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The countryside passed at breakneck speed and Vince began to feel dizzy as he the white lines down the middle of the road blurred and melted together. He listened to the engine roaring behind him and sighed heavily. He still didn't understand how this had happened. How had it all turned out so horribly wrong?

"Shut it kid." Hitcher scowled.

"I didn't say anything." protested Vince."Yeah, but I can hear you sighing. I don't want to have to remember you're here."

Vince scowled at the back of Hitcher's head but soon went back to sullenly watching the road markings whizzing past.

"Where's Howard?" he asked eventually.

It was a good question. A very good question. A very good question that neither Hitcher, nor Bollo could answer. So they just stayed silent.

"Did something go wrong?" Vince continued, "Did someone call the police?"

"Yeah, something went wrong." Hitcher seethed, turning to glare at Vince. "The police were meant for you. You were supposed to be on the roof when the police arrived. Not Howard. "


"You were meant to be the fall guy, kid."

"Did Howard know that?" Vince asked, his fingers twitching over his knife as they always did when he was angry.

"Of course he fucking knew. He brought you along, didn't he? He wouldn't have otherwise. And something went wrong and nowwe're lumbered with a little shit like you and Howard is being hauled away by the scum. Argh! How the fuck did this even happen?" Hitcher shouted as he ran his hand through his hair before slamming his head onto wheel steering wheel, causing the horn to bleed loudly into the open country air.

"Bu-but… D'you mean he's been arrested?" Vince couldn't come to terms with it. Howard was going to leave him to the police and then… what?

"Of course he has. And they're gonna pin so much shit on him he ain't gonna be out for a very long time."

"Reckon you might have hit puberty by then." growled Bollo.

"Fuck you!"

The ape-like man, turned and smashed Vince across the head with his giant hairy knuckles causing the kid to whimper lightly.

Just then, Hitcher's phone rang. He ripped it out of his pocket and held it to his ear.

"Moon?" Everyone in the car perked up to listen to Hitcher's half of the conversation.

"yeah." came the voice down the crackly line.

"Why the fuck did you do that? You said you didn't have a problem with leaving him as a fall guy. That's a pretty shit time to discover a fucking conscience."

"Is he there?" Howard asked simply.

Hitcher's head turned to look at the kid, so no one in the car could be under any illusions as to who the conversation had turned to. "Yeah, he's here."

"Good. You have to look after him."


"You owe me. You remember that time in Rio. I saved your fucking life."

"You're bringing up Rio now. You're not serious."

"Tony" Howard said, using Hitcher's real name to prove just how serious he was. "I'm telling you to look out for him and if I find out that you don't or that something bad happens to him, I'm going to hunt you down up and peel you like cheese-string. Got it?"

Vince watched Hitcher swallow thickly before saying; "Yeah."

"Good. Now, I wanna speak to him."

Hitcher held the phone out to the kid in silence. Vince looked at it numbly.

"Take it you fucking retarded moron." growled Hitched under his breath, eyeing the phone nervously as thought worried Howard might of heard his muttered assault. Vince took the mobile mutedly and brought it to his ear.

"Howard?" he whispered a little tearfully.

"I love you."

Dial tone.


"Time's up Moon." grinned the smug policeman, dangling the phone's cord, which he'd just ripped from the wall, in front of Howard's face. "Hope you got to say everything you needed to."

"Just about." Howard said through gritted teeth as he felt the cold metal of the cuffs pinching at his wrists again. The policeman sneered and dragged him roughly towards the cells.


"What did he say?" Hitcher asked when Vince shut the phone and handed it back in stunned silence.

"Umm… nothing." Vince said distantly, as a million and one questions raced through his head. Had Howard just told him he loved him? Had it been a mistake? When would he see him again? But the only question he voiced was; "So, what happens now?"

"You live at mine until you get yourself sorted. I've got a spare room but I swear to God if I so much as hear you breathe, I'll pop a cap in your skull before you can say 'please don't kill me, I've got so much to give'."

Vince's eyes widened to unimaginable proportions and he gulped nervously but Bollo just winked at him and later, when Hitcher was paying for petrol, he whispered;

"You'll be alright. He ain't gonna lay a finger on you."

"That's not what it sounds like."

"Yeah, but he's all talk. Anyway, I reckon Moon's made him promise not to hurt you coz he ain't taking you in out of the kindness of his heart. I don't know what you did kid but Moon must really fucking like you to do all this for you."

Vince just sniffed and wiped his cheeks, as a few stray tears started to roll down them.

"I don't think I'm cut out for this." he whispered, "It's all too cutthroat."

"Well, it doesn't suit everybody. If I were you, I'd go straight. Move on. I think Howard would prefer that."

Vince smirked. He may think about moving on in terms of career but, as far as Howard was concerned, he'd wait forever.

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