Title: I Won't Let You Go

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So this spawned after reading Bleach Chapter 348. I CRIED. If you haven't reached that chapter, I will now spell out THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. Yes, this is a pairing story and will take place the moment Chapter 348 ends. It won't be long, so enjoy it while you can OvO;;;



Everything was cold, so cold. There was darkness too. Everything was dark…and cold. The clouds disappeared, the blue sky gone dark, and the buildings transformed into pillars.

I was standing. Since when was I standing? I remember lying down and relaxing. Well, now I was standing and staring off into the darkness. I felt something colder than myself in the middle of my chest. As I looked down, all I could see was a giant hole. Blood was slowly dripping down from the opening, staining my white clothes. I couldn't move. All I heard was a scream. I recognized the voice. What was her name again, Big Tits girl? I don't remember anymore, but I could tell she was in distress. My eyes slowly wandered in her direction. I was being held up by my neck now. It was that short Espada again.

I could see her face all the way down on the ceiling of Las Noches. The moon of Hueco Mundo directed enough light to show her white-clad form. I couldn't speak. I couldn't say anything to insult how disgusting she looked. How sad it was for letting her emotions get her like this. Then it hit me. Why was she crying? Last time, she had nearly kissed my King and then disappeared. I redirected my eyes towards the Espada holding me up when I realized the lack of white in my peripheral vision down yonder. I was wearing king's clothes. They were ripped and torn to pieces, blood dripping down his tan body from numerous gashes. I couldn't feel anything.

I wanted to feel something. Just a little something. I wanted to know that what just happened wasn't as bad as it looked. I desperately wanted to hear only one person's voice, but not even I could move his lips. How could I have not known about this? How come I have not noticed him battling?

"KUROSAKI-KUN!" There was that annoying bitch again. God, I can't stand her voice. It's repulsive. My eyes wandered over the Espada holding me up, Ulqiuorra. The hole located close to his collarbone signified the complete loss of his heart. No wonder he had never changed his expression. No wonder he had done this to my King.

With a swift flick of the tail he had grown some time after releasing his sword, I was flung straight into yet another pillar I was sure King had been smashed into a couple times already. The force the Espada used wasn't enough to send me through the pillar, but enough to make a deep indentation. My limp form slowly rolled forward, falling from the high pillar. I watched as the ceiling of Las Noches grew closer and closer, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. I didn't know if they were emotional tears or tears caused by being unable to blink while falling a few miles. The next thing I knew, I was covered in complete dark. I couldn't feel myself move and I couldn't tell if I was able to look around. Everything I saw was pure black.

"King." I didn't know if I said it, but it took a lot of will power to hear myself say it. I heard nothing in return. I still couldn't feel anything. I only had the one feeling of wanting to keep speaking until I heard something in return. "King……H-hey….King. Don't die…by the same hand again." It was pathetic. Everything was pathetic. King's second death, my inability to prevent the death, and the fact that all I wanted was to hear his voice. I wanted to know if he was still alive somewhere…somehow.

Suddenly, I felt a hard surface ram against me. My eyes opened and I was welcomed to King's inner world again. God, how wonderful it was so see this place again! I tried moving and found myself on my hands and knees in my traditional white clothing. I sat up. I could feel the wind brush through my silver hair. I could feel myself blinking. I could feel King's presence…! I looked around drastically, turning my head every which way to see a dark figure off in the distance to my left. I got up quickly and made a mad dash in that direction. I jumped buildings and landed badly a couple of times, but I got up and ran. I had to know.

"King!" Sure enough I saw the mop of orange hair drifting in the wind. I ran. As I did, King slowly started to turn around and I smiled. Then I stopped dead in my tracks. I wished he hadn't turned around. I wished I didn't see him, scream out to him, run towards him. I was a few feet away from the bloody form. He looked worse than I had when I was being held by the Espada just moments ago. The hole in his chest was a black abyss, his eyes just as empty as the hole. I could feel myself unable to breathe and then he fell forwards. The blue concrete underneath rumbled as he fell in front of me, his hair touching my toes. No sounds came form his mouth. No whimper, no witty comeback to me calling him king. Nothing. He was limp again. It was like the time Ulqiuorra smashed his hand through King's chest, killing him. His eyes gave the same empty look as did before. However, before, King had not appeared like this. Neither of us did. We died.


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