This is just a request I did for the Livejournal Community. Figured I might as well post it here too. Just a one shot but I left it open to continue if I get a demand for it.

"We can't keep doing this Randy. You need to leave me alone. It's what's best for both of us" Stephanie McMahon said as she got up from the couch in her office and started dressing again. Somehow she'd let Randy talk her into sex yet again. She wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for him, but could she resist him? No - could one breathe without air? She felt Randy come up behind her and wrap his arms around her from behind, placing a kiss on the back of her neck before he replied. "Don't you mean all of us Steph? Are you leaving someone out?" He laughed huskily, his breath dancing along her skin and making her shiver.
"Shut up Randy I'm not going to talk about it with you so don't even try to bring it up. Just get the hell out of here before somebody sees you and we're both fucked" Stephanie said as she pushed Randy away and finished dressing.

Randy smiled as he watched the woman he loved with eyes burning with desire. It didn't matter that they had just slaked their desires only moments ago. He always wanted her. Would always want her. She was magnificent. A sexy, smart, sophisticated and confident female. Just one smell of her perfume in the air was enough to leave him hard for hours.
"I'll leave for now, but this isn't over. You know it Steph. This thing between us, it'll never be over" Randy told her as he cupped her face in his hand. Her eyes stared daggers at him but he felt her hard nipples pressing against his chest so he ignored the look and leaned down to press a soft tender kiss against her lips that left her moaning as he broke away.

As Randy walked back to his locker room he remembered back to when their affair first started. For years there had always been sexual tension between them, but he was more focussed on climbing the ladder and she was newly married and the boss's daughter. Nothing happened until the night their current storyline began. The night she slapped him in her office on Raw.

He'd decided to play with fire that night. The tension between them had been flaring hotter ever since Steph came back to be General Manager once Adamle was fired. Just seeing Steph again, glowing with health after the recent birth of her second child made Randy realise his feelings for her had never gone away, only gotten stronger. And Randy wasn't a man to let a wedding ring stand in the way of what he wanted. And he wanted Stephanie like he'd never wanted a woman before.
He flirted with her every chance he had from then on, and so when the time came for him to barge into her office asking if she was going to fire him and then get slapped by her he seized that opportunity to get in her face and look her deep in the eyes, to breathe in the intoxicating scent of her. And then when the camera's stopped rolling and it was just the two of them left in the office he made his move.

