Final Chapter

'Good morning.' Aki said softly, stroking Yusei's cheek and smiling radiantly.

They had married yesterday, and like all newly weds, they had a rather... passionate night. A night wherein two seperate beings became one. He had rejected his several offers in America, not wanting to be away from her. He simply pursued his career in Neo Domino City. After all, duelists around the world would come to him, not the other way around.

'Good morning to you too.' he replied, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. He remembered last night's events, the moonlight covering both their bodies. No, they were one body that night, now and forevermore. He felt so many emotions that time... so did she. Was it the same, for someone who did it for money and pleasure? 'I feel lazy right now.'

'Let's talk, then.' she responded, gazing up at him and placing a hand on his chest. In turn, he let one arm let go of her, the other holding her head and gently pushing it closer to his neck.

'Ok. Let's talk about the future.'

'The future?'

'You're pregnant, after all.'

She looked at him questioningly. Last night was their first one spent together. She didn't even have morning sickness. He had nothing to base his statement on. But he was usually right, even with his guesses. She still found it intriguing, how he could say such a thing. What got into him? She would most definitely like to know. 'We don't know that yet.'

'Really? I do. You're pregnant.'

'What makes you say that?'

'I was once told.' he started, smiling and lifting her chin so that the two gazed into each other's eyes. 'That if you really love someone when you make love, it's a sure in to have a family. Last night, nothing existed except for you and I. I really love you, Aki. I'd do anything for you. We'll have children, I'm sure of it.'

'You really want to have a child with me?'

'The true question is; do you want to have my child?'

'Yes.' she replied, pressing her bare body against his. He was always so warm, so strong. It made her feel safe, secure. She ran her fingers lightly over his chest muscles, wondering how he could have gotten so buff. She knew he worked day in and day out on his D-Wheel, and she doubted there were gyms in Satellite. She couldn't imagine him using another man as a punching bag, either. Then again, he did have TV, so maybe he watched those body building programs? She laughed silently at the idea of Yusei watching a guy like Himuro doing poses on the beach. She used to ask herself if he was naturally tan, or if he sunbathed. She knew from last night that it was all in his genes. She wondered if all men were like him, or if he was just special. She chose the latter. 'Well, start talking.'

'Hmm. Ok. Enough family planning. It drives me insane.' he laughed. Actually, it did make him feel like he just entered the seventh circle of hell. But not in a bad way; a good way. Now he had to work a hell of a lot, and he was sure that he'd have his quarrels with his wife and maybe even their child. Well, actually, obviously. If the kid inherits Aki's bad temper. Which he found adorable.

'Ok. What was the first thing you noticed about me?' as she asked this, she rested her elbows on either side of his shoulders so that she was on top of him. She stared down at him with that expression of hers; that interested, curious, innocent expression.

'Your fragile state.' He was more than happy to answer her. In fact, he wanted to ask her the same thing. He stroked her cheek lovingly, letting those intense blue eyes burn into hers. His other hand caressed her spine, letting his thoughts wander for a bit. He knew from last night that she was soft, but not fat. She lacked any trace of flab whatsoever, yet she wasn't muscular or anything. It was his turn to wonder if she'd been working out, but that theory went down the drain. If she did, she would have a six pack to get this hourglass shape of hers. It also intrigued him how she was pale all over her body, the only color being her flushed cheeks. He wondered if all women were like her, or if she was just special. He chose the latter.

'Fragile state?' she repeated, her bangs falling over her face and flowing over her collarbone.

'When I first met you at the Daimon Area, you were so afraid of me. You ran away from me as soon as you saw my birthmark. And your whole form at the time, even up to now, is so fragile. Your hair was a mess and your mask hid so many secret. Your dress was wrinkled as well, worn and ragged. But you were still so elegant, not only to me. The men would say that they feared you, and perhaps they did. But there were some that stayed and looked at you in horror, but in fascination as well. Your clothing covered everything. That is, except your fingers. Even so, that small exposure of skin was enough to make any man stare at you with want. I honestly don't know why that's the case. You're like a porcelain doll, easily broken if not taken care of. Then the first thing I thought when I saw you was "Beautiful." I wanted you.'

He stopped for a moment. 'Then at the Fortune Cup, I saw your face, your body, when you passed by. You glared at me with hard eyes, but it was still so beautiful to just be able to look at you. And then you cried in front of me. The thought that I was the one who made you cry filled me with so much resent towards myself. I wanted to hold you, to tell you that it's alright. But then..' he shook his head. 'You were the first one to look at me. Me and only me. Not me and the mark of a criminal. And then I didn't just want you. I fell in love with you.'

She traced her fingertips on the hollow of his neck as if to show her gratitude. She continued to gaze at him longingly. He really was handsome, his skin so warm and tan, eyes a smoldering cobalt blue which were accentuated by his dark hair. He was well built, too. She used to feel so weak and miniscule compared to him, but he always made her feel special. He always made her feel beautiful, inside and out.

'What about you? What was the first thing you noticed about me?'

'Your kindness.' she stopped because of him holding her wrist, him bringing her hand near his lips so he could brush his lips over it. 'In the Daimon Area. You had a criminal's mark, but you were so different from all the men I've faced, even though I had only seen you for a brief moment. I knew, because there were children around you. Three, to boot; Rua, Ruka, Tenpei. Even an old man, Yanagi, was beside you. So many people were standing in order to follow you. No one would follow a cruel leader. And so I just knew. And then the Fortune Cup happened. I forced myself to hate you, but it didn't work. You made me cry because you never gave up on me. I hurt you on purpose. You were trying to make me think. You were trying to make me love. You were trying to bring me back to life. And it hurt. Because at that time, me being a "witch" meant I could never be with you. There was Divine, but he had tried to get me to stop thinking, to stop loving. He was trying to kill me. And you were the first one to look at me, and not see a witch. Divine himself had seen me as a witch and because of that, he wanted to use me. But you saw me for me.'

He placed a hand on her waist, the other caressing her face. She in turn rested her head on his chest, her arms around his neck. They stayed like that for a long time, nothing existing except for the other. The horrors and trials that have blocked their passion for one another were now merely walls that have been destroyed. There was nothing holding them back now.

'I love you.' they whispered in unison, a deep kiss to seal their love.

So happy, so content... So joyfully in love!


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