Sonic High school

Okay before I begin this story this takes place before any of my past stories so this is like a beginning on how it all started enjoy…I hope

Sonic and his gang were getting ready for the first day of school, with his friends Axel, Tails & Knuckles they enter their Station Square High School toward another year of school, as they got their schedules they take a glace at it

"What do you got Ax?" Sonic asked

"Ah shit I got fucking Mr. Jenkins for English in the first what you got" Axel said

"Oh I got the same dog, T bone what you got" Sonic Said

"I got Miss Helen in the First and I got Miss Green in the Second" Tails said

"Lucky guy I got Miss James in the third for Math and I got Miss Spencer for History in the second, I guess we all got lunch after second" Sonic said

As they were talking they heard someone say

"Hey guys what's new?" they turned around to see their friend Heather standing before them "hey Heather what up?" Sonic said with his smirk just as they were talking Sonic heard something

"SONIC" Cried out Amy Rose, who was running toward Sonic as she hugged him behind, Sonic shook his head say "I knew this day couldn't be good" as Amy got off him she faced him and said "Sonic it good to see you again, you avoided me all summer long but now I hope that I'll be in the same classes as you" Amy happily said "oh god no" Sonic said to himself.

Suddenly the bell rang and it was time for period 1 luckily Both Sonic & Axel had the same schedules, they had Mr. Jenkins for English, they sat behind the class but unfortunately for Sonic however Amy was in that same class and happened to see Sonic

"YAY I'M IN THE SAME CLASS AS MY SONIKKU" Sonic put his head down in embarrassment, since Axel was sitting next to Sonic Amy happens to sit in front of them. Just then the teacher then gets everyone's attention

"settle down class, okay for those who don't know me I am Mr. Jenkins I will be your home room teacher, now first off I would like to arrange you all in seating so wherever you are you will not be sitting where you are,

"Ah shit that suck" Sonic quietly said to Axel who nodded

"Alright first off Rouge Bat you be sitting here in the front"

"oh man" she said

"and sitting next to you will be Axel Rogan"

"Why the fuck should I?" Axel exclaimed

"Yes" Rouge said quietly and happily said to herself

"Tough break brother" Sonic said to him

"Ok uh Amy Rose"

"That Me" she said

"You'll be sitting behind them and sitting next to you will be"

"Please god don't be me" Sonic said

"Sonic Hedgehog!"



Amy couldn't be more happier right now she gets to sit next to her hero and crush Sonic stood up and walk slowly to the chair next to her, he moved to the edge away from Amy, at least Axel was behind him

Everyone got to their respective seats and class was underway Sonic put his chin on his desk and was listening to the teacher well more like daydreaming as well as Axel, Rouge & Amy were pretty much answering all the questions, finally the bell sounded that was the end of the class, Sonic & Axel was talking to each other

"Dude I need to get out of that class"

"Yeah man I know I hate when they make us sit where we don't want and not only that the teacher put all the guys and girls together, how fucking gay is that"

"Yeah I know, well let's get to the next class like I care, I can't wait for 4th, gym and some hockey" Axel said

"Haha I know I can't wait for that"

Sonic & Axel made their way to period 2 history where they teacher is Miss Spencer

Now Sonic & Axel like Miss Spencer a lot and she like both of them as well

"Okay class now my name is Miss. Spencer and this is my History class" said the history teacher.

It went okay for the two friends as they didn't need to be split up, after class they saw their friend Blaze coming towards them

"hey guys guess what there going to be a dance this Friday" She happily said

"So?" Sonic said

"So are you excited?" Asked Blaze

Sonic & Axel taught about this for a second and then Sonic said

"wait yeah I am excited, if there's a dance on Friday then that mean the street hockey rink will be empty that day we can finally challenge Dean and his crew" Sonic said

"yeah I didn't think of that" Axel Said, Blaze look a little disappointed

"you mean you don't care about the dance"

"Blaze there are three things you should know, 1, I don't like dances, 2, I don't like to dress up for dances and 3 who the heck can I go with there's no chance in hell I'm going with Amy forget it, what about you?" Sonic asked

"well I wanted to go with Silver but I don't think he'll be able to go, I guess I'll go alone" Blaze sadly said

"then how bout Shadow I know he can't find anyone so why don't you ask him I'm pretty sure he'll say yes" Sonic said,

"well it's worth a try thanks Sonic" Blaze Said as she walked away.

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