All characters, plot, and some wording are from the Twilight Saga belonging to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. This story is rated T for strong language.

First Imprint was a finalist in the 2009 "Indie Twific Awards" for Best Secondary Character.

First Imprint: Sam's Story

Chapter 1 – Growth Spurt

Sam's POV

"I don't understand what's going on with you anymore, Sam," Leah, my longtime girlfriend, said as she sat down next to me on my living room couch. "You feel like you're constantly running a temperature, you've been complaining that you don't feel well and that your body aches, and you've hit some freakish growth spurt in the past few months. Why are you being so stubborn about seeing a doctor?"

"Who would you like me to see? Dr. Cullen?" I sneered at the thought.

I didn't know why I was talking to her this way, but I always seemed on edge lately. Leah and I had been dating for almost four years, since she was a freshman and I was a junior in high school. She was everything I wanted in life. She was warm, caring, and she understood me, even with all my baggage.

My father abandoned me when I was a child. My mother tried to raise me as best she could, but due to having to work two jobs to put food on the table as my father never helped financially, she wasn't around much. As soon as I turned sixteen, I got a job and helped support my mom. She worked at the Tribal Office of Affairs on the Rez and helped me get employment there. It wasn't glamorous. I mostly was an errand boy, but I was able to finally start contributing. My mom quit her second job once I was able to pay for my own things.

I had been thinking about my father a lot lately for some reason. Every time I did, I would begin to shake. My father's abandonment should have made me a rebellious, angry youth. A part of me did feel angry. In fact, I seemed to get angrier about his absence in my life everyday, though I thought I put it behind me years ago.

"Please Sam, I know you place a lot of faith in the council and therefore you don't like Dr. Cullen." Leah sighed. "But he's the most reputable doctor in Forks. Your health is a lot more important than some stupid old story. I mean, come on, there's no such things as "cold ones." I'm really worried about you so will you please go see him."

"I'll be fine Lee-Lee, give it a rest," I replied, pulling her towards me to kiss her softly.

As soon as my lips touched hers, I felt some of my tension ease away. I loved this woman. Her sweet, nurturing spirit was the first thing that drew me to her. That and her expressive eyes. When I looked into her eyes, it was like I could see the world, and it was a place where only good things were possible.

Our four year anniversary was coming up. I had it all planned out. I was going to take her hiking in the mountains. It was one of our favorite past times. There was a certain place we liked to go. It was the perfect spot for setting the mood. On one of our hiking excursions, we had found a clearing that was perfect for camping and not too far from a waterfall. It was a few hours walk, but we never let that stop us before.

It was our place. We discovered it on our first date. It was the place where we made love for the first time shortly after her eighteenth birthday. It was the perfect setting for what I had in mind. It was where I was planning on proposing to her.

We were going off to college when school started in the fall. I had put off college for a couple of years to save some money. The scholarship I received only covered tuition, not living expenses. Leah would be graduating in a few months. I wanted us to have this commitment before we left for school.

"Don't forget, I want to go hiking next month for our anniversary," I told her, cupping her face in my large hands.

"Like I could forget, you've only been talking about it for the past two weeks," Leah smirked as she hugged me close. "Hey, my mom told me today that my cousin Emily's coming to town the week before our trip. We should probably take her out to eat or something before we disappear."

"Yeah, okay," I said, instantly distracted by the soft smile on her lips. I pulled her to me, tilting her head up for another kiss. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"Enough to love me forever and ever?" She asked, the smile on her lips spreading even as I was kissing her.

"Hey, you read my mind," I responded before grabbing her hand and pulling her into the bedroom, closely the door softly behind us.