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"Tell me a bedtime story," Chloe demanded, "A princess bedtime story."

"Hmm…" I say, "Okay…but first a visit from the Tickle Monster!" I proceed to tickle her.

Through her bouts of laughter, she manages to yell," Stop Angela!" I stop," Can you tell me the story now?"

"Yeah, okay, here goes:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess trapped in a tall, tall tower by an evil witch-"

"Named Mayor Hamilton!"

"Erm, okay. Named Mayor Hamilton. The princess's name was Ch-"

"Angela!" Chloe shouts.

"Uh, are you sure?"

"Yes. Now keep going!"

"Alright," I continue," The princess's name was Angela. The evil witch was so jealous of Angela's beauty, he kidnapped her and planned on making a potion using her to make him as pretty as her. Angela was so worried, that she would pray and pray that someone would save her soon. One day, a handsome prince came riding on his white horse and called to her," Angela, Angela, let down your long hair!"

"I don't have long hair!" Angela yelled down to the prince, as she looked at her short, choppy brown locks.

"Do you have a rope?" He asks.

"Uh…" Angela looked around and saw a long rope, "Here it is!" Angela exclaimed as she threw the rope out the window, careful to keep one end with her. Angela stood at the widow and impatiently fidgeted while she waited. When the prince finally reached her, she helped him up and squealed," Oh, thank you, handsom-"

"Gill!" Chloe screams in my ear," Gill!"

"Ow. Do you have to yell in my ears? And Gill?!"

"Yes and Yes." She pulls her hair out of the ponytail that rests on top of her head." Can you braid my hair?"

"Yeah," I busy my hands and begin to brush and braid her reddish hair," Alright Gill it is," I sigh, and then resume my storytelling," When the prince finally reached her, she squealed," Oh, thank you handsome Gill!" Just then, the evil Mayor Hamilton waddles through the door.

"Hold it!" He exclaimed," What do you think you're doing with her? My potion is almost done!"

"Oh, come on, not again!" Gill yelled in frustration," Not again!" He pulled out a failed dish.

"Ahh! The bane of my very existence!" Screamed Mayor Hamilton like a little girl. Then he speedily waddled out the door. They heard him barrel down the stairs and outside. They saw him leap into a nearby river and swim away. They heard a faint, "It burns!" So they assumed they were safe. They escape the tower, went back to the castle, fell in love, and lived happily ever after."

"Yay! Happily ever after! Another!"

I glance at my watch. It reads ten thirty! "Oh, I'd love to, but its bedtime. Night"

I step out of the room so she can't give me the infamous 'puppy dog pout' and wait for Ramsey to come home.

Author's Note: This is my first "Published" story, so it probably isn't very good. I'm planning on making one "fairytale" chapter, then a follow-up to the fairytale. (This won't make sense until the next chapter.)