"Kyuubi talking"

'Kyuubi thinking'


The Hokage sighed as he looked over the report that Iruka gave him about Mizuki, and the fact that he had stolen the forbidden scroll. Apparently not too long ago Iruka had found Mizuki's body, sliced in half, in the woods with the forbidden scroll by his side, with the body there was also a note. It read

"Thanks for the fun, been a long time since I killed someone, don't try and find me.

The Ultimate Shield"

That's where the letter ended, he also noticed that there was some bloodstains on the letter, probably from Mizuki but it was worth checking out to see if Mizuki had managed to hurt the strange figure and get him to bleed on the letter.

The odd thing is when the Inuzuka's were sent out all they could smell around the area was Mizuki, this meant that the person who killed Mizuki either knows how to cover his tracks extremely well or is an experienced ninja. Both thoughts are disturbing.

Sarutobi sighed as he went back to the team assignments that he had been making before the scroll was stolen from the Hokage Library.

Naruto smirked as he sat down in the back of the class, he didn't feel like dealing with the Uchiha's fan girls and so let him fend for himself.

Naruto smirked as he saw the Uchiha get glomped by his two most loyal fan girls as he scowled at them, he couldn't help but to chuckle at his predicament.

Although he was very amused Iruka came in and explained how Mizuki had stolen the forbidden scroll and was stopped by someone. Naruto smirked again here as he listened to Iruka lecture about how they were now ninja and Adults in the eyes of the village.

Naruto tuned him out until he came to the teams, then he only listened when he heard his name. "… Team 7 shall be Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Hurano," Right here there was a yell and a lot of groans, "And Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto slammed his head on the desk in front of him while Sakura groaned. "Team 8 will consist of Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Hinata Hyuuga. Team 9 is still in rotation from last year so Team 10 shall be Shikamaru Nara, Akimichi Chouji, and Yamanaka Ino. Wait here until your sensei's have come to pick you up." With that Iruka left the room so the genin could talk amongst themselves.

3 hours later and team 7 was still waiting for their sensei. Naruto found it amusing how the man was so late and was smirking, Sakura was extremely pissed. To her it didn't matter that she got 3 hours of time with her Sasuke-kun but the fact that their sensei arrived this late, which was just rude. Sasuke was probably the worst of them, he had to deal with someone who thought the situation was amusing, and seemed to chuckle every time Sakura squealed when he did something 'cool'. Then theirs Sakura herself, enough said.

Naruto smirked as he heard extremely light foot steps coming up the hallway to their room, it seemed their sensei had arrived. Now being the sadistic bastard he is he decided to have some fun with his sensei for making him wait, even if it was an extremely amusing wait.

So he walked up to the front board and picked up an eraser, he then wedged it into the door so that when it opened it would fall on his head. He then walked over to the other side of the room and started to set something up, he then walked back with a string in-between his fingers and attached it onto the eraser. This took less than a couple seconds before he walked back up to his desk and sat there waiting.

His team mates looked at him curiously before they looked back at the wall he had set something up on, but they couldn't see anything so put it out of their mind.

Naruto smirked as he heard the footsteps reach their room and saw a hand open the door while a head of white hair came in. It was promptly assaulted by the eraser in the door, then the man was about to say something when a snapping noise was heard.

The next thing anyone knew there were multiple kunai flying toward their Jounin sensei's head, who quickly ducked back outside the door before they kunai embedded into the wall.

What surprised most of them is that it made an outline of their sensei, including the gravity defying hair that he sported.

"Okay who's the one that set that up." Their sensei asked as he eyed the only three people there, two of which pointed to the third one who was smiling sadistically at him. It reminded him of a snake mistress before he banished the thought from his mind.

"Team 7?" The man asked.

"No actually we're team 123, team 7 is next door." Naruto said as his grin widened, Kakashi just looked at him before narrowing his eye unnoticeably, to all but Naruto that is.

"Alright smart ass, roof 5 minutes." Kakashi said as he shunshined away, Sasuke and Sakura just glanced at their third team mate before moving to the roof.

When they had left Naruto put his armor around his legs and appeared on the roof, this scared Kakashi because all he saw was a blur before his student appeared, leaning against the railing looking bored.

Naruto looked around to the edge of the roof as Sasuke and Sakura came onto the roof and looked at him curiously before Sakura spoke her mind. "How the hell did you get here before us?"

Naruto looked over them, already bored with the situation. "Give me a reason to answer that and I will." Naruto replied, looking at them through his glasses.

Sakura opened her mouth before being cut off by Kakashi, "Alright everyone sit down and begin to introduce yourselves so we can get to you know as a team. You first pinky."

