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What you so desire

Her body went cold as her muscles tensed almost painfully. She slowly turned around. "What did you just say?" She hissed at him. Sesshoumaru looked amused at her as he stepped closer to her and grasped her chin to make her look up at him. Kagome, always showing a streak of defiance, held her head as far from him as possible, craning her neck farther from him, but kept her outraged blue eyes strained on his molten gold ones.

"You intreague me. I am willing to help you in your," He glanced over her lean form slightly for emphasis and smirked. "Small predicament." He finished, leaning closer to her so that he could watch her futilelly crane her neck farther.

"What's in it for me, Sesshoumaru?" She growled in a low tone. He let go of her chin and wrapped his one arm around her waist and slammed her to the nearest three, grinding his hard frame against hers.

"Not only do you keep that inu form of yours, but you can derive pleasure from our deal." Kagome swallowed a moan at his warmth and pushed her hands to his chest in an effort to put distance between them.

"A deal is two-sided Sesshoumaru, what could you possibly want from me?" She hissed again at him. He pressed harder against her struggling form, wedging his knee between her legs and pushing upwards into her groin. This time, he had the pleasure of hearing her almost contained moan as her eyes shut tight to the feeling. He dipped his head to her left shoulder, pushing aside her long curly hair with his nose and scented her shoulder. He gave a small lick to taste her skin.

"I admire your business knowledge." He chuckled huskily in the crook of her long slender neck. His right hand moved to stroke her side lightly, feeling the muscles bunch at his touch. "I need a mate." He said. He heard her take in a breath and renew her efforts to escape.

"You can forget about that!" She yelled and pushed him back with her miko powers. She saw him take a step towards her growling. "Stay, back!" She screamed frantically and errected a barrier around her. Sesshoumaru tested her barrier by striking it with his claws. It was too strong. He straightened up.

"You have two days, if you don't come willingly, I shall take you by force but mark my words Kagome," He hissed at her and narrowed his gold eyes to slits. "I will have you." He then turned and started to walk away.

She turned violently to him, her barrier still in place. "But I'll be deep in heat by then!" She said desperately, her voice strained with fear and despair. She saw him look over his shoulder with barely veiled lust that made her shudder revoltingly and said.

"I know." Then, he turned and completely left her alone. Kagome dropped her barrier and slid her back against the tree behind her. This can't be happening! And that's why Kagome was a nervous wreck moments later. As Kagome started to think about all that Sesshoumaru so blatantly wanted to do to her, she felt tear pricking in her eyes. Surely, it will hurt! What if he's too big and that stretches me too badly and I end up torned? What if he's too small and I'm doomed to never truly feeling carnal pleasures to it's full extent? What if he's a premature ejaculator? I'll never feel pleasure! Being the virgin that she was, she was kinda taking this a little far. But she couldn't help it, the mention of sex always made he cringe and recoil. By no means did she have fear for the unknown, just this one. She knew way too many people having been raped before, and in this era, it was considered a, normal, daily occurence. Besides, Sesshoumaru DID say he would rape her if she didn't come willingly. At least, that's what usualy "force" in the context of a sexual nature usually entailed...Kagome shook her head.

His self-confidence did nothing to help alleviate her apprehention. She took deep breaths, one at a time and tried to calm down. You're over-reacting Kags! She reasoned. It's just sex! Kagome stared at the forest floor in front of her for a moment then when she looked back up, determination lit her face. I'll fight tooth and nail if it's the last thing I do! I'll never give in to him and he shall never have me! She narrowed her gaze and stood up. I'll just go home before I get in heat and come back once it's all over. Beside, She shrugged. He's bound to forget something so trivial anwyay. It's not like I'm primary on his list. She laughed out loud at that thought. Really, she was only over-reacting a bit. She knew that her defiance would anger him, but it's nothing she can't deal with anwyay. I'd rather an angry demon than a horny one. She frowed. Why does he want me as his mate anyway? Kagome started walking to camp. I'm sure there are many other females out there. She raised her eyebrows in amusement. Willing ones at that. She finished, frowning.

She would have laughed again if she didn't think that her fear was making her insane. She sighed. Some day I'll have to face this issue though. I can't go on living in fear of losing my virginity. She stopped walking then and looked thoughtful for a moment before resuming her trek. Although Mikos and priests are supposed to stay innocent to preserve their purity. She snorted. As if that changes anything anwyay. She thought about Kaede. Surely she's still a virgin though. She reasoned. What if it's true? Will I lose my miko powers if I have sex with Sesshoumaru? She froze on the spot and shook her head angrily. No way. I'm not sleeping with him, remember? We'll never be mates. An image of InuYasha flashed through her mind's eye and she looked sad. He chose to be with Kikyou, but she moved on to the afterlife already. I don't love him anymore though. She thought that train of thought over a little. I don't love Sesshoumaru either, so why should I have sex with him? Become his mate for that matter? She gasped and hit herself upside the head lightly. Baka! You're not going to lay with him! Stop thinking like that! But on the other hand, if she doesn't mate with Sesshoumaru, most likely no one else would have her. She sighed and walked into camp, sat down next to her bag and stared into the flames of the fire solemnly. It's true though.

