AU: This is my first fan fiction so help me.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything./ These wonderful characters Belong to Stephanie Meyers

Edward's POV

(I really hated letting them spy on Bella but, I wasn't going to leave. They would do more than just see what she said in her sleep if I did.)

Jasper: Hey Bella. It's Jazz.

Bella: Jasper stop it!

Jasper: What?!

Bella: Stop fighting with Ulessus S. Grant.

Jasper: Never!

Emmett: Hey Bell. Punch another werewolf?

Bella: Emmett? Eddie, Emmett's being a meany.

Emmett: What?!

Bella: Ha ha Emmett Eddie ripped your head off.

Alice: Bella?

Bella: Alice stop making out with Em....

Jasper: What?!

( Alice and Emmett flew. Jasper chased them)

* When they got back*

Me: Guys she was asleep. Having a dream.

Jasper: About me fighting with General Grant. Emmett getting his head ripped off then kissing my Alice.

Me: If you would have let her finish she said " Emmett's teddy bear."