This is a story I wrote for a school contest (I don't know the results yet, sorry) It isn't strictly Twilight, but if you want to be picky just imagine that the girl is Bella, I couldn't think of a fitting name. This story moved something deep within me, because it's true. There are millions of children in the world who will go to bed with empty stomachs, and I'm proud that I'm going to be able to do something to help. There's more information about that at the bottom, I'll let you get to reading now.

Starved for Hope

It was one of many nights I went to bed hungry. I had been waiting in line for the meager allowances of food that were available since dawn, but everyone was hungry, and none remained by the time my turn came.

I trudged downheartedly back to the hut, where I was greeted by the enthusiastic and eager embrace of my little cousins and sister, their hands open for gifts I did not bring.

My aunt rose from her pallet at the far end of the rundown room, my youngest cousin in her arms. One glance at my discouraged face and hers fell, the dull hope leaving her eyes. She glanced down at the sleeping infant in concern, then back to the three other children who would be going another night with empty stomachs.

I felt horrid that there was nothing else I could do. I would wait in that dreadful line all night were I allowed, just to bring home what would only be enough to content one, and split it between us six. My baby sister hadn't eaten in over a week, myself longer, as I had given her my share. Though we lived with Aunt, I had cared for her since our parents deaths. And because Aunt had her own children to consider, I was the only one able to leave to wait in line, and pray that there may be enough.

All we had out in this forgotten place was water, and even that was only half clean. Still, it was just enough to keep us alive. After drinking my fill, I dipped a rag in the remains and scrubbed the little ones clean, barely able to keep my eyes open. I held the fatigue at bay long enough to dry them before collapsing on the mat I shared with my sister, her frail body curling into mine as I wrapped my arms protectively around her in a fertile attempt to shield her from the cold air that crept into the room and seemed to chill one to the bone marrow. My eyes drifted closed, and I allowed my mind a short rest.

I woke a few hours later, and wrapped the threadbare coat around my shoulders before leaving the hut. Perhaps today would be better. I had to hope.

Inspired by World Visions' 30 Hour Famine

That's what I entered in the contest, along with one more story about a girl in a car wreck, although I had to shorten both, the maximum word limit was 250, and both had in the 300s. If you guys want I'll post the other story and the shortened versions later.

Now, the Famine. What we're doing is today, Friday the 6th, I'm going to my church at 8 pm, and we won't eat for 30 hours (don't worry, we can drink water and fruit juice) Our goal is to raise funds and awareness for starving children all over the world. The government is going to quintuple (multiply by five) our money, and it costs $1 a day to support a child. My group decided it wasn't boastful to tell what we raised, so I'll say that so far I have over $200. That's going to be huge for the child (or 2!) who wouldn't be eating otherwise. You may not care, and if that's the case, I'm sad for you, but if you do care, then I pray that you'll find a way to do something about it! You can make a difference! I'll post more on Sunday, and tell you all about it! Stay tuned!

Love and blessings, Claire