It didn't take long for the effects of the ball to wear off of Buffy.

"Knew it would be you to wake up first, slayer ability and all that." Spike says moving in front of Buffy. She glared at him and tried to shake the gag out of her mouth with no luck. "Look slayer I'm going to make this real easy on you. The ball contained a smoke that drives humans crazy. Lose what they believe and feel. In a while you will believe that you want me and when that happens I will have you. Your be willing to get in my bed and your two best friends will watch. If you agree now before they wake up they won't have to watch. I'll let you all go when they wake up, if you climb into my bed now and have a good time."

Buffy's eyes held onto Spikes and all she gave was a death stare. Spike moves careful forward, aware that since she woke up she had been working the handcuffs. He hooks the gag with his finger and pulls it out of her mouth.

"You're even stupider than you look Spike. I will never want you and you will never have me willingly." Buffy spat out in a harsh tone.

Spike chuckles to himself. "You weren't listening. The smoke you inhaled will make you get into my bed of your own free will. Even with your friends watching."

"It would be a spell. Not my will."

Spike smiles sadly and says "Have it your way slayer. Maybe I can show Xander a few tricks that can make a girl scream."

Buffy rolls her eyes. "So will Willow and Xander want to climb into your bed as well? Going to turn this into a foursome?"

"No, they will however believe what I tell them to believe and feel what I tell them to feel. Oh Buffy I can ruin your life with what will happen in the next few hours, please don't make me do that."

"I don't believe you." Buffy says, denying the ability of spell in the smoke.

"You'll see. I wonder what I'm going to tell them. I hadn't really thought about it. Oh well, I should have a few hours before they wake up yet." Spike says and walks to Buffy and puts the gag back into her mouth. She mumbles at him, which Spike knew would be an insult of some kind.

Buffy continued to work at her restrains but had no luck. Her head started to feel dizzy and she tries to shake it away but it doesn't help. She looks towards Willow and Xander and doesn't see them moving at all. Her heart started to beat faster and that's when Spike looks at Buffy from his place on the bed. He sees her shaking her head and her eyes begin to turn misty. She was unable to focus on anything for to long.

"You okay Buffy?" Spike says in a caring voice, removing the gag from her once again.

Buffy looks at him then looks away quickly knowing what he had told her was truth. She felt confused.

"You're okay Buffy, I'm looking after you." Spike whispers to her. She shakes her head trying to force herself to ignore him. To not believe what he was saying. She moves her eyes to Xander and Willow on the floor and it helps her to remember they are his captives.

"Leave me alone!" Buffy shouts back. "I hate you. You're forcing me here. You're putting us under some kind of spell. It's not real." Buffy mutters to herself, refusing to make eye contact with Spike.

He grabs her face and makes her look at him, however her eyes continued to dart back and forth to different parts of the room. She continued to mutter the truth to herself.

Spike growls, "Buffy, you love me, you always have. I'm helping you. You want me. We are passionate. You crave me. You want me Buffy you always have."

"No, no I don't. I love Xander. I hate you. This isn't real." Buffy replies and repeats to herself over and over again.

Spike loses his temper and punches her across the face. The shock cause Buffy to lose her concentration and Spike forces her eyes to him.

"You love me. You want me and you need me. You want to lay in my bed under me. You never want to leave me Buffy. You love me."

"I love you?" Buffy asks.

"Buffy?" Xander asks and he hears her voice through his groggy mind. "What's happening?"

Buffy tries to look at Xander but Spike's hand on her face keeps her looking at him.

Spike takes an unneeded breath and continued his control over Buffy. He wouldn't let Xander ruin this.

"You beg me to take you. We need it just like I need you. We love each other. We are happy. We are together."

"What? No! Buffy! Don't listen to him. Buffy tell him the truth!" Xander demands.

Buffy looks away from Spikes eyes. "The truth?" she asks to anyone listening.

Her response was Xander yelling at her that she hated Spike and Spike was telling her she loved him.

She squints her eyes together and tries to shake Spikes hand of her.

"Xander?" Buffy asks. "I'm with Xander. I hate Spike. This isn't real." Buffy begins her concentration again to keep control of what was happening in her head.

Spike growls and pulls Buffy's face to his, he forces his lips to hers and Buffy fights to make him let go of her but nothing works. Her hands were still as tight as they were when she woke up and there was no give in her legs either. She continues to shake her head but it's no use. Xander is shouting her name but it doesn't work. After a minute or so Buffy's body relaxes and she doesn't fight to get Spike off any more. Spike smiles against her lips and when he feels her begin to kiss him back he pulls back and smiles.

"I love you Buffy and you love me."

Buffy doesn't responses but sits still in a daze.

Spike moves to Xander and bends down to look at him. Xander's head had already started to sway and his eyes misty. "You want me to have her. You're happy for us. You never loved Buffy."

"What?" Xander asks confused. "No, I do-"

"No you don't. You want me to be with Buffy. I make her happy."

