out of the clearing toward the house.

"You know darn well what you said about Esme" she replied annoyed that I was going to pretend I was innocent in the matter.

"I don't have top pretend anything Alice, I never said anything out loud about Esme. You would have to admit that you were intently listening into my thoughts in order for you to hear what I had thought. You know what Carlisle said about trying to give the others a chance because of our extra abilities" I said looking deeply into her eyes as if we were in a challenge. She wasn't going to give in either; she was leaning toward blackmailing me with her info in order to spend some extra time with Bella. I wasn't in any mood to fight with her because she usually always got her way one way or another.

I just didn't feel that she needed her way in this situation.

She was playing different visions in her mind about the outcomes on my decision of whether or not I would let her have her way. I finally decided that she wasn't going t let her have Bella for the day, so her vision went to Esme grounding me because of what I said. So she would get her way.

"Not this time you little pixie" I said as I took off toward Bella's house. She was evil, but I never thought that she would try to attack me. Yet here she was on my back pushing me toward the ground with one swift blow to the back I was flat on the ground. In my mind I could see Esme had joined the rest of my family to watch this little fight between Alice and me. Carlisle was the only one missing from the scene; thank god he was pulling a double shift at the Hospital.

"I bet you twenty on Alice tearing Edward apart" stated Emmett as Rosalie gave him a swift hit upside the back of his head. I couldn't believe that they were taking bets against me or Alice.

"I bet your twenty and raise you twenty for Edward tearing Alice apart" said Jasper as Esme gave him a soft nudge. She couldn't believe the scene in front of her. Alice and I had never gone at each other seriously because we could both see the other person's point of the fight. I usually just asked her who won, and she would tell me she did. Yet this time I was going to win no matter what I would have to do. I decided that the best way to keep Alice out of my head was to avoid making a serious decision and keeping it.


I plan on mixing the "Twilight" book series with the TV show version of "True Blood." So the story will mix the two and who knows what might happen. I enjoy both stories and want to see what could happen if a vampire could drink from a human, but wouldn't have to change them. Could there be such a vampire out there and could he or she fall for Bella. Let me know what you all think. Should I do a story line along this or not? Review and I'll post a second chapter of what happens to Alice and Edward, who wins the fight.