"You enjoyed that slap didn't you?" He asked her, rubbing his cheek. She'd hit a little harder than she should have.
"Of course I did Randy you're a prick. Who wouldn't take the opportunity to slap you hard when they've got it" Steph said as she went to sit at her desk. "You can leave now" She said, picking up the phone to make a call.
Randy took the phone out of her hand and ended the call and then turned the chair around so it was facing him.
"You're always insulting me. You think I don't know why? I'm not an idiot Steph" Randy purred as he stood as close to the chair as he could and looked down at her irritated expression.
Steph laughed "Oh really? So what's the reason? I can't wait to hear what crazy logic you've come up with"
"You insult me because secretly you want me" Steph laughed and said "That's ridiculous"
"Is it? Hear me out. Every time we're close and I'm being nice to you, you turn the conversation around into an insult or a put down about me. I feel the tension between us Steph. I see the way you look at me, hear the way your voice gets all breathless when you talk to me. You want me. You find me attractive, far more attractive than your wrinkly old husband and it scares you. But you can't stop wanting it. Can't deny to yourself that you want a young stud in your bed. That you want me, in your bed" Randy said, watching the way her eyes widened as his words hit home.
"You've... you've got no idea what you're talking about. You're completely delusional. I hate you Randy. I think you're a sleazebag. Now get the fuck out of my office!" She yelled at him, standing up to yell it in his face.
Randy just stood there and smiled. "You know how I know everything you just said was a lie Steph? Because your nipples under your shirt are rock hard. And I bet if I put my hand in you pants right now they'd be soaking wet. Do you want me to test my theory Steph?" Randy said huskily in her ear as he stood even closer to her so their chests almost touched.
Steph shook her head, unable to speak. His words were true and having him say them aloud made her speechless and horny.
Randy saw the moment she accepted the truth as her shoulders slumped and he grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her passionately. The years of pent up sexual frustration culminating in a hot wet kiss that seem to last for hours. Steph's hands moved to run over Randy's naked chest and his moved to her hips to pull her close enough to feel his arousal. Now that Steph was finally giving in to her desires she was starving for Randy, desperate to feel him inside her and so she didn't stop him when he slid off her pants and underwear and lifted her onto the desk, his hands roaming her upper thighs leaving the skin warm and sensitised as he moved her legs further apart, pulled down his wrestling tights and slammed inside her.
Steph cried out in extasy as Randy took her on her desk like a boss taking his secretary. It was so wrong. The door wasn't even locked. Anyone could walk in and find them together - even her father.
"Oh god! Randy!" She moaned as he fucked her hard, his hands groping her ass to pull her more firmly onto his dick before moving to undo her top and bra and feast his eyes on the full globes of her bobbing breasts. Steph moaned wantonly as he licked and sucked her tender nipples into his mouth. He moaned with lust as her breast milk leaked out into his mouth. An unexpected surprise he should have anticipated with her having a newborn baby and all. Drunk on the victory of finally having Steph in his arms he started gloating. "God I knew you would be wet for me. I didn't even need to touch you" He laughed in her ear.
Steph just moaned as a reply, too lost in the moment to be able to speak. Feeling himself coming almost to the brink of his release he decided he didn't want this to be over too soon, he didn't know when he would get the chance to have her again, but he would. He pulled out and ran to the door to lock it then walked back over to Steph who begged him not to stop.
He lifted her off the desk and turned her around so her ass was in the air and her upper body was pressed against the desk. He ran his hands over her luscious ass and slapped it a few times. "Such a naughty girl. Fucking her employee. Naughty Stephie. Do you need to be punished?" He asked her.
"Mmmm yes!" Steph moaned.
Randy rammed into her once more from behind and she almost screamed it was so good.
Randy noticed a picture of HHH on the desk and shoved it in Steph's face. "Look at you. You're such a slut, moaning and groaning for another man. Look at the picture of your husband while I'm fucking you. Are you enjoying being with your young stud Stephie? Enjoying being fucked by someone other than this wrinkly old man you call your husband"
"Fuck you!" Steph sobbed, suddenly feeling slight remorse. "You can fuck me another time. This time I'm fucking you and it's soo good Steph. If I had time I'd fuck you all night" Randy moaned. He grabbed her breasts in his hands and squeezed the nipples as he slid out slow and then slammed into Steph hard. "Oh yes!" Steph moaned at the contrasting strokes.

Randy was in heaven. Steph felt so good around his dick. She was his woman, he knew that now. She might wear someone else's ring but she was his. His his his!
"I'm going to make you have my baby Stephanie. I'm going to service you like a stallion services a mare and then I'm going to watch as you give birth to my baby and enjoy seeing the look on Paul's face when he realises his baby doesn't look anything like him!" Randy declared. "No!" Steph cried and tried to push him away.
"Oh yes. It's going to happen. You're mine now Steph. All of this hot little body is mine" Randy growled. His and reached down to stroke over her clit and she came hard.
Randy cried out "Yes! Steph!" as he felt her cumming and he emptied his seed into her fertile womb. "Ughnnn" He grunted as he ejaculated again and again. Inside her. Steph sobbed and tried to push him away but he just sighed as he finally came down from the high of his climax and then pressed a soft kiss to the middle of her back.
"Next time you want to be fucked you know where to find me" Randy said, running his hand over the curve of her ass before he adjusted himself back into his pants and walked out.

Randy smiled fondly at the memory. Ever since then he'd been sneaking moments with Steph. Only two weeks ago he had taken her on the fire exit stairs, her moans echoing around the empty space. It had been incredible. And then there was the time he'd taken her in her hotel room only minutes before Paul was due to arrive. She was just lucky that he was late. Every time he made sure he came inside her and he knew that his seed had taken root. He had been able to tell the minute he'd walked into her office half an hour ago from the devastated look on her face. She was going to have a baby. His baby.
And she was wrong if she thought he was going to give that up. He'd lied when he said he wanted Paul to raise his child. He had no intention of not claiming ownership. Of the child, and of Stephanie when the time came. But for now, he would let Stephanie stew, let her fret. Let her wonder what she was going to do when Paul found out. He wasn't scared of Paul.
Perhaps he should have been.