Hellboy woke from a deep sleep like he always does, at , on a week day morning. After washing himself in the small washbasin in his small bathroom, in his small apartment, he went to his small wardrobe and pulled out the same clothes he had been wearing for what seemed like decades.

Except this morning was different for Hell Boy. He had received a closed envelope through the gap under his hall door. He opened the door to see who had left it there, but after looking up and down the corridor, the musty smell of old people got to him and immediately closed it.

Mumbling to himself about how somebody should do something about the smell, he picked up the envelope from the faded looking wooden floor and read the letter that was enclosed.

"Dear Mr. Hellboy,

If you wish of an adventure where you do nothing but destroy all that's in your path, for the reason of releasing all your anger, report to the address below at exactly at 8.30 am. Be warned that you will encounter identities never before seen by the likes of you. If you return satisfied, and it was found that your mission was a success, a reward of a certain sum of cash will be rewarded, not only for your heroic acts, but for destroying an enemy like no-one has ever dared lay eyes on before. Good luck, and don't be late.

Signed: Mr. Anonymous."

"Humph. Better get to it then." he said, throwing his sword in its scabbard over his shoulder.

The address given to Hellboy was that of a run-down factory a few blocks down from where his apartment was. It was eight-twenty am as he entered the factory.

"Hello?" he called into the dark factory. "Anybody here?"

There was silence as the dark room remained as still as it was before he had spoke.

"I'm Here." a robot computed emerging from the darkness. "You Are Alone I See. Another Called SpaceBoy Was To Be Here Also. It Looks Like He Won't Be Coming, Other Wise He Would Be Here Already."

"Okay…" Hellboy said, not sure what to make of the little robot. It was small and hovered, as it had no legs. It had two big round eyes which followed every movement, and had a small and round chest, with a question mark symbol embedded into it. "Shall We Begin? Follow Me Please." said the robot, returning into the darkness of the cold and damp factory.

Hellboy followed with little hesitation. He didn't know what he was going up against, but he knew he couldn't chicken out now. He never refused a good butt-kicking.

Arriving at a door, yellow, with question marks like the one on the robot painted all over it.

"What's In Here Will All Depend on The Mind Of The Opponent You Are About To Face. I Shall Follow Close behind In Case Of Emergency. Are You Ready?" the robot asked.

"Let's go then." he replied in a firm voice, turning the door's handle and walking into his adventure.

Without warning, Hellboy was whisked of his feet along with the robot, and shot up into the sky. Their surroundings went from black to the colours of the rainbow as his stomach felt like it had remained back in the factory. What felt like an our later, Hellboy and the robot began their decent, back to the ground.

"What the hell just happened?!?" Hellboy asked clutching his stomach as if he was about to heave.

"I Believe The Journey We Just Travelled Was A Inter-dimensional Warp To An Astral Plane. But I Don't Believe It's The Year 2008." the robot explained.

"What? What year is it?!?" Hellboy barked.

"2999, I Believe, Sir."

2999, the year where everyone lives in this astral plane because the Earth was seemingly destroyed 900 years ago in this timeline.


"Where's my cash, ROBOT!?!?!" said a voice throwing a cybernetic boulder at the robot, missing it by an inch.

"Well. Well I Can't Pay You. I Haven't Got Enough Yet."

"I'll shred you like paper, robot!" the stranger said, charging at the robot. "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Hellboy yelled, jumping in front of the robot.

The stranger skidded to a halt, inspecting the person in front of him.

"You're Hellboy? I'm Mr. Unknown. The person who sent you here. Unfortunately, the stupid little robot who accompanied you here didn't bring the money I was going to give you." Mr. Unknown explained.

"You were going to pay me just for coming here?" Hellboy asked. "Alright then. You don't have the money, I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you for that!"

Mr. Unknown braced himself as he took a step backwards from Hellboy. "Do your worst."

Without further ado, Hellboy crashed his over-sized hand of stone into Mr. Unknown. After doing this five to ten times, Hellboy stopped seeing as he wasn't doing any damage to his opponent.

"Why won't you $^*£^% budge?!?!" Hellboy exclaimed in anger.

Mr. Unknown smirked, brushing of his shoulders gently with his bony fingers.

Mr. Unknown consisted of a skeleton, who wore a leather jacket and trousers. We know he is a skeleton because his head is a skull and wears no gloves on his hands to hide his hands which are those of a skeleton's.

"That's because I'm not like you Hellboy. This, is the year 2999. A lot of things have changed in 991 years." he said, raising his giant sword, slashing it across Hellboy's chest.

Hellboy yelled in pain, clutching his now pumping blood chest, as he fell to the cybernetic ground.

"As I said, Hellboy. I'm not like you."

To Be Continued