5am on a cold March Morning. Owen and Jack stood looking out over a rather boring ploughed field. Green spikes were beginning to show as the crop started its journey towards harvest.

"You sure this is the right field?" Said Owen,

"Yep, 3am this morning a private helicopter with two adults and a child on board reported an object flying straight towards them. Then the chopper disappeared from the radar screen at exactly this spot." said Jack

"We recorded rift activity?"

"Strangely no, and there are no energy readings either."

"OK lets walk it one more time, then I'm off to smell Ianto's coffee."

Jack and Owen arrived back at the Hub just in time for the first cup of Ianto's coffee.

Tosh listened to their tale of the helicopter and started running more detailed scans of the area. She was using a programme that monitored all radio and microwave signals. As well as processing all the information that had been gathered overnight, it was processing in real time. She was listening on her head phones for any anomalous sounds. She thought she heard a child 's voice and adjusted the volume and clarity.

"Jack! Listen!"

"Daddy, Daddy! wake up Daddy! The helicopter has landed and it's all dark!" The voice was a whispering cry drifting away to nothing.

"Tosh can you locate where that's coming from?"

Tosh began typing on her keyboard as she nodded, then shook her head. "Sorry Jack, it faded too quickly and the type of wave is not a familiar one to us – I've lost it"

"Damn – well do what you can to locate it, that child sounded so lost....."

The team split to various tasks on Jacks orders. Ianto researched the area looking for any rift like activity, myths, legends, disappearances. Gwen researched the people in the helicopter, checking what the family had been told about the disappearance. Owen researched their medical records, checking for medical problems that might account for the pilot seeing things, although he doubted that he would find any disappearing disease, but Jack was obviously disturbed by the message, so had got them all working on it.

Tosh continued with her monitoring and scanning.

By ten they were in the boardroom, ready to report.

Gwen started, she put three pictures up on the monitor.

"Peter Jenkins, Helicopter pilot. Ex RAF, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, highly experienced, used to flying under stress. Unlikely to be phased by an object flying towards them, should have found taking evasive action quite easy."

"Marcus Smith, CEO of a local internet company, married with 2 children, one of whom was flying with him. "

"Robbie Smith, Aged 4, son of Marcus and Mary Smith, little brother to Angela, he liked cars and football."

"The helicopter trip was part treat for Robbie, but they were actually flying down from Scotland, and were doing so at night because they had been delayed by fog in Glasgow."

Owen was next. " Basically all their health records are clear. Peter Jenkins has good psychological records from the RAF. He was in highly stressful situations but dealt with them well and has shown good ability to adapt to civilian life, no indications of Post Traumatic Stress."

Ianto "That area is one of the least active areas for myths, legends, disappearances ever in Wales. Its always been too far off the beaten track. It is however only half a mile from the bog where Saskia Harden lived."

The team looked up startled, and Tosh shivered remembering her dip in the bog and the corpse she bought back with her.

"Doesn't mean this is anything to do with water hags" said Jack "Nevertheless, Tosh check for rift activity over the bog."

Finally Tosh reported back. There had been 3 messages. 2 repeated the first, she played back the third. The sound of a child crying and weeping filled the boardroom. Tosh switched it off. The team sat in silence.

Jack looked at Tosh, eyebrow raised in question.

"Sorry about that" Said Tosh "but I couldn't keep it to myself. I have located the source, but only to the field where the helicopter went down, sometimes it comes from one area and then from another."