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Vince and Shane had seen what happened and were furious. Randy had gone too far and they were eager to get involved. Paul knew he had to prove himself as a protector after being unable to stop Randy from hurting Stephanie and so he was keen for the three of them to take Randy out.

They did it on Raw the next week, Randy trying to protect himself with bodyguards and his two cronies but Vince, Shane and Paul ploughed through them all and were soon attacking Randy, Ted and Cody. "If you ever touch Stephanie or come near her again I will kill you. And now we have the footage of you giving her a DDT so we'll make sure we use it to make sure you never ever see your child either!" Paul whispered in Randy's ear as he beat him to a bloody pulp.

As Randy lay there he knew his chance for a happy life with Steph was gone…. And madness finally took over.

If he couldn't have her then neither would Paul. He would make sure of that.

Stephanie was working late in her office when Paul came to the door. "Babe everyone's gone home for the day. Time to call it a night" he said from the doorway. Steph stood and rubbed her back "Yeah I guess you're right. This paperwork can wait. Alright just give me a moment and I'll meet you in the hallway."

Paul disappeared into the semi-dark hallway and all was quiet once more until Steph thought she heard a scuffling sound and looked towards the doorway to find Randy standing there with a cold smile. "Hey Stephie honey. I've missed you" he said in a sing-song voice as he entered the room with a baseball bat smeared with blood. She gasped realising he had knocked Paul out and quickly grabbed the phone to dial 911. Randy grabbed the phone from her and ripped it out of the wall and then, grabbing Stephanie, tied her hands and gagged her as she struggled to fight him off.

"Be quiet or I'll knock you out. Understood?" Randy hissed in her ear. She quickly nodded her head realising her best chance of escape was to stay conscious.

As they stepped around Paul's unconscious body Steph saw the bloody beating he'd received and the blood pouring out of his head and panicked thinking he was dead but Randy pulled her away before she could check. She sobbed into her gag as Randy led her away, throwing her into the back of a car before driving off.

As he drove Steph struggled with her bonds and finally managed to get the gag off her mouth. "You bastard! I'm going to make sure you go away for a long long time Randy"

"You can try baby but you're not going to be given the chance" Randy replied.

"What are you going to do?" Steph asked shakily.

Randy just smiled evilly and Steph shivered. "Randy please for the baby's sake just turn the car around and take me back to the hotel"

"I can't do that Steph. You took that choice away from me when you decided to keep me from being a part of the baby's life" Randy replied with a shake of his head.

Finally they came to their destination and Steph looked out the window to see they were at a cemetery and cried out with fear.

Randy laughed at her, enjoying the look of terror on her face. "What are you going to do Randy?" she asked again.

"You'll see" He replied "You'll see"

Paul woke with a groan and a massive headache. He touched his pounding head to find it sticky with blood and groaned again. What had happened? He remembered asking Steph to finish up and then walking into the hallway and then… nothing.

His phone vibrated and he pushed a shaking hand into his leather jacket to pull it out. It was an unknown number and he went to hit ignore, but then something compelled him to answer.


"Ah so you are awake. I was starting to wonder if I'd hit you too hard" Randy voice boomed over the phone.

He could hear Steph screaming in the background and stood up fast. "Steph!"

"She's safe with me for now Paul, but not for long. If you want to see her again I suggest you make your way to the cemetery outside of town as fast as you can. Don't be stupid enough to call the cops Paul. It'll be a fatal mistake. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes" Paul replied, terrified for Steph's safety.

The phone went dead and Paul glanced back into the office to see signs of a struggle. So it was true. Randy had Stephanie. But what were his plans? Something about Randy's voice had sounded off on the phone… like he'd finally cracked or something.

Paul stumbled down the hallway, still dizzy from his blow to the head before reaching his hummer. He knew he was in no condition to drive but what choice did he have? He just hoped to god he could get to the cemetery in time.

Randy didn't speak to Steph, just left her bound and on the ground near an open grave complete with dirt pile and shovel at the ready and Steph sobbed knowing that unless luck went their way that she was going to be in that grave very soon. The thought of never seeing her daughters or her husband again bringing her to tears.

"Stop that blubbering Stephanie. It doesn't become you. The Steph I know is strong and confident" Randy said from his seat on a gravestone beside her. He had a gun in his hand and was keeping a lookout as he waited for Paul's arrival.

"Please Randy let me go. Why are you doing this?" She cried again.

"Why am I doing this Steph? Why? You should know! You're the reason! This is all your fault! All I ever wanted was to love you Steph, to be a father to our child. You led me on, made me think you loved me, that you loved me the way I love you. But no – you had to lie to yourself, had to feel ashamed of the beautiful bond we had and choose Paul over me. Chose to make it so I couldn't see my child and be a part of your lives. Had to let your husband humiliate me on national television! So I made a choice sweet Steph. If I can't have you then nobody will!" Randy yelled at her as he stood above her. As he yelled 'nobody will' he kicked her so hard in the belly that Steph screamed out in agony and knew she was going to lose the baby.

Paul arrived just in time to watch Randy kick his wife and went running towards them. Randy backed away with his hands to his face in shock at what he'd just done as he watch blood start to seep from Steph onto the cold grass. "No. No! Look what you made me do! Look what you made me do you bitch!" Randy screamed.

"I just wanted to love you Steph. Why didn't you love me too?" He said with sudden tears in his eyes. He looked up and saw Paul running towards him and made a decision. He put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger and Steph screamed as his body slumped down beside her.

Paul gathered her in his arms and quickly drew her away from the body so she couldn't see it. "I'm losing the… baby" She gasped, clinging to Paul's arms tightly as pain engulfed her.

"I know Steph I'm so sorry. I'm calling an ambulance right now. Randy can't hurt us anymore. You're safe now"

Paul was thankful when Steph passed out and missed the interrogation from the police that followed. He made his way to the hospital to see her as soon as he was free to go. The footage from the security camera's at the office had all backed up their story that Randy had abducted Steph and evidence at the scene showed Randy had committed suicide.

Nobody could believe Randy had lost it so completely, but it was revealed that he really did had a mental disorder and so when Steph ended their affair it finally sent him over the edge.

The police told him it looked as if Randy's original plan had been to kill Stephanie in front of him and bury her in the open grave, but when he'd killed his unborn child he couldn't handle what he'd done and had instead killed himself.

Paul had grown to love the child. It didn't matter if it was Randy's or not. It was just an innocent baby, Steph's baby. But if he had to choose between the unborn child and Stephanie he couldn't help but be thankful that Stephanie had been the one saved.

In the months that followed it was hard for them both to get over what had happened, but their love for each other grew even stronger and it was with joy that 6 months later Stephanie found she was pregnant again. Their son Hunter Randall Levesque was born 8 ½ months later - a name that was controversial to say the least, but finally gave Stephanie and Paul the closure they needed.