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A noise startled her, but she thought nothing of it. Smiling, she picked up her pen.

Right now I'm in no position to punish criminals. That's why I need you to punish them for me. Misa, let's create a new world together.

The list of names grew with every stroke, the list of the wicked. The list for a new world.

Careful what you do, cause god is watching your every move.

A sharp pain at her neck, a hand at her mouth, hot breath against her ear.


Her eyes slid closed. Everything went black.


Beyond stared, hovering just a few inches above her face. It was peculiar what made a face attractive. Take each feature on its own, and you think nothing of it, but put them together as a whole… it was just peculiar. Perhaps he would try reassembling a face for his next experiment.

A soft moan came from her lips as her eyes struggled to open. Her head hurt, painfully so, and all her limbs felt unbearably heavy. Above she could see a dark figure. Ryuzaki…

Her eyes widened, fully taking him in. No, not Ryuzaki. Not Ryuzaki at all.

Misa screamed, forcing her heavy arm to finally move on its own, and slammed her hand into that wreck visage of a mans face. It wasn't a punch so much as an uncoordinated push, but the combination of the girl's shrill screams and clunky strength was enough to send Beyond back a few paces. His hand made to cover his face, fearing blood.

She screamed again, pushing her self to the back corner of the small bed she'd been lying on and hugged her knees to her chest. He was hideous, was Misa's first thought as she looked at him. His skin was marred with ugly blotches of red and twisted scar tissue. She watched as the man stood hunched over, repeatedly placing his hand to lip and then up for inspection.

It was only then that she heard the soft rattle of chains and looked down to find that her left hand had been hand cuffed to a long chain. It was attached, or went through rather, a loop in the wall that snaked around till it reached another at the far side of the room, where its length could be adjusted. Like a leash, she thought with horror.

The room was small, more like a large closet than anything, with a slanted low ceiling. Her small bed took up most of one side and a desk and chair took up the other. At the foot of her bed was a door leading to a small washroom, beside that another, closed and locked. Ryuk was standing in front of it. Ryuk! Oh thank god… but then, when did he ever do anything? He was just grinning like he always did, not saying a word but clearly enjoying the entertainment.

The man shuffled towards her again, causing her to flinch back. Beyond Birthday, she read above his head. There was no date. That startled her.

"Was that really necessary?" He asked with a scowl. "I'm not bleeding, am I?"

The man was looking at her expectantly. Misa not really knowing what she should do, slowly shook her head.

"Good," he said, pacing back again and turning the chair from the desk to face her. He then perched on it in a much too familiar manner and stared at the girl, nibbling absently at his thumb.

Misa was dumb struck. Did Ryuzaki have a brother? Did he know about the death note? The death note… Oh no, Light!

Beyond watched as the girl made an odd squeaking noise and looked beseechingly at the Shinigami standing in the corner.

"Oh yes, I've already met our friend Ryuk there. He's been most helpful in explaining this extraordinary book of yours," he commented, watching the girls gaze shift. He tapped the death note for emphasis, which sat on the desk behind him in open view.

Misa's mouth dropped. She was dead, became her only thought. There was no way around it. They'd found the death note, and with Misa, they could only lead it back to Light. She had failed him.

Her eyes began to water. Perhaps she could convince Ryuk to write her name down. Rem wouldn't do it, but Ryuk, well he was different entirely.

Beyond looked horrified as the girl's eyes teared up. "No. No, don't do that," he pleaded, looking around frantically. A small sob escaped her lips, causing his eyes to widen even more.

He turned and started to rifle through a drawer. "Here," he said, awkwardly handing a package of tissue in her direction. Misa just stared at it. "Please," he added, looking lost.

Misa couldn't explain it, but she actually felt a pang of pity for this creature. Hesitantly, she reached out her hand and took the package from him. "Thank you," she whispered quietly, gently dabbing her eyes.

He man looked instantly relieved and resumed his perch on the chair. "I'm not going to hurt you, Misa," he said after a long silence. "This," he gestured to the chain snaking around the room. "Is actually for my protection. You see, I know who you are. I know that you're the second Kira."

Despite the fact that she knew it was painfully obvious from the beginning, fear still coursed its way through her body at that utterance. "I don't know what you're talking about," she muttered with more strength then she though she had.

Beyond gave her an indulging smile while Ryuk cackled from his corner. "I have the evidence to prove it too, something L never had, isn't that right?" he continued softly. Something like a look of triumph was in his eyes. "If I wanted to, I could take down to the police tonight, and have you locked away, case solved."

Her eyes widened but said nothing.

"That's what L wanted to do, wasn't it? What he hoped to accomplish?" He paused to lean forward. Misa shuddered at his sudden close proximity.

"There's just one thing, Misa Amane," he said with a smile. "Do you know what that is?"

She shook her head, wishing he'd just back up.

"I'm not L."

Back at headquarters, L sat slumped before his monitor. The screen read 'Victims of Kira' and showed hundreds of names and pictures, all killed by the power of Kira. There was one name however, that L's curser hovered over, unable or unwilling to pass.

Beyond Birthday – Deceased – January 1, 2004.

Ryuzaki nibbled his thumb and stared. It's possible, but the photo was, somewhat obscured. All those scars still healing could change his appearance… but still...

The sound of people entering behind him seemed to bring him out of his trance. Minimizing the page, he turned to see the rest of the taskforce, sans Light who was still at the other case scene, come forward looking grim.

"What's going on? I heard criminals are being killed again," Chief Yagami asked.

"There were sixteen deaths just yesterday. All of them were broadcast after Higuchi's death."

L listened as the taskforce briefly went over the new information.

The evidence against Light Yagami may have been able to keep him in the grey, but Misa… No, everything pointed to her being the second Kira. The only problem was that rule.

Thirteen days.

I have her.

L's eyes widened. "Watari," he said, clicking on his microphone.

"Yes, Ryuzaki, what is it?" the older mans voice answered through the speakers

"I need the medical records and a list of all the inmates and employees for a certain California state prison, for the date December 2003 onward. I believe you know what I'm looking for."

"I… yes Ryuzaki," the hesitant voice replied.

"Ryuzaki, what's this all about?" asked Aizawa.

"Hopefully nothing," L replied, his tone unreadable.


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