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Lucarly: Yeah...So...This story takes place the night before the Zero Reverse Accident. It's almost...depressing. Also, I'm making up names for Yusei's parents; Kiyoshi for his father and Etsu for his mother. Should we ever find out what their names are in the series, I'll come back to this and change them.

Last Goodnight Kiss

Kiyoshi's POV

The room was dead silent as the dim moonlight poured in through the windows. I hastily put on my lab coat, preparing to leave for work. Such was routine, even in the middle of the night. Besides, as strange as it seems, I find that I work in the lab better in the late evening; perhaps because there seemed to be less chaos with the lack of other researchers there.

I combed through my messy hair with my fingers before grabbing the keys to the car in order to leave. However, just as I was about to slip out the door, I heard a voice call out to me from the darkness.


The voice was female, and rather soft spoken; meaning it could belong to no one other than my wife, Etsu. I slowly turned to face her, and saw through the shadows that she had our one year-old son, Yusei, pressed securely in to her chest.

Etsu and I met three years ago when the Momentum project first began. She was one of my colleagues, a very beautiful and intelligent one at that; so, it didn't take me long at all to fall in love with her. Within eight months, we were engaged. And from our quick marriage came Yusei, my first and only son.

"Is something wrong, Etsu-chan?" I asked as her figure was illuminated by the moonlight as she further approached me. Etsu remained silent, but her concerned blue eyes communicated that something was amiss.

"...Etsu-chan?" I inquired quietly, reaching out to touch her hand in an attempt to get her to open up. She shivered.

"...I don't think you should go to the lab right now. In fact, I don't think you or I should go to the lab at all today." said Etsu shakily after a moment. I cocked my eyebrow at her.

"I know that there's been a lot of tension lately with me wanting to stop the Momentum project, but-" I began before I was cut off.

"-This isn't about that. I have this horrible feeling that something will go wrong today. Something terrible. Maybe Momentum will spin out of control, like how you've been saying it will at the rate the power is increasing." explained Etsu, starting to look uncomfortable. I felt oblidged to believe her; I had too.

Etsu tended to have revelations of future. When my other colleagues, two brothers named Rudger and Rex, learned of this, they laughed it off. I, however, was intrigued. I asked her to give me a prediction; but she told me that she couldn't. She said had no control of when her visions came, but she assured me that she would tell me of her next one.

It was only a week later that she warned Rudger to be careful around the Momentum that particular day from a premonition she had. Rudger, of course, ignored her. But sure enough, he got a little too close to the Momentum power, and severely burned his hand.

After that instance, most of the M.I.D.S researchers started listening to her more closely. Those who didn't, ended up getting injured in some odd way.

But not everything she predicted was bad. Shortly after our wedding, She told Rex that he would assume great authority when he grew older. And only a few weeks after Yusei was born, she predicted he would marry a woman as lovely as a rose.

However, in recent months, her "good" visions came to halt, and she started making more serious predictions. She warned me a few weeks ago that It was vital that I maintained a good relationship with Rex, and that I should entrust the three Dragon cards to him.; which I did.

She also told Rex and Rudger needed to work to stay close as brothers, otherwise, the results could be disastrous. However, three weeks ago, Rex and Rudger started fighting a lot; mainly over whether the Momentum project should continue. Rex sided with me, saying that the research was becoming too dangerous to continue. Rudger grew furious and ceased to speak with both Rex and I. Nonetheless, I stepped down from being the head of the Momentum project, but continued to do research at the lab; mostly just to keep an eye on Rudger.

My throat felt dry and I considered what I should say to Etsu about the current situation.

"...Etsu-chan...I know you've been growing more uneasy about the atmosphere at the lab. And I believe in your premonition too, I really do. But you and I should still go to the lab. We can try to prevent your awful vision from coming true if we convince Rudger to shut off Momentum." I said, trying to ease her nerves.

I could tell Etsu was hesitant, but she slowly nodded. I smiled and brushed the dark chestnut-brown hair out her face, kissing her lips gently. I then moved down to kiss the sleeping Yusei on the forehead.

"...So I'll see you at the lab later then?" I asked encouragingly, pulling away after a moment. Etsu only nodded, bringing Yusei closer to her.

"Don't worry about him, Sagiri-san will keep him safe." I said, sensing that she was worried about Yusei. Etsu only nodded again. I sighed and turned away to leave, but before I did, I took one last glance at Etsu and Yusei. I smiled cordially and nodded to them, suppressing the odd feeling in my heart that it truly would be better to stay home than to try and stop the project.

Lucarly: So sad...Kiyoshi made the wrong choice; he should have listened to Etsu. And In case you're wondering, 'Sagiri-san' is not Mikage Sagiri, but rather, her mother. She'll play a bigger role in the sequel.

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