Of Princesses and Plowed Fields

Chapter Three: Cinderangela

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I blinked. The light filtered in through my windows as I squinted and stretched. Time to wake up. Babysitting tonight. Farm work. I pulled together an outfit of the first things I could reach. All of my clothes match, so it didn't surprise me that my random outfit looked cute. I ate toast, and then went to apologize to my cranky chickens. As I stepped out of my house, tripping over a twig, I noticed a certain blond male that I did not particularly want to face.

"You didn't lock your door."

"Your point?"

"He cut your hair." Gill reached for my hair. I reached up to touch his hand. He bent down a little bit and our lips met…

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!" I jolted upright. Such a strange dream…

I trudged through my morning, the dream laying heavily on my mind. I was attacked by grumpy chickens. I dropped my watering can on my foot six times. All I could think about was that infernal dream! I looked down at my watch. Seven. Had the day really passed that quickly? Time to baby-sit.

I arrived at the blacksmith shop and was invited in. Chloe immediately insisted on playing dolls. "We'll be back at ten!" they said. Yeah, right. Ten is code-name for one-in-the-moriningish. If we're lucky.

"Dollies!" Chloe insisted and pulled me to her room. Boy, she was strong for a seven year old. I immediately reached for the lock of shorter hair. The one he touched in my dream. The one that the doll was made of. Why does that bother me so much? "Angela!" Chloe whined, breaking my trance.

"Oh. Um… what do you want to do?"

Chloe's eyes narrowed," Have you been listening for the past ten minutes?"

"Oh, right, dollies. Let's play."

"Oh, not just play, we're going to tell a story with them. Actually, you're going to tell a story with them, and I'll help."

"Erm… alright, so what story do you want to hear?"

"Surprise me!" Chloe jumped, waving her arms around in anticipation.

"…I have one. Cinderella."

"Alright! Let's do it. Awesome!" Chloe exclaimed, seeming to channel Luke.

Oh boy. "Erm… Once upon a time, in the far away village of Ne-"

"Waffle Town." Chloe smiled deviously, raising her eyebrows. No more sugar for Chloe.

"Um, okay…Once upon a time in the far away village of Waffle Town, there was a girl. The girl was called Cinder-"

"Angela!" Chloe interjected.

"Um, alright," I resumed, motioning the dolls to fit with my story, "The girl was called Cinderangela, as she was always covered in ashes and soot from the fireplace. The girl was treated horribly by her evil stepmother and rude, inconsiderate stepsisters, who she lived with. She was forced to clean and clean and clean until her hands were raw and then she had to clean some more. One day, Cinderangela's unpleasant relatives received an invitation to the Handsome Prince Char-"

"Gill! Prince Gill!" Chloe interrupted.

I sighed. What was with her and Gill? "Blah, blah, received an invitation… to the Handsome Prince Gill's fantastic ball. Cinderangela begged to go as well, but her stepsisters pointed out she has now dress, and her stepmother gave her extra work to do so she couldn't go for sure, even though she worked extra hard. When the night finally arrived, her stepsisters and stepmother insisted she help them with their make-up and dressing, because they a) wanted her to waste as much time as possible, and, b) she was good at that kind of thing. They spent hours getting ready, but they looked wonderful.

They snickered cruelly, "See you later, Cinderloser!" Cinderangela slowly started her tasks, whilst hot tears ran down her face.

"Why can't I go too? I'm just as pretty as them!" She heard a smooth humming sound behind her, then the tinkle of chimes. It's just the wind chimes, she thought. She turned around anyway.


"Can her fairy godmother be Candace? " Chloe's eyes drooped. "I'm tired. Finish the story, though."

"Alright… "I am your, um, fairy godmother…" Stammered a nervous, blue-haired woman, dressed in a beautiful gray gown. She floated above the dusty ground, blue wings flapping silently. "You want to go to the, um, prince's ball, correct?"

"Yes, ma'm," Cinderangela curtsied, "I would very much like to go! But, I'm afraid I cannot, as I have no dress and my chores are not finished."

"Er… that's, um, quite the predicament. I supp-"Just then, a loud smacking sound filled the humid air, like a small girl hitting the side of a house.

"Ow! Candace!"

"Luna? Are you alright, dear?"

