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Vodka and Nicotine

Chapter One

Serendipity: noun - Good luck coming from making an unintended and fortunate discovery.

It was four AM and the rain would not stop falling, the sky above was dark and angry, black clouds swept swiftly across the night sky constantly blocking the moon from sight. Thunder roared in the distance voicing its anger at downtown Chicago, brief flashes lit the sky as lightning completed the storm. The streets around me were deserted as I stumbled aimlessly looking for a cab. My eyes were blurred from tears and drunkenness but I didn't care, I didn't care about anything, not anymore.

I shivered as the large drops of precipitation saturated my body not only soaking through my clothes but also sinking into my skin. Wrapping my arms around my waist I rubbed my sides frantically, trying to draw whatever heat I could from the friction but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't warm my shivering body.

I was distraught. Silent sobs shook my body as my tears began to mingle with the cold rainwater pouring down my cheeks. I was beginning to regret my choice of clothing. If I had known I would be stuck walking the streets of Chicago in the pouring rain at four AM I'm sure I would have chosen a little differently. I was dressed in only a thin white tank top and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans teamed with my white chuck's.

I swore loudly as I stepped directly into a huge puddle, my foot was engulfed in ice-cold water totally soaking my shoe and sock. Just great. This was exactly what I needed right now. I angrily wiped the damp off of my face, slapping my sodden hair back into place. There were no cars to be seen, no taxis, no people. I had left my cell phone at the club and no matter how much I hated to not turn back and get it I just couldn't face seeing Jacob again. Fuck it, like I needed a phone.

I stopped in a doorway pulling out my packet of Marlboro from my back pocket; I fished my silver Zippo from my front pocket bringing the flame up to my mouth to light the cigarette. I took a long, deep drag of my favourite addiction revelling in the felling of serenity it brought me. I exhaled slowly, letting my eyes flutter closed finally beginning to allow myself to calm ever so slightly. Tonight had been a total train wreck I felt exhausted not just physically but emotionally as well.

I was half way through my nicotine fix when I felt a tap on my shoulder; I looked up to see the most attractive boy I had ever laid eyes on. He was tall and slim, not anorexic 'oh my gosh eat something' slim but lean and muscular, I could see the outline of his perfectly formed abs through his shirt. His hair was bronze in colour, it stuck up all over the place giving him a dishevelled look but it was absolutely lush. His eyes were a piercing green set against milky white flesh. I felt my heart race and my body grow hot. I must have been staring at him like a complete idiot, my mouth slightly agape. He flashed me a cheeky grin, clearing his throat before he spoke.

"Can I bum a smoke?" He asked, his voice made me shiver; it was smooth as velvet and sexy as hell.

"Uh, sure." I held out the carton for him to take one, he did, popping it seductively between his lips before lighting it.

"Thanks." He said, before taking a slow drag with those beautiful lips.

I bit my lip, suppressing the urge to throw myself at him. We were standing close to one another in the small doorway, the smoke from our cigarettes snaking its way around us making everything except him hazy. I took another drag, leaning awkwardly on the cold wall behind me.

"I'm Edward." He introduced after a few moments of silence, he held his hand out for me to shake, his cigarette dangling from his mouth.

"Bella." I replied, reaching out to take his outstretched hand.

It was warm and I wondered why he wasn't drenched to the core, did he come from within the building or from the street? I hadn't noticed. I liked the feel of his soft skin on mine and held on just a second too long. He took his hand back, drawing in another lungful of the hot smoke, a smug grin plastered on his perfect face.

"What are you doing out here all alone, Bella?" My name rolled off his tongue and I felt myself grow wet, but not from the rain.

"Uh…" I choked on my words feeling completely idiotic. "I could ask you the same thing." I retorted, like fuck I was going to share my pathetic sob story with this god of a man.

He chuckled, running a hand through the mess of bronze atop his head. If I hadn't been creaming over him before I totally was now. How was it possible for one person to ooze so much sex? God, Bella, get a grip! He leaned toward me, just an inch or so but it made my heart race regardless. I could now feel his warm breath on my face, see the tiny flecks in his emerald eyes.

"I live here." He pointed to the door we were standing in front off.

"Oh." Was all I could manage and I inwardly cringed at how retarded I was acting.

I hadn't even noticed we were standing in front of a large apartment building; of course he had come from within the building. He was completely dry whereas I was still dripping from my time in the rain.

"So, you never answered my question…" Again, he leaned just a fraction closer and I found myself inclining ever so slightly towards him.

"Well it's a long story." It wasn't really; I could probably sum up tonight's events in five words but as I already said. Like fuck I was telling him.

He just shrugged finishing his cigarette before tossing the butt into the street. He turned to go back inside and disappointment washed over me, I needed to do something, think Bella!

"Hey…" I started slowly, he turned back to face me. "I sort of lost my phone; I don't suppose you could call me a cab?"

"Sure." He nodded, producing a cell phone from his pant pocket.

He dialled a number and I heard it ring four times before someone picked up.

"Yellow Cab." I heard a woman say.

"Hi, I need a cab please." He told the woman the address then looked at me.

"Where are you going?" He mouthed.

"Wicker Park."

He relayed this information to the operator then snapped his cell shut.

"It'll be five or ten minutes." He told me, leaning on the wall lazily.

He was so close now, his soft cotton shirt was brushing against my bare arm, I took a deep breath staring straight ahead. Oh how much I wanted to grab his face and kiss those supple lips. A shiver ran through my body, not entirely from the cold.

"Would you like a jacket or something?" His eyes held a hint of amusement but also concern; he reached his hand out placing it on my naked arm. "Jesus you're freezing!"

