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Buffy's head dropped onto the soft, white pillow. The quilt wrapped around her, exposing only her neck and shoulders as she inhaled the deep scent of vanilla. The mattress moulded beneath her weight, letting her sink deeper into it. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt her body open up to the sudden warmth, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling.

'Is the bed ok?'

Buffy opened her eyes and met the golden orbs of her cousin, Isabella Marie Cullen. She was leant against the doorframe, a little too still, watching Buffy in the bed. Her brown hair curled down her back, similar to like Buffy's hair did, her golden eyes fixed on Buffy, whilst her daughter, Renesmee, balanced on her hip. Buffy found it quite amusing how Renesmee looked about five years old, yet sat on her hip like her actual five month age.

'Relax, Bella, I wouldn't slay you just because the bed wasn't comfy,' laughed Buffy, sitting up against the headboard.

Renesmee gave a quiet giggle, whilst a small smile tugged at the corner of Bella's lips. 'I haven't slept for a while you see.'

Buffy nodded with understanding. 'It's the most comfy bed I have ever slept in.'

Renesmee jumped down from her mothers' hip, landing gracefully, and skipped over to Buffy's side. She pressed a kiss to Buffy's cheek before placing her hand on against her warm skin.

Buffy smiled as Renesmee played the last few days through Buffy's head. When Buffy baked cookies with Renesmee, when they trained together in the forest, when Buffy and Jacob had a pretend fight to see who was stronger. Buffy was glad that she had won over Renesmee's heart.

'Can we train again tomorrow?' asked Renesmee, a glint on excitement in her eyes.

'We'll have to see what your Mom and Dad thinks about that,' said Buffy.

Renesmee nodded and skipped back over to Bella's side. Bella returned her daughter back on her hip, where she began to suck her thumb, and leant her head against her arm, her eyes fluttering open and shut. Buffy smiled softly as the scene before her, wishing that she and Angel could have been a Mother and Father.

'I better let you get some rest,' said Bella, backing out of the bedroom. 'Sleep tight.'

'You too!' laughed Buffy.

A laugh escaped from Bella's lips as she shut the door, leaving Buffy in total darkness. Buffy snuggled back under the covers, letting her head sink back into the soft pillow.

Buffy had been in Forks for almost six days now, ever since she had received a letter from Bella that had invited her to come spend some time with her new family. Being a Vampire Slayer, Buffy had been slightly less shocked, than a regular girl would have been, when she found out her cousin now belonged to a family of vampires, yet she was still surprised. Though, after the first few hours she had spent with the Cullen family, Buffy was even more surprised by their nature. They were unlike any breed of vampire she had seen before. The Cullen's kept to a firm diet on animal blood, unlike the vampires in Sunnydale – besides Angel and Spike, and also possessed supernatural powers. Buffy had found it quite interesting at how varied their family were to the vampires she had staked in Sunnydale.

Buffy had promised Bella that she was happy for her. She had been a little hesitant about Bella being a vampire, especially when Buffy was a vampire slayer, though she had realised how happy she was and how the Cullen's definitely were good vampires. Buffy had been delighted when she met her cousin's daughter, Renesmee, although she had never expected that she was only five months old as she looked about five. After it had all been explained by Alice, who Buffy had grown fond of, Buffy declared that Renesmee was, along with beautiful, the most unique person she had ever laid eyes on in her six years of slaying.

Buffy had found all of the family easy to get along with. She and Alice would enjoy talking about shopping; enjoying the few trips they had taken out to the mall. Buffy had trained a lot with Emmett, who Buffy had disappointedly found out was stronger than her, and was glad to find someone who was able to give her a proper challenge. She had spent a fair amount of time with Jasper, talking about most things in her life then asking Jasper to explain her emotions about certain things. Carlisle had been helpful to Buffy when she needed answers about their nature as he would never refuse her an answer and would always be happy to sit explaining for hours. Rosalie had been slightly rigid with Buffy at first; however she had become more open to her after Buffy complimented her beauty. Buffy had spent some of her days cooking with Esme in the kitchen, swapping recipes and sharing tales about their Mother's cooking. Edward and Buffy found a lot to laugh about when Buffy would think odd and amusing thoughts before remembering that Edward could hear her. Edward also let Buffy borrow his car when she felt like exploring the town. Jacob had also trained with her, turning into his wolf form and fighting against her. Whilst Renesmee happily did random activities with Buffy, enjoying every moment of their time spent together.

Buffy had kept in touch with Angel, who had rung her every morning, along with the other members of the Scooby gang. They all were aware of her cousin and her family. What surprised Buffy the most was that Angel knew Carlisle! Angel said no more on the subject, although Buffy had asked Carlisle and he merely told her about his short time in LA. Giles had been interested in hearing more about the Cullen's and their nature, as did Willow, whilst Spike laughed at how each and every family member seemed like a ponce. Xander didn't really have much to say on the subject except make sarcastic comments about the rainy weather in Forks. Cordelia had been slightly jealous to hear about Rosalie's beauty and Faith had questioned Buffy if she had lost her mind and forgot what a vampire slayer was supposed to do.

Buffy turned on her side, pressing her face into the soft pillow and wrapping the quilt firmer around her body. She found it odd how she, along with Renesmee, would be the only one sleeping in a house that another nine people lived in. It was also funny how Buffy, Renesmee and Jacob were able to go out to restaurants whilst, even though they could, the rest of the family remained behind because it would be pointless for them to tag along. Buffy had once asked Emmet to eat a piece of fried chicken and was surprised when he ate the thing in one gulp. Even though they didn't eat, they still could but it was unnecessary.

There were many similarities between Forks and Sunnydale, yet so many differences. Life would never get boring.


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