WARNING!: i if you feel offended by this please stop reading and go pick another story

I trying not to Offend anyone just think of it through Chichi's point of view.

The next day since the transformation of Goku's gender, Chichi made him sleep in the guest room that was once Gohan room since she said it would be weird for two women to sleep in the same bed. If that wasn't hard enough Chichi had to show him how to use the toilet as a woman. He woke up one morning getting out of bed but he notest that the sheets were a little damp and he felt like he had a bad cramp. he flung the sheets off of him, he was startled by what he saw.

" Chichi" Goku called to her with a little panic in his voice. Chichi came running into the room

" what wrong Goku" she notest the spot on the mattress, her expression turned into a shocked or a OMG look. on the futon mattress was a little red stain no bigger than a Oreo cookie. Goku stood with a goofy grin, Chichi could see his boxers had a red stain.

" uh Goku" she pointed at the mattress " you do relies you have to watch out for theses kind of things" she said, Goku stared at his wife with an odd expression

" what do you mean?" he said " this has never happen to me before". Chichi cleared her throat

" yes your right but now that your a woman you have to be careful about these things" she took Goku over to the upstairs bathroom that was located at the foot of the stairs in between Goten's and their bedroom.

in the bathroom, she crouched under the sink, she pulled out a pad. she threw it at Goku. Goku looked at the pad all over it

" now Goku I'm gonna explain about your situation so listen carefully" Chichi face started to turn red, she was embarrass to explain this to her husband, this was more embarrassing then the time she was pregnant with Gohan.

" so Chichi whats wrong with me?" he asked

" Goku a woman experiences this situation once a month, it only last for a week" she started, Goku sighed with relief that it only last a week and it only comes once a month. " what you have in your hand will help you not to stain your clothes" she explained

" so all I need one of these for a week?" he asked

" yes and no" she said " one can't do the whole job. if you kept one for too long it's gonna smell so you change it each time you use the bathroom ok" she explained. " when you change it throw it in the trash, never flush it down the toilet all right". Goku nodded

" I have a question" he asked " where do I place this pad any way?" Chichi fell back, She can't believe she had to show him this. she walked out of the bathroom and went into her bed room, then came back with a pair of her panties

" ok watch closely". she took the pad out of Goku's hands, taking it out of the wraping she unfolded the pad to it full length, then she unfolded her panties,

" this is where it goes" she Showed goku the sick part of the pad and placed it in the middle on the inside of the panties " remember to do that" she said. Goku nodded. " first wee need you to get out of those stained boxer all right". Goku nodded as he begin to strip in front of her

" Ah Goku what are you doing!" she cried, Goku stode there naked

" getting out of my boxers" he said, Chichi quickly slamed the bathroom door, hopping Goten did not see anything " Chichi you've seen me Nake before so it's no big deal for me"

" true Goku but this is different" Chichi starred down at Goku's body, He had nice hips, perfect waist and a nice bust, Chichi felt jealous of her husband body

dam it why must he surpass me with a body like that she though. she exit the bathroom so Goku chould clean up. She walked down the stairs to get breakfast going, she'll deal with the bed sheets latter.

to tell you the truth i just wanted to see how goku would react to sort of thing.

all of those female readders out there, please don't be offended by this, think of it as a hummor experience for Goku, just laugh with it and i made sure to discribe in a way that not offending

as for the 2 women in bed comment, i'm not offending any gay people out there, just see it through Chichi's eyes, i have friend who are gay.

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