We have a new student, so lets all be nice and welcome her. The teacher said. The class clapped obediently as the blonde stepped forward. ATell us your name. The teacher, Mr. Daniels urged.

AIm... The girl didn't say anything for a moment. APeople call me Rose. She said. She didn't like her name, and had come up with one that she liked better.

AWhy do people call you Rose? He asked. AThats not your name.

AIts my middle name. She lied with a shrug.

AFair enough. Rose it is. He looked around the room and pointed to a seat that was surrounded by people. ATheres an open seat right over there. Why dont you sit there?

Parker wrinkled her nose and looked around as well. There was an empty seat near the door. AWho sits in that seat?

ANo one. Would you rather have that one? The teacher asked. The decade old blonde nodded and he propelled her gently towards the seat. She took it and Mr. Daniels started to teach.

AI hope you all read the third chapter of Unbreakable. Mr. Daniels said. AWho can tell me what happened in it? Kirsten?

AEmilys little sister, Mary was born, and Emily was really jealous at first, because Mary got all the attention. She didn't like her little sister.

AGood. Who can tell me what happened next? How about you Trevor?

The boy sitting next to Rose sat up a bit straighter, trying to look as though he had been listening. AUm... Emilys mom let her hold Mary, and Mary smiled at her. Then her dad came to sit with them.

AVery good. So what was the theme of this chapter? Can anybody tell me? Maybe Rose?

AIt was family. She whispered, looking down. AThe chapter was about family.

AYes. You're right about that. He clapped his hands brusquely, then started passing out sheets of printer paper. ASo, were going to draw our families today. He started walking around the aisles, helping the kids who needed his help. Rose frowned at her page, her pencil poised to draw. She drew a stick figure man and a stick figure woman, and then erased it. She tried drawing her first foster parents, but quickly erased them too. She drew her current foster parents, and then erased them as well. Finally, she drew Bunny, and kept it.

AA bunny? Trevor sneered. He had been looking over her shoulder as she erased her three previous tries. AA bunny isn't family.

AHe is too! She retorted, angry tears in her eyes. ATake it back!

ANo! A bunny isn't family. Trevor taunted. AOr are you part rabbit?

AStop it!

AWhats wrong Rose? Mr. Daniels had come to her side and was peering over her shoulder.

"She says that a bunny is family!" Trevor said, his eyes glinting maliciously.

"Is that your pet bunny?" Mr. Daniels asked gently. She shook her head. "Is he… your stuffed animal?" She nodded. "Well, Rose, honey, a stuffed animal isn't really family."

"But he's the only one I have." She protested, her dark eyes wide.

"What about your parents?"

"I don't know them."

"What about your foster parents?"

"They're not my family." She said earnestly.

"Okay Rose. Your bunny will work, I suppose." Mr. Daniels walked away.

"Rabbit Girl." Trevor accused. 'Rose' glared at him.

"I don't like you." She announced.

At recess, 'Rose' went to the swing set and stayed there. She watched Trevor showing off his baseball cards, and brag about one that was really rare, Honus Wagner (supposedly the rarest of them all). When they were called in, he pushed past her. The little blonde stopped, smiling after him.

The next day, Trevor came into school, very disgruntled, because he had lost his baseball cards. That day at lunch, he bit into his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and his teeth encountered something that was neither peanut butter nor jelly. He pulled out one of his missing baseball cards.

Over the course of the week, he found the missing cards in strange places: in the toilet, in his food, stuck under his desk by chewing gum, in the mud of the playground, stuck to the ceiling over his bus seat. The only card he didn't find was his Honus Wagner baseball card.

'Rose' never said another word to him after that first day, but at times he caught her watching him with a satisfied smile on her face.


Author's Note: I like the idea for this story. It's significant because it shows Parker's first real escapade as a thief, and it also shows her dislike for telling people her name. Now, the way I'm planning this is that every chapter is a bit longer than the last, and I want the story to show how Parker became who she is now.