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A/N: I haven't written fic in over a year but I recently got into this series and found I just couldn't help my self. I'm just starting two DN fic, this one, and a lighter shipping fic so that hopefully I don't get burned out on one. the rating may change for violence. This is a BB fic taking place in the middle of the Kira investigation asking that question that gets asked whenever the pair come together, is the enemy of my enemy truly my friend?

Ryuzaki was more distracted than usual, noticed Light. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. In just a few days, Higuchi would be exposed as Kira and the investigation all but solved. So then why was L so preoccupied with this 'other matter,' as he had decided to call it, when Light had asked why he seemed so distracted?

"I don't understand why you're so quick to jump to a new case right away. Are you so confidant that we'll be moving on in a few days?" Light asked casually, turning slightly to the man with an ever increasing frown.

"This isn't unrelated… in fact it could detrimental to everything we've accomplished," he muttered lowly, never raising his eyes.

"Huhh?" Light asked, sitting up in interest.

L continued ignoring, concentrating solely on the article in front of his screen. A slow hand dipped its spoon to the ice cream in front of him.

"What do you mean, detrimental?"

L sucked on his spoon, giving Light the slightest of glances. "Oh, I'm sorry," he said, not at all sounding as if he cared. "Though this is related to the investigation, for once it may actually have nothing to do with you."

There was silence again and Light knew he was not getting anymore information for nothing.

"So you're just not going to tell me anything, is that it? Something that may or may not be important? Shouldn't I have a chance to gauge that being, you know," Light lifted his arm to emphasis the chain attached to his wrist. "And all?"

Another spoonful made its way to Ryuzaki's mouth. "Perhaps…" and down again. "I haven't quite decided yet. I'm not sure what to make of it at this point, to be honest. But it'll grow," he said with a low undertone. "No doubt about that. This is just the beginning."

"What are you going on about? Ryuzaki, this isn't like you. What are you on about?"

L turned to face the young man, looking him over carefully. "I suppose you'll be involved at one stage or another. In any case, I should get your opinion now before it changes."

"You're not making sense."

"Come look at this Light. Tell me, what do you make of these?"

L shifted in his seat, sliding over his laptop. It was a murder investigation report from the Japanese police. Two murder scenes, three victims in the first house, four in the second, and both were the homes of prominent and outspoken Kira supporters. In the first home, the supporters wife and daughter were overdosed by drugs and presumably died peacefully asleep in there beds. The supporter however, a well known TV personality, was not so lucky. Light visibly flinched when he opened that picture.

The man had been laid out in the center of the living room floor. His shirt ripped open with a look of complete horror etched upon his face. His chest had been carefully worked on. Skin and bone cut through with medical precision, leaving a gaping hole to where his heart should lie.

Should lie.

Where the heart should lie. Light repeated the thought a few times because when one is faced with the open cavity of the chest, one doesn't automatically compute what should and shouldn't be there. But after closing his eyes and taking a calming breath, he continued his observations.

There was no heart. Instead he saw what looked like ash. Black flakes seemed to coat much of the surrounding tissue, nesting in the pit of his wound. The heart was burned, though done so within the chest seemed unlikely. There was a definite lack of surrounding damage. But placed back in the hole was the ash sprinkled lightly within and across the victims' breast.

His heart burned… Kira's supporters' heart. Kira, who kills by heart attack.

The next home was much the same. The family drugged and died in there sleep without struggle. The patriarch's heart removed and burned with precision. But this time not only the heart was missing. A single eye had also been removed. The left eye had been cut out, thankfully after death it would seem, but it was missing with no trace. Not burned, just gone.

Perhaps a trophy? Light couldn't be sure, as nothing was missing from the first aside for the burning which was repeated here. Perhaps he's still developing his technique?

Both scenes had produced nothing in terms of forensic material. Only that the cuts were made by medical instruments and done by someone who knew what he was doing. No fiber, no fingerprints, no breaking and entering point, nothing.

"These murders," Light began slowly. "They're anti Kira, obviously, but even so…" he shook his head as if to clear away a mental image. "No, it's definitely more than an anti Kira statement."

"I agree," L replied, placing a thumb to his lip. "What else do you see?"

Light swallowed before turning to reply in more confidence. "This guy knows what he's doing, and is clearly trying to say something, something more than just being against Kira's justice."

"Kira's justice?"

"His killings," Light corrected in annoyance. "You're right, this is just the beginning." He flipped to the next photo, twitching at the image. "Despicable. He can't seriously think he could garner support through this."

"No. I don't think he does." L toyed with the spoon in his hands, looking down at his sundae. "These killings are only the front. The true message has yet to be deciphered."

"As horrible as it sounds, I'm not sure we'll be able to know it till more victims are found."

"Hmm." He seemed deep in though, not paying attention to the others words.

"I supposed we shouldn't be surprised that the criminals would retaliate," Light said with some reserve.

"You don't honestly think this is anything of the sort, do you?" L actually looked sickened by the suggestion, turning his head to show his full attention.

"Not the whole, no. But…"

"No. No buts," he corrected with force. "That's why I'm not sure if this concerns us or not. On the surface, it's a direct challenge to Kira. Come and catch me if you can. What is justice if you can only punish but not protect your people, which would interest us of course, if it actually worked to bring Kira out of hiding and exposed himself. But then again, to anyone who cares to look, there's something subtler going on here. He's trying to tell us something. Tell us what and to whom, is the question. Or he could just be some psychopath, with no direct goal but to challenge Kira… No, I don't think so… these killings are too carful. There's an art to them. He could prove to be dangerous."

Light gave some thought to these words. Could be? As if he wasn't already. But still, it also could end with the Kira case in just a few days. "As troubling as these murders are. Don't you think we should be focusing on Higuchi? Once we've arrested him, this killer's main cover will be gone."

"Yes, I suppose your right," he said, not at all sounding convinced. "Though not on the cover point. Nor do I think Higuchi has been the Kira we've been facing all a long."


"We shall see in any case. For now all we can do is wait for his next move." The man looked down to his half melted sundae, as though lamenting the loss. "I don't like this at all."

A/N: I always feel so nervous when entering a new fandom. Hopfully I did ok on my first go. Normally my chapters are longer but this just felt like the proper introduction to have.