Kagome sighed again and brought her knees up to her front with her arms around them. She continued staring at the flames and slightly rocked herself, never noticed this and got a little worried, Kagome never really behaved in such a way before. He jumped down from his tree and landed softly next to her in a crouch. He folded himself in a comfortable lotus position then glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "Did he do something to you Kagome?" He asked softly, softer then his usual gruff self. Somehow, he knew that something had happened and that it was a touchy subject. He saw Kagome flinch then her head turned slowly towards him and the look he saw in those eyes of hers made his stomach lurch painfully. When her eyes had landed on his, pure fear reflected in them but she blinked and it was gone. He saw her open her mouth then close it before trying again and talking this time.

"You remember how to break the curse, InuYasha?" Her voice was of the lowest whispers. He at first thought that she didn't wake the others, but such a whisper was far too low, he knew she was trying to deny whatever Sesshoumaru may have told her earlier.

"Yeah. Kagome. What does this have to do with Sesshoumaru?" Then he thought back to when Sesshoumaru met them on the path way. "You're almost in heat, aren't you Miko?" He voice came into his head. Heat? What does he know about that?

"I told Sesshoumaru how I bacame a demon this morning. But he wanted to know more about the spell. I had only told him that when I get in heat that I would have to make a choice." She shrugged lightly and rested her head on her knees, still looking at him.

"What of it?" InuYasha was getting a bad feeling. He knew how to break the spell or make it permanent and with Sesshoumaru's interest in it now only made too much sense. He was creeping into denial like Kagome and didn't want to think about what the bastard had said to Kagome.

Kagome knew that InuYasha had figured it out, but just like her, he needed confirmation. So she gave it to him. "Sesshoumaru wants to have sex with me so that I can stay a full youkai." She answered. If it weren't for his sensitive ears, he would have missed it for sure. "But that's not all..." InuYasha's eyes widened. There's more?! He thought. It was pretty damn bad his half-brother wanted to lay with her, so what could be worse? "He wants to take me as a mate." She finally finished.

InuYasha's eyes couldn't widen further so he simply gaped at her. In strange situations, and this was quite strange, you can always find humor in simple things. Like now. InuYasha started chuckling then when he saw Kagome's incrdedulous face, he only started into a full blown laugh and fell on his back, gripping his sides. Kagome turned beet red from both anger and embarassement at InuYasha's immature display of her declaration. "InuYasha!" She half screeched, half hissed at him. "InuYasha! This is not funny!" She stood up as he started rolling in the dirt still laughing. "He threatenend to rape me and you laugh?!" That shut him up.

"What?!" There were drying tears of laughter on his cheeks and he was flushed. He looked to Kagome who was torn between crying and screaming at him. He looked to her fists and saw them clentched. "Look, wench, he's not gonna touch you okay?" He tried to placate her.

"And how do you know that?!" She yelled, effectively waking the other occupants at camp.

"He'll probably forget or something!" InuYasha said just as loud, he did feel very convincing though. By now, not only were the others awake, but greatly curious. All they had to do was keep silent and hope someone would reveal the meaning of this disturbance of their sleep. Unfortunetly, by now, Kagome had noticed their awakening and decided that now was a good time as any to take this into the forest. She grabbed InuYasha's shoulder and dragged him deeper into the forest and away from their clearing.

"Look! I don't know what's gotten into him, but by the look he was giving me, he won't forget and he's really serious about this." She said to him. InuYasha crossed his arms over his chest.

"Why would he want YOU as a mate anyway, ya old hag?" He huffed. Kagome's eyebrow started to twitch.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" She yelled. Her fists were closed tight as her claws dug into her palms and drew blood. InuYasha's ears flattenend on his skull. For the life of him, he just couldn't see why he was interested in Kagome in such a way.

"Look Kagome, I didn't mean it like that. It's just-" He never got to finish as Kagome uttered a "Sit" command, turned and left. Once she was back at camp, she took out her sleeping bag in harsh yanking motions and practically threw herself in it, turned her back to the fire and went to sleep. Boy was she angry. More like livid. Every body shuddered and thought of the crater the poor InuYasha most likely had made.

Sango looked to Miroku and whispered to him. "What do you think made her so angry, monk?" She asked. Miroku looked to her and mimicked a movement he had seen Kagome do often when clueless, he shrugged. Both of them decided to go back to sleep, if she wanted to tell them, she would. By now, they were used to the couple's bickering, after five years if would be expected. Shippou whined and sighed as he looked to Kagome. Poor Kagome, she doesn't deserve this... He had heard most of what they said to eachother at camp, well at least the very juicy details.

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