"How's the leg Zack?" I asked Zack as he wheeled himself out the front door of my dorm. He was still in his wheelchair. After the accident, he was pretty messed up.

"Stings like hell, thanks for asking." he smiled.

Zack had broken both legs, an arm, lost tons of blood, fractured his skull, and broke too many ribs to count. Walking was far away.

ATL had been taking a break from tour considering they were traumatized and Zack couldn't even walk. But tonight was their first night preforming in months. Zack was extremely excited.

Just as we were loading up, Jack's BMW pulled into the driveway. Him and Alex had been gone all day.

"Hey." Jack said as he got out of his car.

"Hey, where have you been?" I asked.

"Alex needed some tampons, extra absorbent." he joked.

"Yeah, because I'm on high-flow at the moment. Watch out for my deadly PMS." Alex smiled.

"Seriously though, where were-" I said, but before I could finish, Jack was kissing me.

He pulled away and said, "Babe, don't worry about." he kissed me once more before running into my dorm. Alex winked as he followed Jack inside. I didn't really want to know what they were up to.

"Ignore them, they're idiots." laughed Rian.

"Yeah but we love them anyways." Kara said, clinging to Rian's arm.

I sighed. That's what Rian and Kara had been saying for weeks. Something wasn't right.

I shook off the thought and continued moving equipment. We were short on buff guys, considering Zack wasn't aloud to lift things for a while.

All Time Low was playing in that same cute little showroom again tonight. Just like their first concert I attended. The place brought back happy memories from last year. I was excited to see it again.

I was unloading stuff from the van when I saw Jack and Rian chatting in the distance. They both seemed way too serious to be part of the band ATL. Being serious was not something they did. I set down the amp I was lifting to peek over at them.

"What-cha looking at?" I jumped at Zack's calm voice behind me. I turned to him and set my hand on my waist.

"Nothing." I said sarcastically.

"Well then get to work!" he yelled jokingly. I laughed at him, but Jack and Rian were still in the back of my mind. I wondered what they could've been talking about. I sat down the amp and sighed a heavy sigh. I hated complications.

The concert began a little while later. I snuggled up with Kara in the back so we could talk. I had a few questions to ask, she acted like she knew what was going on earlier.

"What's up with all the guys? Am I missing something?" I asked.

"Oh nothing..." she trailed off.

"Kara, what did I say about keeping secrets from me? What is going on?" I said, shaking her arm.

"You'll find out." she said as she hopped off her seat and ran into the chaos that is backstage. She was gone before I could try to find her. That was utterly no help at all. Thanks Kara.

The music was loud, it hurt my ears. But I loved just about every song the guys had written. It wasn't just because I was Jack's girlfriend, I had liked ATL for a while. I would hum along to all the songs they played. I was just the ultimate fan/groupie/girlfriend.

I could hear the tune from one of my favorite acoustic songs beginning. Even though it was older, they were playing Jasey Rae. My heart sank, this was one of my favorites.

Out of nowhere was Jack, grabbing my hand and pulling my on stage. He ran up to the front and grabbed his Mic. Whatever he was doing, I was worried.

"Hold on! Hold on!" he said. The music stopped, the fan's cheering went down a couple notches, and they all faced Jack to listen.

Jack walked around the stage a bit before speaking. "Now, I'm sure most have you have met my awesome girlfriend Grace, right?" girlish screams echoed throughout the showroom.

"OK. So that means you know how honestly amazing, smart beautiful and drop-dead sexy she is, right?" Jack asked his fans. I blushed when he said I was sexy. The theater was a mix of cheers and 'awes'.

"And you know that I love her more than anything." he said meeting my gaze. He looked me in the eye, and smiled. Where was he going with this?

"So I'm going to ask for your guys' help now, OK?" he turned to the crowd and winked.

Jack suddenly got down on one knee.

"Grace Marie Eckridge."

I had seen more than enough romance movies to know where this would lead to. My heart stopped, and the tears were already about to explode out of me. The crowd's reaction was just as crazy as mine.

"I love you more than you can imagine, more than I love Alexander William Gaskarth." he smiled. I couldn't help but laugh, neither could the fans. From back stage I heard Alex yell, 'I love you too man!'.

"I will always love you, Grace. Will you marry me?" words seemed impossible at this point. This was the moment I had been waiting for my entire life. I loved Jack with every fiber of my being, and the answer to his question was obvious to me. Of course I would marry him.

But saying the mere word 'yes' was too hard.

My hand covered my mouth. I was crying uncontrollably, but I was also smiling. Before I let too much time get away, I nodded my answer. The crowd's cheers were loud, but soon faded to the back. All I could see was Jack.

He pulled out the engagement ring and slipped it on my finger before jumping up and pulling me into his arms. My tears of joy ran down his shirt as we just stood there. My mind was scrambled, thinking of all the good that had come out of the last year and a half.

Jack pulled me out of our embrace, only to hold his face close to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, not intending to let go. It was almost like we weren't two crazy people in love any more, we were one big insane person. I closed my eyes and just stood there, to let the fan's cheers buzz in my head.

I opened my eyes and started laughing at my corny ass. Jack looked up at me and laughed too, but with happiness that I hadn't seen in months. He was the same lively Jack I remembered from the 8th grade, the same Jack who risked his life to save me last summer, and the same Jack who built up the nerve to propose to me in front of hundred of his own fans.

I had never felt happier to be with him. And the thought of us being together forever was something that made even more joyful tears dribble down my cheeks.

I looked around me. Kara was sitting with Rian, crying of course. Alex was dancing, of course. And Zack was smiling happily. I was shaken with merriment as I was suddenly hugged by my new family. We were no where near the end, only the beginning.

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