"Ano, sensei can you go first so we know what to do?" Sakura asked looking nervous by being the center of attention.

Kakashi sighed as he nodded, "My name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes and dislikes are none of your business, I don't really have any hobbies, and my dream…" Kakashi looked up at the sky and gave a perverted giggle, which caused Sasuke and Sakura to sweat-drop and Naruto to frown. "Now your turn pinky."

Sakura huffed at the nick name but continued. "My name is Sakura Hurano, my likes are…" Here she trailed off and glanced at Sasuke, which caused Naruto to frown. "My hobbies are…" Once again she trailed off and looked at Sasuke. "And my dream…" Once again trailed off but this time she squealed when she looked at Sasuke.

"And your dislikes?" Kakashi asked her.

"Ino-pig and Naruto-teme!" She yelled, this caused Naruto to smirk.

"Okay… whiskers why don't you go next." Kakashi said as he looked back at his orange book causing Naruto to lift an eyebrow.

'never heard that one before, its usually demon or Kyuubi-brat or something.' "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, my likes are blood and fighting, my dislikes are this village, my hobbies are training 'And killing,' and my dream is too graphic to say." Naruto said as he smirked at the Jounin who was now eyeing him carefully.

"Uchiha, your next."

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I have very few likes and very many dislikes, my hobby is training, my ambition is to revive my clan and to kill a certain man."

Kakashi nodded before he continued on. "Tomorrow we're going to have a survival test to see if you deserve to become genin, just so you know the chance of passing is 33.3%, oh and don't eat breakfast if you don't want to throw up, Ja." Kakashi quickly shunshined away before anyone could ask questions.

The next day Sasuke and Sakura were waiting around the training area Kakashi had told them they were taking the test in. They weren't very happy right now.

One reason being their sensei was late again, the next being that their other team mate was also late.

Naruto smirked as he walked into the training grounds and saw the other two waiting there. The fact that he came 3 hours later and he assumed his team mates had come at the time their sensei had him very amused.

"You're late Naruto-baka!" Sakura screamed at him, which he promptly ignored and leaned against one of the three training posts.

He didn't have to wait long as their sensei entered the clearing and looked up from his orange book at his would be students. "You're late!" Was heard from one pink haired banshee.

"Ah gomen, you see there was this black cat that was in the middle of the road, so to avoid bad luck I had to take a detour around the entire village and then there was this old lady that needed help across the street and I couldn't very well leave her there." Kakashi replied still having his face burrowed in the orange book, Naruto was getting kind of curious about it. What could keep his teachers attention so absolutely?

"Liar!" Came another shout from the rosette as Kakashi finally closed his book to start to explanation.

"Now as I have said yesterday, today I will give you three a test to see if you are ready to become genin. Now the test the academy has given you was to see if you had a chance at becoming genin, this test is to see if you actually will become one. Your objective for this test is to take one of these bells from me," Here he held up two silver bells and attached them to his belt. "Anyone who doesn't get one shall be sent back to the academy for another year, also if you don't get a bell you will be tied to the posts and will not get to eat any of these lunches." Kakashi said as he pulled out two bento's from behind him and set them on the post as well with a clock. "You have until noon in which this alarm clock will ring, begin." With that said the three genin blurred as they hurried off to the forest.

Naruto smiled as he looked at Kakashi's still form from a tree branch, his stealth was amazingly high and he knew it. Of course you would be good at stealth too if you had to hide from genin to ANBU level ninja just to live. So it was unlikely that Kakashi would find him anytime soon with his current efforts at locating his students.

Naruto sighed and rubbed his forehead as he felt the beginnings of a headache coming upon him.

He had just watched Kakashi use a genjutsu on Sakura that immediately made her faint, and he also just saw Sasuke get buried up to his neck in the ground.

He could now say he was disappointed in the skill his team showed. Well not like it affected him, and now that the others were out of the way he could have a shot at his sensei.

Naruto spread his armor across his hands bringing out his claws and started to sneak up behind Kakashi with all the stealth he possessed.

Naruto got right up behind Kakashi, it seemed Kakashi hadn't noticed him but he was smart enough to know that the Jounin just hid it really well or he overestimated him.

Naruto quickly sent his right hand forward in a spear like move hoping to impale Kakashi on his hand. When he was within inches Kakashi spun out of the way, confirming to him that the Jounin hadn't noticed him until it was almost too late.

While Kakashi was turning he retracted his armor from his hands. When Kakashi had finished his spin he looked at Naruto with a slightly wider right eye, Naruto smirked at him before he brought up and flexed his hands. "You're a little slow sensei, I mean really allowing a genin to sneak up you, a seasoned Jounin? How can you live with yourself after this?" Naruto asked mockingly as he got into his taijutsu stance and once again spread his armor over his hands, getting a raised eyebrow from Kakashi and a furious look from Sasuke.

