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And so it begins

It was dark out and Kagome was left alone at the camp site with the others. Again. She sighed and pulled her legs closer to her chest. She saw them together earlier, it still affected her. They had a talk the other day, she told him that she didn't care and that he didn't have to hide anymore. It hurt her that InuYasha would still go to Kikyou secretely. Kagome turned a stone over with her thumb and watched it roll to one side idly. InuYasha, you idiot... She just about had enough now, she thought as she got up brusquely, a frustrated tear rolling down her cheek. She needed some time alone to think. Properly. And with all the others there, Kagome couldn't quite do that. She picked up her bow and arrows, slung her quiver over her shoulder and started walking out of camp.

"Kagome?" Sango got up and looked at her friend with a worried look. She had a pretty good idea what was going through her mind at the moment and she wasn't very sure that it was a good idea to go out this late alone.

"It's okay Sango, I'll be fine. I just need some time alone." She lifted the leather clasp of her quiver that was around her shoulder to show she had a weapon with her. "I can take care of myself." She nodded once and offered her friend a small smile then turned back around and left.

Kagome walked fast through the woods, swipping at smaller branches with her bow and pulling aside bigger ones with her free hand. Some dead leaves had found their way into her hair but she didn't care much, her thoughts were concentrated elsewehere. Her foot caught on a huge tree root and she went stumbling to the ground, falling face first into the dirt unceremoniously. She growled some to herself and picked herself from the dead leaves then sat indian style, looking around curiously. Kagome was about to get up on her feet when she felt something wet fall onto her hand resting in her lap. Wha - She brought her hand up for closer inspection and felt another droplet of warm liquid on her other hand. Kagome brought her hand to her face and finally noticed that she was crying. Her cheeks were practically drenched in salty liquid. Kagome's pain finally hit her as more salty tears came forth.

"Why, InuYasha!?" She yelled to the heavens, her hands on each side of her, gripping the dead leaves surrounding her.

"What has he done this time, Miko?" Came the smooth baritone from behind her.

Instantly, Kagome was on her feet with her bow and arrow poised and ready to release. "Sesshoumaru." She said bitterly. "What do you want from me?" She asked and pulled some more on her string to emphasize his precarious position. He merely raised a silver eyebrow at the Miko.

"I was merely patroling the area to ensure safety for my ward." He turned around. "I see not why I should explain myself to a childish little girl such as yourself. Obviously, trying to converse with you was a mistake." He started to leave. Kagome blinked a few times before she relaxed her stance, knowing she was in no danger.

She saw his pristine white Moko-Moko-Sama starting to disapear around a tree and she was hit with the intense desire to talk to someone. Sesshoumaru seemed willing enough! She mused.

"H-Hey! Wait a second!" Kagome starting running after the demon Lord and caught up to him in another clearing. Boy is he fast! She though, a bit out of breath. Thank God I trained my Miko powers, I'd never have found him!

When Kagome came bursting into their current camp site, all eyes turned to her and stared like she had come from a different dimension. Even Ah-Un seemed a bit surprised at her impromptu entrance. Kagome fidgeted on the spot she came through, she had been so concentrated on Sesshoumaru's aura that she missed the other auras ahead. Well, at least I caught up to him. She thought. She looked at Sesshoumaru whom was looking at her from his sitting position under a willow tree. Kagome looked right back at him and wondered if she should just turn around and chose somewhere else to walk off her frustratiions and heartache. The thought of being alone gave Kagome goosebumps. She never was someone for lonely. She resolved to stay for a while. Just for a bit... When she looked back to where Sesshoumaru was sitting, he had his head bent and his eyes closed, as if asleep. She knew better, of course.

Kagome took a step toward him and his head snapped in her direction. She saw a threat in his eyes but decided to ignore it and came all the way to him to sit beside him. His eyes never left her. They seemed a bit hostile as to her intentions. Kagome bent her head and looked at the demon from the corner of her eyes, a small smile gracing her features.

"Don't worry" She said, turning her head fully and smiling more boradly. "I'm not going to hurt you." She finished with a small wink. Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes a fraction at her incredulous suggestion and huffed. It was bearly audible, but Kagome heard it. That did it, she couldn't stop the giggles that spilled forth from her. Sesshoumaru looked particularly miffed.

"Pray tell, what is so amusing, Miko?"

Kagome looked at him and blinked once, then she smiled a genuine smile. "I like you." She said simply then she spotted the little ward, Rin. "Kawaii!" She breathed and made her way to the curious little girl.

All the while, Sesshoumaru stared at the Miko, his eyes wide and his brain in overdrive. What is wrong with that human? He thought. Sesshoumaru looked on as his little ward was learning some type of game with her hands from Kagome. The girls both giggled when Jaken tried to imitate their hand game, but failed miserably.

"It's all about the beat, master Jaken! Look!" Exclaimed the little Rin enthusiastically. The poor toad looked lost and soon abandoned the game and went to sleep under a tree.

"Rin." Sesshoumaru called simply. "Sleep." The little girl simply nodded once and went to sleep under Ah-Un's belly instantly. Kagome followed Rin and tucked her to sleep, using a small blanket that was provided for her. She stayed and watched as she slept for a while, making sure she was sleeping soundly, before she picked up her scattered weaponry and made to leave camp. "Sleep." The order was issued once again, seemingly from nowhere. Kagome stopped in her steps and turned her head to watch as Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and lifted his head to watch her.

"What?" She asked in a whisper. Sesshoumaru stood and showed her where Rin was asleep with his hand. "Sleep. Stay here for tonight, it is far too late for you to be traveling. I shall escort you back to camp tomorrow morning." He stated simply before turning and leaving for the forest. Kagome took some steps towards him before inquiring.

"But, why? I thought you hated me." She said slowly, stopping when she saw that he stopped walking. He turned his head and peered over his shoulder at the small human. Yes, why indeed. He frowned to himself.

"Because I have decided for it to be so." With that, he looked forward again and started walking, Kagome's feet pulling her body in his direction in the same time.

"What about you?" She asked soflty.

He didn't stop walking this time and left her standing as she was. He let Kagome think he wouldn't answer and just as he was out of sight, he whispered lowly.

"Sleep, I shall protect you."