"Shut your pie hole! How do you fly so fast?"

"I don't, um, run into houses…"

"I'm still learning, okay?" The fairy known as 'Luna,' dressed in a light yellow gown, flew until she was next to her sister. She flipped her magenta hair. (Pink? Purple? I'm not sure.) "Is this the fashion disaster we're helping?"

"Yes… don't call her that, Luna; you still need to pass your test to get your fairy godmother license." Cinderangela crossed her arms as the sisters whispered to each other.

"Hello?" Cinderangela called, growing impatient.

"Oh, sorry… okay, let's start." The blue-haired woman touched her long braids and smiled. "Luna… why don't you try this one?"

"Alright!" She waved her yellow wand, embellished with a magenta flower on top, matching her hair. Sparkles flew from the tip of the wand and all of Cinderangela's chores were finished.

"Whoa! How did you do that?"

Luna smiled knowingly, "Magic."

Candace clapped her hands. "Good job, Luna. Let's make her gown now."

"Ooh, I love this part!" Luna squealed. "Alright, I'm imagining this…" They whispered back and forth until they came to an agreement. Candace nodded her head happily. She waved her light bluish-gray wand, and a warm feeling moved from Cinderanglea's heart outwards. It felt as if water in the form of cloth was drifting over her skin. She looked down, and an exquisite, light pink gown was now her attire for the ball.

"Do you like it?" Cinderangela was speechless. "Now, how to get her there…"

"We could, um, teleport her…"

"Yes! Of course!" Luna and Candace waved their wands. Sparkles flew around Cinderangela, and made her dizzy. She felt like she was being spun around on a hyperactive merry-go-round. "Be back by midnight! Oh, wait, we'll teleport you back, just get away from everyone els…" Luna's voice fade away, and Cinderangela felt her feet land on something hard. The sparkles disappeared. She looked around. She was in the prince's castle courtyard! She heard music and the overall chatter of people from what looked to be ballroom. Gathering her skirt, so she wouldn't trip, she glided over to the room. When she stepped into the ballroom, every head turned. People around her gasped, and she heard a few, "She's beautiful" comments. She scrunched down, as not to be seen by her step-family. She looked up, and saw the dashing prince Gill.

"Are you hiding from someone?"

"No, no, not at all." Cinderanglea lied awkwardly.

"Well, then if you aren't hiding, let's go to the courtyard." Cinderangela shrugged, as if saying, alright, I don't really care. She followed him there. "You know, you are a terrible liar."

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, it's just, I can't bee seen or someone who can't see me will then I'll be in huge trouble."

"I'm hiding from those rabid girls in there. 'Gilly dance with us.' Or, 'We love you Gilly.' "

"Good impression," Cinderangela smiled.

"You aren't going to attack my too, are you?"

"No. Wait, what time is it?"

"Eleven forty-five. Enough time for one dance, perhaps?"

"Uh, alright." Fifteen minutes was enough, right? They slithered onto the dance floor, avoiding other couples. They talked and danced for a while. The clock chimed. "Oh, no! I have to go. Goodbye Gill, I won't forget you!" Cinderangela yelled, running into the courtyard.

"Hey! Wait! I never got your name…" Gill said sadly, his voice decrescendoed in to a defeated whisper. "I will find you." He looked around for any sign or her. He saw a glass slipper. Lifting it gingerly, "This must be her's. Hey! Whoever's foot fits the shoe must be my true love!" He spoke to himself. "We'll meet again. I just know it…"

Cinderangela ran as fast as she could, and as she did, she felt herself slowly being teleported away. She stopped running when she was sure no one was around her. She was quickly and painlessly teleported away. As Cinderangela was teleported back, her gown changed into her tattered everyday outfit. Her fairy godmother and fairy-godmother-in-training were floating before her.

"Hi." Cinderangela said, looking up at them.

"Goodbye," They said, smiling knowingly. Then sparkles flew everywhere and Cinderangela was left alone in the house's dark backyard."

I looked at Chloe, sleeping on top of her Owen doll. Smiling, I picked her up and set her on her bed with much difficulty. "We'll finish another time." I said quietly, heading downstairs to wait for Ramsey and Owen. When they arrived, insisting on paying me I declined and ran home in the dark, falling asleep almost immediately.

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