Summary: Sakurazaki Setsuna was someone who lost almost everything and has a cold, closed heart. Konoe Konoka was someone who had almost everything and has a bright, opened heart. What happens when the two meets? Please read and review! AU and OC warning!

Chapter 1: The Meeting

"Looks like we're in the same class again Konoka!" said Kagurazaka Asuna, patting Konoe Konoka's back.

"Yeah, too bad we had to change rooms though. I wonder who's my roommate?"

They looked at the board with all the list of students in each class and rooms.

"You're with Sakurazaki…Setsuna?!" Asuna said surprised and shocked.

"Eh?! Seriously?!" some girls looked at Konoka.

"Who's that?" Konoka looked at Asuna and everyone else, "I never heard of her."

"Come on! You know…the ace of the Kendo club." Asuna whispered.

"Asuna, you know that I don't know anyone unless they're in the same class as us." Konoka pouted, "And why're you whispering?"

"She…" Asuna's eyes widened, "Tha-That's her!"

Konoka looked at who Asuna was pointing at and saw a girl with raven hair tied to the left side of her head, walking towards them. She had a sad, distant look that everyone, but Konoka, ignored. She quickly looked at the class and which room she was in and left.

"Hey Asuna…" Konoka watched Setsuna leave.

"Yeah Konoka?" Asuna tried to calm down. To her and some other girls, just being near Setsuna made them feel like they were going to be killed.

"Why's Sakurazaki-san so sad?" Konoka looked at Asuna worriedly.

"What the hell are you talking about Konoka? Why would she feel sad in the first place?" Asuna stated to Konoka as if it was the obvious thing in the world.

Konoka's eyes widened, Setsuna couldn't feel sadness or was everyone so scared of being near her just assumed that? Whatever the case is, she had to find out on her own.

"I'm gonna go check out my room now. See you later or in class tomorrow!" Konoka ran in the direction that Setsuna went in.

'Here it is…' Konoka went into the room and saw Setsuna unpacking her stuff.

"Who's there?" Setsuna turned towards the door, hearing someone enter and saw Konoka, "Oh…"

"Um...I'm Konoe Konoka…you're roommate..." Konoka blushed slightly, "Nice to meet you Sakurazaki-san."

Setsuna turned away and finished unpacking.

"Oh sorry, did you need any help?" Konoka walked towards Setsuna.

Setsuna shook her head.

Konoka looked around the room and saw that her stuff was already laid out, "Did you…?"

"If you don't like it…go ahead and rearrange it."

Konoka shook her head and smiled, "No it's the way that I wanted it! Asuna never did something like that so I was surprised."

"Asuna…? Kagurazaka Asuna?" Setsuna raised a brow.

"You know her?"

Setsuna rolled her eyes, "We were in the same class before."

Now Konoka was interested, "Really?"

Setsuna finished unpacking and stood up, "You ask a lot of questions."

"You talk as much as I do." Konoka crossed her arms playfully.

Setsuna stayed quiet and left the room.

Konoka giggled to herself, "I'll take it that you're a shy person Sakurazaki-san."

"Konoka! You're still alive!" Asuna walked up to Konoka with her friend and her, now, roommate Yukihiro Ayaka next to her.

"I heard from Asuna that you're Sakurazaki-san's roommate now." Ayaka looked at her worriedly, "Did anything happen? Do you want to change your room?"

"No, no. Nothing happened." Konoka waved her hands, then she gave Asuna a stern look, "And Asuna, Sakurazaki-san is a nice person once you get to know her."

"Oh really? I was in her class before and nothing good comes outta her." Asuna crossed her arms, "Sure she has the top grades in the class but she should at least get along with the class or something. Still don't understand why some underclassmen girls are the only ones going near her."

"There's some people like that Asuna." Konoka frowned, "Besides, there's no way Sakurazaki-san would be that bad. Give her a chance."

Ayaka sighed and shook her head, "I was in her class last year and she's as bad as Asuna says she is."

"Not you too."

"Come on Sakurazaki-sempai!" a girl pleased Setsuna, walking with her, "Please! Just this once and I'll never ask you again!"

"There's someone better for that job. Can you please leave?" Setsuna tried to 'shoo' her underclassman away.

"See! That's what I mean!" Asuna pointed at Setsuna.

"Please! No one is better for this job! You're the only one!" the girl begged.

Setsuna scratched her head, "Alright fine! When and where?"

"Afterschool in the front. Thank you Sakurazaki-sempai!" the girl ran off.

"Hey Sakurazaki!" Tatsumiya Mana walked over to her, "Why did you lie to that girl?"

"I didn't lie." Setsuna crossed her arms, "Besides, I'm not on patrol today, you are."

"You are to be on stand by in case I can't handle it alone."

"That's why you have Nagase and Ku." Setsuna turned around and walked away.

"Do you believe me now Konoka?"

"Nope." Konoka went after Setsuna.

"If Konoka-san gets hurt Asuna…" Ayaka started but was interrupted by Asuna, "I know…I wouldn't forgive myself but…out of everyone it seems that Konoka's the only one that can do it and I don't want to leave her to those underclassmen."

"Why are you following me?" Setsuna turned to look at Konoka.

"To ask you want you wanted for dinner." Konoka smiled, "After all, you are my roommate."

"In case you haven't noticed, I don't eat much." Setsuna turned to leave.

"Are you serious? So you're never hungry?" Konoka walked up towards Setsuna.

"Why do you care anyways?" Konoka laughed playfully seeing a small blush on Setsuna's cheeks. "What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing. Just how cute you look when you blush." Setsuna blushed a little harder and walked away. 'Sakurazaki-san isn't that bad as Asuna and Ayaka said. Why would they think that of her?'

Konoka walked around for about 10 minutes and blushed as she saw a dashing man waiting outside the school. He has a long raven hair that was tied into a ponytail wearing sunglasses, black baggy jeans, black shirt, black shoes, and a black jacket.

"Sakurazaki-sempai!" the girl ran over to 'him'. "Sorry did you wait long? My friends should be coming soon."

'No way! That's Sakurazaki-san?!' Konoka blushed harder realizing that it was her roommate, 'But I just saw her about ten minutes ago!'

"Can we get this over with? All I have to do is watch you right?" Setsuna stuffed her hands in her pockets.

"Yes. It's been so dangerous lately and no one wants to help us. We'll treat you to dinner." the girl grinned

"Thanks but no thanks. I don't eat dinner."

"Nami! Did you wait long?" two more girls ran up to them.

"Yuki! Hikari! Not at all right Sakurazaki-sempai?" Nami looked at Setsuna and smiled.

Setsuna just crossed her arms and looked away, "Can we get this over with?"

"Sa…Sakurazaki-san?" Konoka called from behind. The foursome looked at her.

"Konoe-sempai! Good timing! Wanna come with us?" asked Yuki.

"E-Eh?" Before Konoka knew it, Hikari grabbed her hand, pushed her so that she was walking next to Setsuna, and began walking with them, 'What did I get myself into?!'

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Setsuna: What do you think you're doing?

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Setsuna: Oh sure. You're planning something again.

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