"I'm fine." I wasn't but his hand on my arm was tricking me into thinking the statement true.

I felt heat pool between my legs as he stared at me all wide-eyed and irresistible. He was standing so close to me now, his hand still on my cold, damp arm.

"Here." He whispered, placing his free hand on my other arm, rubbing them gently with his hands.

The sensation was mind blowing as his hands slowly brought the heat back to my arms. My heart was beating so loudly now I was sure he could hear it. He looked down at me a wonderful lop sided smile on his pink lips. He opened his mouth to speak and a cascade of deliciously sweet air rushed into my face, god this beautiful stranger was making me horny by simply breathing.


"Much, thank you." I replied, surprised to hear how coherent I sounded.

I felt drunk, high, intoxicated by his very presence. Jesus what was wrong with me? It had been less than an hour since I had caught Jacob with that blonde bimbo and here I was making sex eyes at a complete stranger. He could be an axe-wielding maniac for all I knew.

I stared intently into his eyes; my lips parted just a fraction of an inch. My mind was an incomprehensible haze of thoughts. My body was leaning subtly towards him, I was increasingly aware of his warm touch. If I just leaned forward a few more inches, our lips would be touching… I wonder what it would feel like to have him kiss me. Would his lips be better than Jake's warm ones?

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a horn being honked. Both Edward and I turned our attention to the yellow cab, which had just pulled up.

"Uh, thanks again. I really appreciate your help." I smiled, reluctantly pulling away from his soft touch to make my way over to the cab.

He followed, opening the cab door for me. I was about to get in when he leaned towards me, his body touching mine.

"It was a pleasure," He whispered into my ear, his warm breath tickling my ear. "By the way, you look so damn fine in that sexy little bra." He pulled back, the cockiest grin plastered on his face.

I felt my face grow red from the sheer embarrassment of the situation; I remembered that I was wearing a black bra, with a white shirt, which was completely saturated with rainwater. Great, that's just real smooth, Bella. I thought about coming up with some kick ass comeback but my mind was completely blank so instead I slid into the cab, pulling the door shut behind me. He gave me a small wave as the cab sped off, I watched his perfect form saunter back towards the doorway before we rounded a corner and I could look no more. Shit. I would be thinking about that cocky bastard all night.

It didn't take long to get to my apartment, I handed the driver the fare before making my way upstairs. It was utterly silent inside, all the lights were off. Of course, my mom would be sleeping; it was almost five in the morning. I stumbled into my room, pulling my shoes and socks off as I went. Fuck, I was cold! I was just about to pull my jeans off when I caught my reflection in the mirror. Holy mother of god I looked like crap. My hair was a tangled mess of chestnut, my mascara and eyeliner was smeared and running, giving me panda eyes and of course my shirt was completely see-through. Perfect.

I peeled my shirt off followed by my bra, pants and underwear until I was standing completely naked in front of the mirror. I stared at myself, my creamy flesh, my pert pink nipples, the flatness of my stomach… I wondered what it would feel like to have Edward's hand's touch me right now, to have his lip's exploring my body hungrily… I tore my eyes away, finding something to sleep in before diving into my bed. Oh sweet Jesus how I had missed my bed! I was suddenly extremely exhausted, the nights events had left me feeling completely, totally and utterly spent.

I remembered my phone, groaning to myself. How could I have left it in some stupid club while running away from Jacob fucking Black? How stupid was I? I would have fun explaining that one to my mom, not that she would care anyway. She never paid me much attention, always too busy with some guy half her age.

I turned over, closing my eyes trying to block out the stabbing pain in my chest when I thought about the look on Jake's face when I had caught them together. He didn't look the slightest bit remorseful. There was no regret in his eyes, only the pleasure he was feeling while she blew him. Fucking slut.

Jacob and I had been together for three years, I thought I knew him. Thought I could trust him. We had practically grown up together his dad and mine were good friends and so we were thrown together. I was ten when we first kissed. It had been a stupid dare and as soon as it was done I forgot about it, Jake however did not. It wasn't until we were fourteen that anything else happened. We were at a party and it was the first time I had ever been drunk. It just seemed right at the time; we kissed all night and emerged as boyfriend and girlfriend that morning.

At first things had been great, simple. He used to be this sweet loving guy, he'd buy me cute things, leave me little notes. We would spend hours just talking, I knew him better than I knew myself. Then there was sex. The first time had been awful. I had only just turned fifteen and wasn't ready in many ways but we both wanted it and so our relationship changed. Things were good for a while but slowly I started losing the boy I'd fallen for. And eventually our physical relationship was all we had. Lately it seemed everything was about sex with him. I'd go over to hang out and he'd practically jump me as soon as I walked through his door. Maybe tonight had been a blessing in disguise. Our relationship had been over for a long time, I guess I just didn't want to admit it.

I tossed over again; I felt the sting of tears as realisation dawned on me. Jacob and I were over. As much of a bastard he was being lately, he was still my Jacob, the boy I had given my heart to all these years ago. The boy I had called my best friend for so long. I had tried endlessly to make us work. I put up with so much bullshit from him, tried desperately to make him happy but I guess we just weren't the same people as we used to be. Our hearts had drifted apart and as much as I was hurting right now, I also felt relieved. I was free. Free to be the person I wanted to be, to finally concentrate on me. The thought was slightly daunting yet completely exhilarating.

It was starting to lighten outside now, early morning rays drifting through my window casting a golden glow around the room. I yawned furiously, my mind beginning to grow numb, thoughts starting to filter away. A pair of brilliant green eyes floated before me for a moment before they were gone… but this was not to be the last time I thought about the boy in the doorway, my beautiful stranger.


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