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Chapter 11: The Small Explanation and Scoop!

"The demon that made me kill my parents was in love with me…"

"W-What…?" Konoka looked at Setsuna, shocked, "H-How…?"

"It's simple… the way she acted around me, the way she looked at me…" Setsuna walked with Konoka until they reached a park bench and sat down.

"B-But if she was in love with you…wouldn't she want to keep your parents alive…?"

Setsuna sighed and shook her head, "There's more to the story but I won't tell you everything since you'll just find out later on."

"That's not fair~" Konoka pouted.

Setsuna gave her a distant look, "Life isn't fair. It just causes pain to everyone living it…"

"That's not true Set-chan." Konoka wrapped her arms around Setsuna's neck, "Life doesn't always cause pain to everyone necessarily… everyone once in awhile people love their life and they're happy for still being able to live."

Setsuna stayed quiet and wrapped her arms around Konoka's waist, pulling her closer, "But that's once in awhile…"

"To some people it's everyday~" Konoka giggled a bit, "Even though there's some people that can't find happiness when they need it, they'll find it in time."

"Like me…?" Setsuna looked at Konoka, "Will I be able to find happiness…?"

Konoka giggled, "Of course. There's happiness out there for everyone so you'll find it in time."

Setsuna leaned in and kissed her. Not expecting the kiss, though it wasn't unwelcomed, Konoka kissed back.

About 100 meters away, Kazumi and Haruna were watching them, taking pictures and writing notes.

"This will be the greatest scoop ever!" Kazumi said happily.

"We better hope that Sakurazaki doesn't find out about this though!" Haruna continued to draw her pictures of them.

"Speak for yourself. Your room is right next door to them isn't it?" Kazumi finished taking pictures and notes, "Isn't it more dangerous for you?"

"Hehe." Haruna's glasses shined, "Don't underestimate me. I have my ways~"

"Good luck. I'm going to re-write this a bit and submit it. By tomorrow it'll be all over the school!"

"It's better if you skip tomorrow then and come back again maybe next month." advised Haruna, "Who knows what'll happen…"

"To risk one's life is a reporter's job." Kazumi winked and left.

"Good luck!" Haruna gave her a thumbs up then went to continue her drawing.


Konoka fell asleep in Setsuna's arms, breathing softly as Setsuna was carrying her back to their room, having a feeling that they were being watched.

"Shikigami." Setsuna summoned her mini-self.

"You called master~?"

"Go check out the surrounding area. I have a feeling that we're not alone."

"Alrighty~" Mini-Setsuna flew around, checking to see if anyone suspicious was around them.

Setsuna watched her mini-self fly away and continued to walk back to their room.

"Set-chan…" Konoka moved slightly and wrapped her arms around Setsuna's neck.

"Are you awake Konoka?"

Konoka didn't say anything.

"Sleep talking?" Setsuna cracked a small smile.

About 10 minutes later, they reached their room. Setsuna gently laid Konoka on her bed and looked at the window, hearing a small knock.

"How was the situation?" Setsuna opened the window, letting her mini-self in.

"From what I saw~ I saw two suspicious looking people~ Both female at the approximate age of 14-16~" Mini-Setsuna saluted.

"Female…. 14-16…" Setsuna thought about it, "Anything else?"

"One is a red-headed girl with a camera and the other is a green haired girl with glasses and sketching something~"

"Asakura and Saotome!" Setsuna growled, "Go watch over them and see that they don't do anything stupid!"

"Y-Yes~!" Mini-setsuna quickly flew away, scared as to what might happen later on.

Setsuna sighed and sat on her bed, thinking what she's going to do about them.

Next day:


The quiet and fierce Sakurazaki Setsuna and the cheerful, popular Konoe Konoka are an item!

See pictures below for proof!

Almost all the girls were gossiping about it, "Sakurazaki-san and Konoe-san?"

"No way."

"It's probably fake."

"But look at all the photos."

Kazumi grinned, sitting in her seat, enjoying what people around her were saying.

"Asakura!" Haruna went over to her seat, "You're still alive."

"I told ya!" Kazumi winked, "After she and Konoka were an item, Sakurazaki turned out softer."

"What would you do if she wasn't?"

"I would be screwed. I like to thank my luck for this~"

"Your luck? Then thank it for you going to get seriously hurt."

Kazumi and Haruna paled and slowly turned around, seeing Setsuna standing over them.

"Sa-Sa-Sakurazaki!!" they backed away in fear.

Almost everyone in class were watching, scared as to what might happen.

"Why did you post something up that is a lie?" Setsuna growled at them.

"A-A l-lie…?" Haruna barely squeaked.

"H-How can that be a l-lie…?"

Setsuna slammed her hand on the desk, "You know what I mean and I demand that you throw away all those posters, newspapers, and anything else that you used to post this lie up!"

"E-Even though it's all over school…?"

"Yes! And tell everyone that read it that it's not true!"

"B-But it's true…" Haruna squeaked, backing up.

"I'm telling you that it's not!" Setsuna raised her fist into the air.

"Set-chan stop!!"

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"What's so bad about someone finding out about us?"

"You won't understand…"

"Then either make me or tell me more."

Setsuna pushed Konoka to the wall, "It's not easy to explain anything about me so just drop it."

"Not until I find out more." Konoka held Setsuna's arms, "Please… I want to help you…"

"I don't need help…"