You've all heard the story of Gen 13, haven't you? If not, this tale will send you on a ride you couldn't imagine. Good luck finding us, THEY haven't.

Draco's Journal Entry, Day 1: Today was my first day at Darwin. It seems that only the best of the best get in, so why I am here, I don't have a clue. I was shipped out here after my parents died. All in all, the school seems to have everything all sorted out. We live in pods, small rooms with a couple of bedrooms off to the sides. My roommate is a genius by the name of Nostromo. He seems a bit weird.

Day 2: We got our schedules today, the whole pod has the same schedule. We are one of the smaller pods, only 6 of us. Myself, Nostromo, Catherine (Kitty), Emily (Fashion model, I think), Twig (Obsessed with plants), and Jake (Emo?). As different as we all are, we found common ground when we went to science. We all enjoy computer sciences.

The food isn't the best, but when has school food ever been good.


Day 10: It's been over a week since I got here, and I've started to like it here, the pig slop they serve at lunch even tastes good now.


Day 21: Students have started to change lately. One of them, Fairchild, grew almost a foot already, and I've put on about half that, along with some strange growths on my back. The doctor says that it's perfectly normal, but I don't believe him. Also, Nostromo has started vanishing at random intervals, like nobody can find him, until he moves. It's creepy.


Day 45: my wings have grown out, they span almost 18 feet from tip to tip. I think I'll try them out next time we go outside. My eyesight has also improved, into the infrared spectrum, as well as the UV spectrum. Me and Jake used up most of our saved allowances to purchase a beautiful Hummer H1, and Kitty pitched in some money for a snorkel, so now we can go offroading in the backwoods behind the surface garage.

End Journal Flashbacks

I got up, ready to face the day, but I wasn't in my room, I was in a dark room, more than 20 feet in diameter, and pitch black. The walls are the same temperature as my body, and have no visible wires running through them. I was completely blind, and trapped.

Every so often they put food through a slot, I know they're smiling on the other side, I can hear it in their voice. After an indeterminable period of time, during one of my sleep cycles, Nostromo joined me in the room, I only know he's here because he leaves cold footprints on the floor. In addition, Jake was thrown in recently, and has been particularly aggravating, vanishing completely into the darkness and talking to things that I know aren't there, because I can't see anything but the three of us.

I can hear the door opening, and the others are silent, and entirely invisible.

Lynch's View

These kids, how do they get themselves into these situations. I don't understand it. This room supposably holds pod 3, at least the guys, so I have three jumpsuits for them.

3rd person view

Draco burst out of the pod, launching himself into Lynch, forcing him to drop the jumpsuits, and slamming him into the wall. Draco was flung off, into the wall, and Lynch exited to go help the next pod. The guys all grabbed their jumpsuits and pulled them on, Draco tying his at the waist, leaving his wings free. Draco looked around the room, and joined the crowd of people, Jake hung back, joining up with a few other emo people in a corner, and Nostromo headed off to find the girls.

Draco POV

I heard our rescuer telling some of the people that all our stuff on the upper levels is gone, he might have accidently poisoned the area. I know that that poison he mentioned is deadly, but Nostromo doesn't breath, or exist really unless he wants to. And I know he's going to want his laptop back before he leaves. Now the guy is saying that there is a guard locker room around the corner, probably ought to go check it out.

I walked around the corner, half expecting a dead body, or something, but it was completely normal. I grabbed an extra jacket for Nostromo because I knew he would need it.

3rd Person POV

Nostromo walked up to the door and pressed his hand through it, entering the staircase silently and invisibly thinking to himself 'I am going to be in such deep trouble when I get back' He travelled up past dead bodies that made him jump until he came to his own room and grabbed his computer. He phased the laptop into his flesh and sprinted back to the basement where he met up with Draco, Kitty, Jake, and Emily. A few seconds later Twig pushed her way into the group.


Lynch handed Draco a duffel bag full of money and told him to go somewhere else, nowhere that any of them had been before, and he warned them about using their powers in public. Draco grinned and pulled his coveralls back up over his bare shoulders. Strangely the cold wasn't affecting him.

Draco pulled out his keys and walked over to where he had parked his hummer, grinning as he prepared to depart from the facility. He cranked the engine up and when everyone was in and safely secured the hummer lunged off the trail, bouncing across the backwoods, to come out somewhere unexpected. They bounced along for a half hour before crossing the edge of a road, and taking it out of the forest. Draco smirked inwardly, because they had just escaped from the most secure place he knew of, without any effort. Then they ran into the fence. The hummer hit the fence at 50 miles an hour, tearing clean through it and continuing along it's path in a more or less straight line as its occupants twitched and shook off the electrical surge. When they regained control of the vehicle, it was almost to the highway, so Draco drove on.