In only a few hours I have been reminded of just how many people enjoyed this story.
If there had been only one of you then that would have been enough for me. If I had made only one of you smile reading this then that would have been enough. But there is more than one and while that astounds me it also makes me hugely grateful. The support you all provide is astonishing and I apologise profusely for letting one bad moment make me forget that.

The stories will be staying. Not only because you want them to, but because I do as well. They are part of my journey and a good indicator of where I started and of how far I've come. I'm not the best writer, but I enjoy doing it and I want to improve. I am different now, but that doesn't mean I should forget my younger self.

There is so much more that I could say here but I dont want to sound like an old dog howling so, just know that I love you all and than I am thankful for all of you. Know that I adore your constructive criticism and appreciate how brave you must be to come forward like that without sounding vicious. Thank you for all staying by my side through it all, and for putting up with my shortcomings and helping me overcome them.

You are all one of a kind.