Well I've been a lazy bitch :| Sorry. Truth be old when I have ideas, I prefer drawing them…and then neglect them for a fucking year or something D| This is the last bit…to cheer ya'll up. I want to start one-shots now |D Less pressure on a continuing storyline to keep up with…which I'm obviously not good at. SO HERE...please hate me.


The rage that built me up from the outside pulsated through my body. When the Espada asked me who I was, all I felt like doing was screaming, so that's what I did. Ulquiorra obviously wasn't pleased with m answer and started off a Cero with his finger. I tried to speak. I wanted to say it'd have no effect. I wanted to talk back like I did in battle with King, but I couldn't. Fuck it.

I bent my head down, my horns pointing at him, a built up of energy focused and pressurized at the air at the tip of my horns. After that, a blast resonated throughout the open ceiling of Las Noches, his Cero and mine colliding. I didn't even wait for the dust to clear and quickly Sonido'd behind the enemy. Bloodlust reign supreme and I lashed out, gripping his arm, and ripped it off.

The poor sap stood on the ground below, finally showing some emotion. I could see he was tired out. What mildly surprised me was his regeneration speed…and his unnecessary narrative about it. I stood there and waited, staring at him and his ridiculous posture when he created an energy spear. He said to stay still, I didn't really intend to, but his aim was off. Why waste the energy to evade something that wasn't going to hit me anyways. I may be getting cocky, but fuck that shit. As the blast exploded in the air behind me, I moved behind him again, throwing his arm at him to distract him for even the slightest millisecond. Just as I thought, he had created another spear, destroyed his useless appendage, and attacked me straight on. I grabbed the weapon bare-handed, feeling proud to see that smug look on his face filled with surprise. I absorbed the reaitsu weapon, my nails turning red and elongating to claws as I clenched my fist and shattered his weapon.

I could feel the power pulsating throughout my body and I could feel rage again. For so long I had been cooped up in King's Inner World, ignored. And yet, I still felt acknowledged. By now, I could feel Ichigo waking up. I could feel his presence increase but I kept him away. "Just trust me fer once, king." I mentally said to him, feeling him wince in reaction. My king was fine. I was done carrying him around. I peered up at the surprised Espada, my yellow eyes burning right through him. Taking Tensa Zangetsu, I slashed down across his body. I could smell his blood like freshly baked cookies coming right out of the oven.

"…Damn it…" The defeated piece of shit forced out. "I can't believe…I was beaten by some human turned hollow." Oh how little he knew. This piece of shit was dying on the floor and all he wanted to say was shit he thought he knew. I grow tired of such dialogue. "How…Ridiculous…" That's it. I lifted my foot and heavily stepped on his head. The rest of the bullshit spewing from his mouth I didn't pay attention to and shot a point-blank cero. God did it feel so good to just be so, carnivorous. Next thing I knew, half the fuck's body was in my hand and I threw him aside. I knew he would regenerate as soon as he could, so I sonido'd right in front of him and would have impaled him in the head if it weren't for the god damned Quincy stopping me. Right then had my body froze. I could feel Ichigo pushing for control even though he was still slightly unconscious. Even if he took over now, he'd be a goner. The Quincy was mumbling something about stopping, something about not being human anymore. These idiots don't know anything. Ichigo…was never a human to begin with.

I lifted Tensa Zangetsu and impaled the Quincy, annoyed with his unnecessary meddling…and then I saw her face straight on. That girl's face…pissed me off so much, but the was still one thing I could not hold back; Ichigo's deep-seeded feelings. "You…" I forced out. "Help…you." She stared at me with that wet, disgusting face. "I'll help you." No matter how much I wanted to stab her in the face and keep my King for myself…I could not remove the original feelings my King had sewn into his soul. Damn him. Seeing the Quincy down for the count, I took the chance to finally kill the last Quincy (to my knowledge) and built up my Cero to make sure he'd truly die. I didn't even bother to make sure the Espada was still down. The next thing I knew, my own Cero blasted the majority of my mask off and then the rest of it crumbled away. I wanted to turn around while I could and kill him, but something stopped my ability to move…and it was my King. He held back his Horse one more time. My body…his body fell limp to the ground. Before I had lost every bit of control over Ichigo's body, my instant regeneration took the extra hair that grew from his head and split it apart. The energy swirled above us and suddenly his wound was healed. For a split moment between lingering in control and zipping back to his Inner world, I could feel him just barely unconscious against me. I could not see him, but I knew it was King. All I felt like doing was wrapping my arms around him before he disappeared.

"I will protect ya. There's no need t' worry about me tramplin' on ya any longer…"

And then he was gone…and I was left alone. Left alone with just the blunt of the blame and no thanks for saving his life for the hundredth time.

"I don't care how ya feel." I muttered, feeling myself drift off to sleep, lulled to unconsciousness. "I won't let ya go…King."