"You make her happy?" Xander asks.

"That's right. You're happy for us. You know Buffy needs me." Spike continues, smiling at how easily Xander was controlled.

"She needs you." Xander replies.

"Good lad." Spike moves towards Willow, leaving Xander in a confused dazed look just like Buffy, but unlike Buffy he looked happy.

Spike tapped Willow's cheek hoping to get her to wake up. He couldn't have her waking up and pulling the other two back out of the fake truth. He needed to get her under control as quickly as possible.

"Hey Willow wake up."

Willow mumbles as she wakes up. When she opens her eyes she says "Spike?"

"You're okay. You're going to go home soon. Look at Xander see how happy he is?" Willow looks at her friend next to her. "His happy for me and Buffy and so are you, aren't you?"

"Happy? What? No!" Willow replies.

"I love Buffy and she loves me. We are happy together and you're happy for us."

"Happy. For. You?" Willow's head was swaying. Her eyes misting and Spike smiles.

"Yes, we're all so happy."

Willow nods and smiles.

Spike stands and sees the two friends on the floor looking high. Easier then I thought. Spike thinks.

He turns back to Buffy and she was still staring forward.

Spike moves to her and begins to under her chains. She doesn't move. "Come on Buffy, up you get."

Buffy doesn't move. Spike frowns. She should be responding. He holds her hand, "Come on now Buffy, time to get to bed." She moves as he pulls her. His at the bed and pushes her down on it.

Buffy's eyes are still misty and unseeing. Spike smiles and climbs on her. He straddles her hips and moves down to kiss her lips.

Wrong, this is wrong, I don't want this. Buffy thinks. Hands? Xander? Hands. Touching me? Who? Buffy's mind is unseeing. All she can hear are Spike's words. But her heart felt something different.

Xander? Where's Xander? Hand's cold. Not Xander? Buffy blinks and sees above her is Spike. He begins kissing her neck and Buffy moves to look towards the side. She sees Xander and Willow both looking back at her smiling.

"You love him." Xander says.

"We're happy for you." Willow says.

"No." Buffy says.

"What?" Spike sits up on her.

"No." Buffy repeats. "Not you. Don't love you."

"How are you fighting this?" Spike asks mostly to himself. He grabs her arms as she begins to sit up and forces her down. "You're staying with me. You love me."

"No. I don't." Buffy grinds out between her teeth, forcing her arms to push against Spike's.

Her eyes were still misty but not as much as they were. Spike needs to act fast and begins to tell her all his lies once again. Buffy shakes her head over and over and takes a deep breath. Xander. Celia. My family. I love my family. Buffy thinks to herself over and over and within the truth she found the strength to push Spike off of her. Her body felt heavy and hard to move but she advances on Spike. He backs away from her.

"You shouldn't be able to fight this. You're mine."

"No, I'm not yours. I never will be." Buffy says strongly grabbing a stake that Spike hadn't thought of moving. Spike sees the slayer in her eyes behind the mist and knew he lost his chance, he turns and flees quickly out of the house. Buffy moves to the window and sees him move through the darkness. Buffy's head continues to sway but she moves to her friends and unties them.

"What happened? You were so happy." Xander says as she helps him to stand, followed by Willow.

"No." Buffy says to herself and shakes her head. "Not true. I don't love him. Not true."

"We're happy for you." Willow says.

"No, no, no. Not true." Buffy continues to say as she grabs her friends hands and pulls them toward the door and out the house. The vampires guarding the area had followed Spike leaving the three friends a clear path back to their house.

The whole way Xander and Willow tried to convince Buffy of her love for Spike and the whole way Buffy thought to herself of her family. A few times Willow and Xander had almost convinced her but she was so close to home, close to her baby and close to help she grit her teeth and forced her brain to remember the truth.

Reaching the Summer's house Buffy pushed Willow and Xander into the living room and walked away from them. She rubbed her head and continued to say "Not true, not Spike. Love Xander. Need Xander."

Giles comes downstairs hearing the noise and looks strangely at Willow and Xander but continued to find Buffy muttering to herself.

"Buffy? What's going on?"

Buffy turns to look at him. "Spell. Head. Not true."

Giles looks concerned at her words and her behaviour. "What do you mean?"

"Spike. Spell. Love Spike. Not true." Buffy mutters.

Giles steps closer to Buffy and then notices her eyes.

She continued to say "Not true. Xander, love Xander."

Giles rushes to the living room and sees Willow and Xander have the same misty colour to their eyes.

"Buffy?" Giles call and Buffy follows the sound of his voice. "Are you under a spell?"

Buffy nods and continued her muttering.

"You're happy together." Willow tells her.

"You love him. He loves you." Xander explains.

Buffy's mutters get louder and she covers her ears, walking back to the kitchen.

"Who loves Buffy?" Giles asks.

"Spike, they're happy together." Willow tells him.

Giles begins to understand.

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