hi. this story was gonna be at first a joke that Vegeta plays on Goku. but I've decided to make it interesting and added a sexist female on Goku's case

In the deep parts of mount pows, a middle age man was doing push ups, with his shirt off and while standing on his hands, he felt him self being submerge in a bright yellow light. he felt like bolts of electricity were shocking him, he yelled out in pain, his voice turned from a man to more of a woman's voice. the light diapered.

" ok what just happened?" he asked him self. He felt his stomach grumbled " must be lunch time" he begin jumping through the trees.

unaware to him some one was floating out of site. Long Dark purple hair flowed in the wind her orange skin captured the sun she glared down at her victim with her silver eyes

" Goku" she made it sound like it was poison to her " your punishment has begun". She followed him.

In a nice adorable dome shape house. a mid age woman was busy preparing lunch. to any one Lunch would be 4 sandwiches but this lunch was a buffet line you see at restaurants. deer steak with a nice red sauce in the middle five plate with dumplings, four bowls of rice, a plate with 20 chicken legs, a plate with alligator tail. and five empty plates with forks and knives and cups.

" Chichi I'm back" the one name Chichi heard. she giggles at the odd feminine voice she heard

" very cute Videl" she said " just because your expecting a child doesn't me you can pig out at my house"

" but Chichi it's me Goku" The voice said. now she was getting irritated

" Videl you have to do better than that to fool me into thinking your my husband" she said. The door to the kitchen opened, Chichi saw a girl standing in the door way with no shirt on. Chichi saw the exposed breasts

" oh my goodness" she ran over to the girl dragging her in she slammed the door " look you little miss bimbo but this isn't a brothel". the girl stared down at her

" what do you mean Chichi" she said " it's me Goku". Chichi glared at her. she took her over to the bathroom, which was under the stairs. goku stopped to look in the mirror

" whoa" he said touching his face realizing it was him. then he gasped " AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed.

oh boy who has turn Goku into a woman, and why?