Okay so, sorry to all you faithful readers. I've hit a jam. Just this morning, I was looking through my documents and decided to click on the one that says "And so it begins01". There was only like one paragraph written. (It ended where Kagome is walking briskly through the forest to find solace.) So, struck by an incredible need to write and completely inspired by the small part I saw written; I wrote. And by the Gods, it was spot on. Well, to me at least. So yeah, feeling completely fulfilled, inspired and looking to write more, I clicked on "Save". Imagine my surprise, as I'm saving the document with my latest adventure, to see not one, but three chapters with the same title. So "And so it begins01" turned, temporarily, into "And so it begins1". I read the other chapters and wanted to vomit.


I'm changing this story or maybe I'll take it down, I don't know yet. Please leave your suggestions in the review section. If I get enough encouragement, I might simply change it a bit so that we are all happy. Of course, I'm keeping the new version, which will be tweaked, but very similar to the original one. I'm sorry if this is confusing or annoying, but it's something I've got to do.

I've finally beaten my incredible writer's block and I've got tons and tons of new ideas. You guys will fall flat on your asses with what I've got.


Please be patient with me once more. I know I ask a lot of you guys, but again, it's necessary.