"Well Naruto I can say I was a little surprised by that appearance of yours, the question is are you able to fight a Jounin?" Kakashi too got into a basic taijutsu stance, he also put his book away which caused Naruto to smirk.

"Oh so you actually put your book away, this should be interesting." Before Kakashi could reply Naruto came at him with speed that surprised the Jounin and made him a blur to his team mates.

When Naruto got close he sprang up from the ground and over Kakashi's guard while he brought his claw down on Kakashi's head, the man managed to move out of the way in time and was surprised to see Naruto's hand go through the ground with ease.

Naruto quickly ripped his hand from the ground, an insane smile adorning his features as he rushed Kakashi again. Kakashi quickly brought a kunai up to block the claws but was extremely surprised to see the claws go right through the metal.

He quickly spun out of the way of Naruto's claws and brought his hand into a hand seal as he got behind Naruto's back. Kakashi then quickly brought the seal up and rammed it into Naruto's ass while calling out. "Konohagakure Furui Taijutsu Suukoujutsu: Itami no Sennen." Naruto flew into the air holding his ass before he dissolved into mud and fell to the ground.

Kakashi looked slightly surprised before he heard slight chuckling behind him, when he turned he found Naruto leaning against a tree, his hands now back to normal. "What did the pore clone ever do to you Sensei."

Kakashi looked at Naruto oddly as the same armor spread across his hands again, recreating the claws. "Well Naruto I can say that I am curious, what type of jutsu is that, something powerful if it lets you cut through steel." Kakashi asked, looked at Naruto's hands oddly.

"Oh so you saw that did you, well this isn't a jutsu, I couldn't really call it a kekkai genkai either because it wasn't passed on from my parents. You see when I was born certain circumstances caused my body to rapidly develop a way to cope with the strain that was put on my body from a certain person. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about Sensei. You see since I was born on the day that Kyuubi attacked and was in direct contact with the demon's chakra my body automatically adapted, since the chakra was corrosive in nature my body had to strengthen itself to survive it. Since my body didn't have anything necessary to adapt itself that fast it borrowed, it took the demon's regenerative powers and since I had still developing chakra coils it didn't hurt me as much as an adult. Now my body took the chakra of the Kyuubi and used it to strengthen the bonds of the carbon in my body and gave me full control on how strong those bonds are, since carbon is the element in your body that stops corrosion, and abrasion against your body I survived the Kyuubi's chakra. This also gave me the ability to make an armor over my skin that is stronger than diamonds." Naruto smirked at the horrified look on Kakashi's face.

"Alas there is a setback, my armor is chakra proof, and therefore means that I can't cast any kind of ninjutsu while using it, I can only enhance my muscles since they are inside my body. Of course this also makes me immune to the Hyuuga's gentle fist style taijutsu. a fair trade I would say. Now the thing about this unique ability is that since my skin is as hard as diamond it would make it extremely hard to move with my normal muscles, my body also fixed this with Kyuubi's chakra. It took the chakra and made my muscles denser directly proportionate to the hardness of my armor so I could move. So lets say I make my armor the strongest thing on this world, I would also enhance my muscles enough that I would be invincible to anyone. Alas here evolves another problem I encountered. The armor only enhances my muscles, not my senses. So while I can enhance my muscles to be as strong as I want I usually only enhance them to the point where I can still see."

"This is a very good explanation but why would you say something like that to an enemy?" Kakashi asked, obviously curious.

"Well these two are going to be my team mates and you're my sensei, you should know what I'm able to do if we are to work together, which is the point of this exam, teamwork. The only reason I didn't ask my team is because I know they wouldn't agree until they had been beaten down some." Naruto replied.

Kakashi was now intrigued, he had found out the purpose of the test but also knew the reaction that his team mates would display when he asked to work together. He then formed a plan so they could work together. Interesting.

"And Look at that it actually worked." Kakashi looked at Naruto confused before he heard a jingle, he looked behind him to see Sasuke and Sakura holding both bells. Kakashi looked back at Naruto for an explanation. "While I was explaining my armor to you I made two Tsuchi Bunshin To alert Sasuke and Sakura to my plan. Sakura placed a mild genjutsu on Sasuke so he could move in unnoticed and snag the bells from your belt." Kakashi looked at Naruto, slightly stunned before he shook himself back to reality.

Kakashi gave them his patented eye smile, "Congratulations, you have just passed my test and have become an official genin team." With that Kakashi shunshined away, leaving one smiling genin and two smirking ones.