"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him march to the beat he hears, however measured or far away."

-Henry David Thoreau

The audience was full, and the teacher was rushing around, straightening costumes and fixing things. She went to the six year old girl who stood, just a bit away from everyone else, and knelt in front of her. "Are you ready?" The blonde nodded, gazing at the teacher with eyes that were dark brown, almost black. She was hugging a large stuffed rabbit, which no one could get away from her. "Honey, you're about to go onstage. You can't take your bunny." The teacher took it and pulled it out of the child's arms, then steered her closer to the curtain. "Remember, when the piano starts playing, walk on."

The piano started playing, and the little girl walked out onstage in a white dress, a halo propped above her head with wire, and fluffy white angel's wings. She stopped when she was center stage and looked at the teacher, who was standing by the curtain and mouthing the line at the child. Christmas is about giving. The line was easy, and the child had long since memorized it. She looked out at the audience.

"Christmas is about giving." She said. Now, she was supposed to go to the tree, and give the fake candles to the other children, and they were supposed to sing 'Angels We Have Heard on High'. Instead, she pointed at the teacher holding the stuffed rabbit. "So why did she take Bunny?"

The audience laughed, the teacher looked scandalized, and the little blonde stood in the stage, perfectly serious, until the bunny-thieving teacher hurried onstage, led her off, and returned the stuffed animal.

Daddy didn't like that. She wasn't supposed to be a comedian. She had embarrassed him, and he was mad at her for it. She looked away and let him yell at her, hugging Bunny close. As long as he didn't take him away tonight, like he did last week, she could stand being yelled at. He took Bunny away.

She took him back.

Author's Note: Parker is probably the hardest person to write about, because she's the most unpredictable and the hardest to understand. I decided that I'd really like to give Parker a try, because I'm not sure if I can write crazy. Please read and review, because I really want to know how I can improve my Parker. I don't know how apparent it is, but this is the occasion of Parker taking the bunny back that led to the 'better thief' comment. I chose this, because I think that's where it all started for Parker, and I'm trying to kind of pave her road to thievery. Tell me what you think!